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Mike Brichta

Speedometer Needle Stuck at 40 ....

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All of a sudden my speedometer needle won't go below 40 mph.  It still works fine over 40.  The odometer is working correctly.  It's just like there is something dirty or sticking which won't allow the needle to go below 40.


What are my options?


- Keep driving and see if it resolves itself?

- Ignore the problem?

- Try to fix myself? (Preferred method)

- Send for rebuild?

- By aftermarket?


Anyone else have a similar problem?  Any suggestions?






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I would probably remove it mike and if you had a spare one put it in that way you can still drive the monte while you are cleaning it or sending it out for repair. jmo


There is one good thing though..............

At least you were not going 88mph with a large hook on the back of it during lightning storm  !




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I say maybe get another used off ebay or get a new reproduction... it's a pain getting the cluster out of the car so you're really only going to want to do that once.....


My 2 Cents,


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