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What Members say...


"Just want to express a huge thank you to all the Members on here who kindly chime in with technical support so naturally and freely. I have so much to learn about these cars and it seems that every day I learn something new by reading posts from Members with questions and the helpful responses from others. I will never take your kindness, knowledge and helpfulness for granted. I am so proud to be a member of this club. I'm sure I drive my wife crazy sometimes by talking about Montes all the time but my car and this club are a large part of my life now and it is awesome to have so many great people to share it with. I just needed to say thanks."
Larry from Ontario

"This is not only the best Monte Carlo site on the net, it's the best site on the net. Welcome to the greatest group in the country. So much knowledge and ready to share it. The most caring group too!!! I'm on a bunch of forums and none, I MEAN none are as good as this one."
Royce from WA

"It is so nice to find so many that are as passionate about these cars as I am and so friendly and willing to help one another out to bring out the best in their builds. Too often on many of these online forums, you find many more willing to tell you how awful or wrong you are than willing to help with information or just offer words of encouragement. I too never take the kindness of others for granted and hope that I too will be able to help out others as I have been helped and encouraged. This is great site and club, filled with great people and information. I am glad to to be a part of it and it makes my Monte that much more valuable to me."
Felix from MI

"I think that ... 99% of members know how hard all of the officers work to keep the standards of the forum high and we all appreciate your work. ... I for one am glad that you guys are willing to put forth the effort to keep this thing going and something to be proud of. Feel free to pass this on to the other officers as I feel the same about their time and effort as I do yours."
Scott from MO

"Hi Andreas, we want to tell you that we enjoyed the east meet very much, also that joyce has won a few more awards with the monte. we will most likely go to indy with all of you."
Dick and Joyce from NC

"Well, we are home from a WONDERFUL Eastern Meet!!
I can't say enough about how much fun both Greg & I had meeting so many members in person. It was night time chat multiplied by 1000!! Even Drake had a great time (the lil food moocher !)"
Capri from OH

"This has always been a special place with excellent camaraderie and fellowship, and that shouldn't be taken for granted - nor should we allow it to change.
I haven't had as much time to visit the boards/read all the messages as often as I'd like to lately, but no matter what all has gone down recently I can feel the love here and now."
Dave from WA

"I feel that all in all the club officers are doing a fine job running this club. Even the local car club that I belong to is not run this well and we all live within 40 miles of each other."
Greg from VA

"This is my first post. I have been lurking for a month or so and you all seem to be a nice group. Very respectful and know what your talking about."
Dave from MI

Robyn from KS

"This topic may have been covered already but at the risk of being redundant,here goes. I would like to thank all who had a part in creating this new site. It is far better than our old site. To all the administrators and moderators Thank You for all you do. This family group would be just one more message board without all of your work."
Ken from ME

"This was the first Western Meet I've been to and despite the fact that we arrived a little late and couldn't make the 7:00am start time each day, I still had a great time. I will definitely try to be at the next one. Everybody had their cars looking great! "
Nygel from CA

"It was a long trip for us but I would do it again in a heartbeat. The drive home was a little shorter than going down. It only took 28 hours. We had a small issue on the way home with the starter going out of Roy’s 72 in Twin Falls, Idaho. Dropped it out in our hotel parking lot, off to the parts store and picked up a new one. We were on the road again in about an hour. We arrived home at midnight of our second travel day. Our club certainly got recognized in a very positive manner, which was very cool.
Our ten-year-old son had a blast going up to get the award and loved all the cruising that we got to do. He even met a guy who let him sit in his 65 Shelby Mustang.
Aaron and Ray, thank you for all you did in putting this together for us. It's people like you that make this a great club."
Vaughn from Canada


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