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  • Club Officer - Jared Richey

    Eastern Meet Coordinator

  • Email Address: Jared1970MonteCarlo@yahoo.com

    Residence: Anderson County, SC


    I guess I was born with a Taste of Cars in my mouth, as my whole family had an interest in cars, especially my Grandpa, when I was very young he had a 1970 Impala I called the "Go Car", not to long after that it was sold and he bought a 1957 Chevrolet 2-10 4 door sedan of which he sold and bought back a few times, until finally when he had colon cancer surgery and could not longer push the clutch in he sold it. Fast Forward a few years, and my Dad found a 1970 Monte Carlo for sale in the lower part of our county, which actually belonged to one of the first members that signed up with the club. He was in the process of restoring a another 70 and since this one was untouched he decided to sell it. So in 1999 my grandpa bought this 70 Monte Carlo, it was: 

    -White w/Black Vinyl Top 
    -Dark Green Interior, with buckets and console 
    -350-300 HP 
    -111k actual miles in 1999 

    I was only 8 years old and about the same time Kevin Wiles had founded the FGMCC in my hometown. My grandpa never did join the club, I grew a liking to this Monte Carlo, and even though I may have ended up like a lot of other younger guys in to Chevelles, Camaros, etc, I kind of always wanted to own this car, so when I was 12 I was close to given my mom's 1986 Monte Carlo SS, a little over a year later I talked my grandpa into trading me the 1970 for the 1986 and $2k bucks to boot. That started a large interest in First Generation Monte Carlos. To make a long story short to date I have owned approx. 35 70-72 Monte Carlos, 25 or so were parts cars, the other were projects or drivers I bought and sold. Today I have three, the 1970 my grandpa bought in 1999, a 1972 I call "RICEKLR", and a 1970 SS 454 project. I also own my dream car, a 1957 Chevrolet 2 Door Hardtop, and a most recently a 1968 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Station Wagon. The 1972 I started building at 15 years old, and fellow club member Richard Savage built a 600 HP 454ci engine for it. The car runs low 7 eighth mile times at over 90 MPH, its a fun ride. My grandpa joined the club last year, and we are currently finishing a 1970 for him, but it will be assembled with his taste, it will appear 1972 from the rear, and 1971 from the front.

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