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2007 Eastern Meet in Indianapolis, Indiana


July 13-15, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana


The 2007 Eastern Meet
By Capri Blasco

Let me begin this by saying my name is Capri and I have been a paying FGMCC Member for 117 days when The Eastern Meet 2007 rolled around. In those 1st 117 days I have spent many, many hours on the board, in the shout & in the evening chats.
While I was on-line, my husband Greg could be found in the garage working on the Monte – trying to get her ready for the 2007 Meet. I should also mention that Greg has always been an “anti-club” kindof guy but late at night (before bed) he would sit with me while I chatted but would not chat himself. I & other chatters would try to encourage him but he just couldn’t do it.

I felt I had made friends here but was getting nervous as July 12th neared. What if no-one liked us? What if no-one talked to us? After all, this was going to be LIVE and IN PERSON!

Our journey to Indy began with a meet up in Columbus, OH with Scott (footballubet) and Rob Peters. As soon as they exited their vehicles it was as if we had all met before. No one was a stranger. Fast forward to the meet……wow, all these members arriving one by one and everyone rushing to greet each guest & to see their car. Old friends being reunited – even if it was the 1st time to meet in person. Throughout the weekend, Greg, my son Drake and I felt so “at home”. There were no pretenses. Every member is so easy going. They were all so kind to us – they treated my 2 year old like one of their own – sharing their food whenever he came “begging”.
During night time bench races you could find, Jon Harvey, Kevin Wiles or Andreas playing ball with Drake. This club is truly a FAMILY in so many ways. Members of this club do not have chips on their shoulders; they do not carry an air that says, “My car is the best”. It is a humble group.

We planned to return home on Sunday from the hotel but that morning after everyone returned to the show, neither Greg or I were ready to go home so we went back up to the show to see a few members one more time. It was so hard to tear ourselves away.
In the end the final signs of how incredible the meet was, was in the change in Greg. 1) He did not want a FGMCC shirt but minutes b4 leaving he purchased a tank & a hat!
2) He is considering joining the club himself just to show his support
3) He is thinking that maybe one day he will buy a Monte and modify it.

My anti-club husband has been shown the light by a group of members who are so down to earth. We are ready to book our hotel for the 2008 Eastern Meet!! We are proud to be a part of this family.
On a final note I would say to all who have never attended a meet:
1) Do it!!
2) Don’t worry about being shy or not knowing anyone because here everyone knows you!
3) You don’t have to be on the boards a lot to be welcomed and have a blast (I met so many that were not regulars in the shout/chat)
4) You are missing the highlight of being a member by not attending a meet.
5) You don’t need your Monte – many came without & had a great time!

We look forward to meeting so many more members next year in PA!! Thank you, Andreas, for planning this event. And to all the others thank you for making our 1st Meet so memorable and for welcoming us with such open arms.

FGMCC Club Awards:

Best Paint: Tim Funk, OH
Best Engine: Jeff Adams, IN
Members Choice: Kevin Wiles, SC
Best Stock: John Harvey, PA
Geroge Lines Best Modified: Mark Patrone, OH
Presidents Award: Jim Denton, WI
Best Unfinished: Capri Blasco, OH
Best Interior: Jared Richey, SC
Longest Distance Driven: Dick & Joyce Savage, NC, 643 miles
Hard Luck: Rob Peters, PA

Super Chevy Show Awards to FGMCC Members:

Outstanding Workmanship Sponsored by Racing Communications Mark Patrone, Canfield, OH, '70 Monte Carlo
Editor's Choice Top Ten Kevin Wiles Townville, SC '72 Monte Carlo
Best Monte Carlo Sponsored by Jeg's John Harvey, Greensburg, PA '70 Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Classes:
Winner Stock John W. Harvey, Greensburg, PA, '70 MC
Runner Ups Street Joyce & Richard Savage, Liberty, NC, '72 MC; Jared H. Richey, Belton, SC, '70 MC
Winner Modified Mark Patrone, Canfield, OH, '70 MC

Award of Excellence Mark Patrone, Canfield, OH, '70 Monte Carlo

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