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Converting points to HEI

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I'm looking to convert my points distributor to HEI.


I'm guessing the only stock I'll need is a GM HEI distributor for a 350?


I know that I need to replace the resistance 12v wire with an ignition 12v wire.


Is there a place on the HEI to connect my tachometer wire?


Anything else that I should know before I attempt this?


I tried searching the forum and couldn't find much on this type of conversion. 



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Sounds like you are on the right track.  Yes an HEI for a Chevy. Correct on the 12v wire. Yes there is a connection for the a Tachometer. It is right next to the connection for the ignition wire. You will need to have # 1 cylinder on top dead center and make sure the rotor in pointing at #1 cylinder. Then run your spark plug wires  with #1 wire being closest to the terminal that is in line with the rotor pointing at #1 cylinder.  Run your spark plug wires clockwise  18436572. The you will need to time it. Timing light or the way I do it by vacuum gauge.  

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