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Looking to raise stance evenly on my 71 350

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My objective is to evenly raise the stance on my 71 350 with ac.

ideally I would not like any part of the tire to be hidden within the wheel well.

I will be using 225/70 or 235/70 on 15x7 FW rims all around.

I am not concerned about originality, BUT I DON'T WANT TO SACRIFICE RIDE QUALITY.


I have asked and read about this topic extensively so here is my summary for opinion before I make my decision.



I have been advised by many not to use big block springs as the car will ride like a rock. What will be the best choice to rise the front and keep the ride quality intact.

I called moog and they advised spring #6330 for a big block without air or a 350 with air or spring #5536 for a big block with air.

Any advice?



moog standard #5379

Moog HD standard #5413

Moog variable rate cargo coil #cc501

(Might the HD or cargo coils make the ride rough?)


Other considerations are the air bag system or spacers.


So ultimately I ask what choice of all the afforenentioned might achieve my objective of evenly raising the stance without giving up the smooth comfortable ride.


Thank you all for your opinions

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Do you have a side picture of your monte so we can see its stance now ? This way we can see how much you are talking about raising it at both ends, are your springs the 48 year old original springs ? As that can be one of the issues to start with a they will sag after that much time. Variable rate springs will give you a better ride over standard springs.

Just buying brand new springs without 48 years of compression may get you what you need for your application, installing BB springs will really raise your car with or without AC in the BB spring rating.

you can also adjust your ride height as well with upper and lower control arm adjustment, but will need a new wheel alignment after stating not to change the ride height you just set. 



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