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  1. rsorg

    40 years ago today

    hi, june 10th 1980, i bought my 72 monte carlo custom , from my next door neighbor and original owner,during my sophomore year in high school.
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  2. Steve, It is said "Great minds think alike". I guess it is true. I have already asked my Carlisle contact about getting a table for the club canopy. rob
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  3. Traveler

    engine ground

    Thanks Tom, I know there is a ground from the battery to the body, bat to the engine, body to the frame, but cannot locate engine to the body or the frame, so I have another little project to address before Carlisle, again thanks
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  4. Paul Bell

    brake drums hot

    Drum brakes have an adjuster that operates when you hit the brakes while backing up. They're left/right specific. If you mixed them up, every time you step on the brakes, they'll adjust tighter. When I used to do drum brakes, I pulled both drums but did one side completely before disassembling the other.
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