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Project for sale (71 Monte Carlo, Chicago area) -- $5,500 obo

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**Updated with better images**


Hi folks,


I've been working on a frame-off restoration of my 1971 Monte Carlo, but I'm losing my workspace soon and am forced to sell. This project comes with nearly all the parts you need (I've kept them all, but some need to be replaced--see below). Chassis, suspension, engine, trans, exhaust, brakes, fuel tank are all refurbed/rebuilt and installed (see pics)!



1971 Monte Carlo (I have the title)

350 Small Block bored .030 over

350 Turbo Hydromatic transmission (column shift)

Factory A/C car

Bench seats

2.5-inch H-pipe exhaust


Work completed:

  • Complete frame-off rebuild. Every part, fastener, and bushing worked on thus far has been completely refurbished or replaced with new.
  • Chassis stripped, de-rusted, and repainted with chassis semigloss black. Rear differential drained and refilled, stripped and repainted chassis semigloss black.
  • Suspension completely stripped, repainted, and rebuilt with new bushings, fasteners, shocks, and springs.
  • Front disk brake rebuilt witth new rotors. Rear drum brake rebuilt with new springs and cylinders.
  • Fuel and brake lines replaced with new (steel).
  • Exhaust replaced with new 2.5-inch H-pipe system with new headers.
  • Transmission working perfectly so not touched except for cleaning and painting the pan.
  • Engine rebuilt (was running strong but had a head gasket leak), but vacuum and electrical not yet installed: crank machined, all new bearings and bearing cap bolts, new pistons and rings, all new gaskets. Cam in good shape so cleaned and reinstalled. Headers refurbed, rods and lifters cleaned and replaced in original order, valves re-seated, new valve stem seals. Block stripped and painted with black high-temp paint, cylinders honed smooth. Heads reinstalled on block with new gaskets, head covers installed. Oil pan drained, cleaned, painted, and reinstalled with new gasket; oil pump cleaned and reinstalled. Starter and fuel pump cleaned and reinstalled. New oil filter installed.
  • Engine, transmission, and driveshaft reinstalled on chassis.
  • All parts removed from body. Underside stripped, repainted, and undercoated with high-quality undercoat. Firewall painted with black high-temp paint. Body reinstalled on chassis with new body bushings.
  • Fuel tank stripped and repainted (interior in good condition--zero rust), new fuel pump installed--tank reinstalled but not connected to fuel lines.
  • Body work: new driver floor pan and full trunk pan installed (both are solid but require finishing work before painting). A section near the A-pillar must be replaced--I have the needed section from a donor car.
Parts that need to be replaced:
  • Upholstery: I have the original upholstery except the carpet and headliner, but it needs to be replaced. Seat springs and cushions are in good shape.
  • Wiring: I kept the original loom but I wouldn't reinstall it.
  • Rubber: I have most of the rubber seals and belts, but I'd replace them all.
  • Wheels: the wheels are Cragars--they can be refurbed but you might want to get new ones. The tires must be replaced before driving.
Parts needing repair:
  • Heater box was torn during removal. Can be repaired or replaced.
  • Metal under dash by A-pillar needs to be replaced. I have the replacement section but haven't gotten to it yet.
  • Steel trim: I have all the trim, some of it definitely needs some TLC.
  • Dash pad: small tear that can be repaired.
  • Steering wheel: several cracks. Can be fixed with epoxy and paint.
I also have TONS of tools and supplies that I might be willing to throw in with the project. List available on request.


**Buyer responsible for transport**





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hi, are you going to sell parts , separate from the sale of the car, example  rear bumper etc.

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Thanks for relying!


Right now it's all or nothing. I'm losing my garage at some point early next year when my landlord sells his house (I'm just renting the garage), and I've decided to hang up the project rather than put it in storage indefinitely. So I need to sell the whole thing, and keeping everything together (hopefully) will help sell it to someone looking for a new project.


If that changes, I'll create a new post.

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thanks for the response ,does your car have dark saddle interior, let me know if your willing to part ,i could be interested in the rear bumper and maybe the front inner fender wells, thanks

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The interior is blue, and the upholstery is in pretty bad condition. The seat springs and cushions are good though. The rear bumper is in good shape and the inner fender wells are actually new. I'll keep you in mind if I decide to part it out.

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