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  • Club Officer - Sam Michaels


  • Email address: stm454@yahoo.com

    Residence: Ortonville, Mi

    Occupation: Aviation Ground Equipment Technician


    After my divorce in 1998 I was wanting to get back into classic cars. Chevelles were way to pricey. My uncle came across a nice 1971 monte, and it was a big block (I had to have a big block) I made a deal and bought the car without looking at it (BIG MISTAKE!) I headed to Tenn to get the car, it was packed full of body filler, but looked ok, it was already mine and had to deal with it. This was May of 1999, found out it wasn't a numbers matching engine so that winter I built a stout 454, since it wasn't all original I decided to have some fun! In the meantime I started researching Montes, and learning all I could about them, already being a certified mechanic and a lifelong gearhead made things easy for me. At 38 years old I took my first trip down the drag strip....I was hooked!!!! 12.90 on street 235/75R15's, then came a set of slicks....12.45, next was a bigger and badder 454 and around this time while at Dream Cruise, someone handed me a flier, it was about a web site, at the time I hadn't even started playing with computers yet! it was for the WWW.FGMCC.COM! This was 2003, I finally got a laptop and was learning about the net and I found that flier in my monte, I started lurking at first, then in July of 2004 I joined, paid my dues and jumped in! BEST! thing I have ever done! The friends I have made, the people on the boards...just wonderful! I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping everyone with these awesome cars!

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