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  2. I found another diagram UPC M40 Sheet A9 in the manual, says RP0 L78 & L89 but the sheet has cancelled on it. I would still like to see a picture of a car will the original solenoid mounted. Or maybe Leo has a complete setup.
  3. I found the diagram for the small block but didn't see the big block. I'll look again, thanks
  4. No Paul, not on the BB. I do have one on the SB but i am not sure its mounted the same, i will ck later for you. I actually don't have one, i have to order it and got so involved with all the gremlins from the electrical on my car that i forgot to order it. I will try and get you all the pics you need later. I know in the manuals there is a pic of this whole setup. Leo is a great guy to deal with, always has the parts and the time for a question or two.
  5. Thanks Willie, do you have a picture of the solenoid mounted to the carb? I looked at mine last night and can't figure out how I would mount it. Leo is looking to see if he has the whole setup.
  6. Hey Paul, this is the only pic i have. I can get more but not by the car now. This a 72 with a new harness with 1 wire. I also have another set of wires for the TCS that mounts behind the carb. I don't have pics of that either right now but i will get them later for you.
  7. willie

    New Member 1970

    Welcome to the club Helen!!! As most said she looks really good.
  8. do you have spark in the other 7 cylinders? how much play do you have in the distributor shaft?
  9. Welcome to the boards thats a nice color combo.
  10. Welcome aboard looks like a pretty solid car to start with and a good story too.
  11. Welcome to the club, great looking car. I'm going to replace my 225 70R15 Goodrich at with 245 R60 next year. What is your carb question?
  12. Yesterday
  13. I have 215-70r15 redline radials on my 72 car has all factory springs and tires fit fine. The shorter the tire the more of the "road"you will feel.
  14. Welcome. Nice Monte . I also like the BF Goodrich TA .
  15. Bruce, according to my sales paperwork the 70 came with either G78-15 or G70-15 tires .
  16. Hi Helen, welcome to the insanity 😁 You have just ventured into the keep it stock or upgrade for whatever reason cloud 😯 I can't speak for your winter conditions, but on your roads i'd want more rubber on the ground. Unless your at Pebble Beach I doubt anyone will question your going to a 60 series, I'm running 225-60R-15's. The original stock G70-15's had a tread width of 6.70 and a section width of 8.50. In contrast my 225's have a TW of 7.5 and a SW of 9. Didn't want to go all tech on ya just some data to ponder. There are lots of handling upgrades but ya have to have some good sneakers on our heavy Monte's.
  17. Thank you. I am stuck somewhere between keeping a nicer handling package, or going more stock. See previous response.
  18. jared are you happy with the part from the parts place for your lower trim ,i also will wait for a nos drivers side in front of the rear wheel thanks .roger
  19. Hey Lorenzo & to our Madness! Awesome, another 72 Custom.................. I have been keeping a data base on any 72 Customs that show up and are still serviceable cars. GM never calculated how many Customs were made and sold. So I have taken it upon myself to scour the Web and anyplace where one may exist. In order for me to ensure I don't duplicate them as they turn up, I am requesting your complete VIN Number, color of car/interior/ engine/transmission just to get started. Once I have included this then I will add more info to your Car ie; bench/bucklet/ am/fm/ ac/tilt ect. ect. You can send it to me via my email (CAMERONDL@Q.COM) or if familiar with Private Messaging, you can send it securely that way as well. I will Post a revised copy of the Data Base in the ss454 Forum, 1ST Post 1972 Custom Numbers with the new date and revision number as I update where you can go and view at your leisure. This is a fixed Thread and will stay in same location for viewing unless moved to a new location by one the Club Administrators. See any other Customs around, please document the VIN if possible, where at and basic car identification. The more info provided, the better. Counting yours, I have 36 that are known to exist at present. Again, welcome to the Club and looking forward to seeing your build as it progresses. Doug
  20. Hello again Helen. Depends on how you drive on those curvy roads. The skinnier tire will adversely affect the road manners of your Monte. Do you have the 245's on all 4 tires? In the new members section I believe you said it's a 350 car. Since you are on curvy roads alot I suggest bigger sway bar in the front and boxed lower rear control arms with a rear sway bar. Even the factory F41 arms and sway bars would make a huge difference in the way your Monte would feel. Hope this helps.
  21. thanks, I see a diagram for the small block that uses a clamp but not sure on the big block. I have to look at the car tonight also.
  22. On my 71 402 the solinoid mounts to a bracket off of the carbs left front. I will be by the car tomorrow. I will take a pic.
  23. MC1of80

    New Member 1970

    Welcome Helen! Nice 70 you have there. Same color combo as my 71 402 Monte Carlo. As far as tires, you will get all sorts of options. Here in the north east I have found the BFGoodrich radial t/a to be a great all around tire. All except deep snow. What is your carburetion question?
  24. Hi all! I am looking to replace my current 245/60 R 15‘s. I am thinking about going stock with 215/70 R 15. 70 is also pretty high; is there a shorter tire I can go with? How much handling will I be giving up? I live amongst curvy roads. Thank you.
  25. Larry, you are correct, I found a replacement harness and solenoid on line. Now I need to see if anyone has a picture of how the solenoid mounts to a big block carb. My parts book only list the clamp for a small block and I'm not sure if they are the same. Any help would be great. Thanks
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