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  • 2007 Western Meet

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    Santa Rosa, CA
    June 8-10, 2007
    Members Present: 11

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  • Monte Carlos in Attendance
    (in order of year and color name)

    07WMeet141tn.jpg 1970 - Astro Blue, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Mike & Gwen Black of Queen Creek, AZ
    07WMeet133tn.jpg 1970 SS454 - Black Cherry, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Tim & Gwen Oest of Oak Harbor, WA
    07WMeet132tn.jpg 1970 - Blue, Black interior
    Owned by Dan Ackerman of Cotati, CA
    07WMeet139tn.jpg 1970 - Misty Turquoise, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
    Owned by Aaron & April Dodsworth of Surrey, BC, Canada
    07WMeet135tn.jpg 1971 SS454 - Classic Copper, Sandalwood interior
    Owned by Vaughn & Kathie Peoples of Calgary, AB, Canada
    07WMeet136tn.jpg 1971 - Copper, Black interior
    Owned by Roger Aquistapace of Santa Rosa, CA
    07WMeet134tn.jpg 1971 SS454 - Mulsanne Blue, Dark Blue interior
    Owned by Mark & Beth Andrus of Rancho Cordova, CA
    07WMeet138tn.jpg 1972 Custom - Brown, Black vinyl top, Saddle interior
    Owned by Roy Bunjes of Airdrie, AB, Canada
    07WMeet143tn.jpg 1972 Custom - Gold, Black vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
    Owned by Dan Ackerman of Cotati, CA
    07WMeet137tn.jpg 1972 - Green, Green interior
    Owned by Robert & Mona Calderon of Fresno, CA
    07WMeet140tn.jpg 1972 - Green, Green interior
    Owned by Ray & Cindy Portillo of Sacramento, CA
    07WMeet142tn.jpg 1972 - White, Black interior
    Owned by Nygel & Heather Ali of Elk Grove, CA

    FGMCC Award Winners

    Members' Choice Vaughn and Kathie Peoples - 1971 SS454
    George Lines Best Modified Robert and Mona Calderon - 1972
    Long distance driver Roy Bunjes - over 1,500 miles one way!
    Best Paint Robert and Mona Calderon - 1972
    Best Interior Roger Aquistapace - 1971
    Best Engine Tim and Gwen Oest - 1970 SS454
    Best Unfinished Nigel and Heather Ali - 1972
    Best Stock Aaron and April Dodsworth - 1970
    Hard Luck Mike and Gwen Black - cracked windshield

    Peggy Sue's All American Cruise Award Winners

    1st place, 1966-76 Stock Vaughn and Kathie Peoples - 1971 SS454
    3rd place, 1966-76 Modified Robert and Mona Calderon - 1972
    Congratulations to you all!

    Aaron's Thoughts about the 2007 Western Meet

    Things I learned:

    • A Monte can be shrink-wrapped.
    • Travelling with a 4-month-old child is not as hard as you would think
    • It is impossible to find out the results of the Stanley Cup final in California even if a California hockey team won the Cup.
    • Do not leave the show before the event awards are concluded
    • When you get a group of Montes together, people really take notice
    • A bench seat is actually a desirable option to have when you are using an infant car seat (also works for changing diapers at rest areas)
    • It is possible to drive south from Alberta and not hit snow until Nevada
    • Transporting your Monte on a trailer will not prevent a cracked windshield

    by Aaron Dodsworth

    April and I started the 1,000-mile journey to Santa Rosa with our 4-month-old daughter, Paige, on Tuesday morning (June 5th).  For us, the meet officially started that day as we met up with Dave Mau in Seattle to pick up the club banner.  We chatted briefly and then headed on our way.  After several diaper changes and bottle feedings in the Monte, April and I arrived in Santa Rosa on Wednesday evening and were greeted by fellow members Vaughn and Roy who had just driven 1,500 miles from Alberta.

    On Thursday, those of us who’s Montes were filthy after the long drive were able to get the cars cleaned up at the local quarter-eating wash bay.  After spending $12.00 and getting a less than desired wash, we hung out and relaxed the rest of the day.  We also met up with Ray and his wife Cindy who arrived Wednesday night.  After having dinner at Sam’s Cafe, the group headed over to the nearby mall where Peggy Sue’s All American Cruise had set up registration.  The mall parking lot was a cruise-in destination with a live band and all.  We all took a quick look at some of the fine pieces of machinery on hand and then drove back to the hotel.

    Please click on the image to enlarge

    Dave and Aaron in Seattle


    Friday was the day of the poker run and this was not a short cruise.  It was nearly 100 miles of some very scenic areas of the California coast and, although it took nearly the whole day to complete, it was well worth it.  Those who did not arrive in time for this part of the event missed out on a great drive.

    Vaughn, Roy and Ray along with their significant others embarked on the poker run in the morning.  April and I started the cruise a little later after we finished attending to our little one and the plan was that we would catch-up to the others by lunchtime.  We made the necessary poker checkpoint stops along the way and were in line to catch up with the group until we asked ourselves “Hey, if we’re supposed to be heading south, why is the ocean on the left?”  We had made a wrong turn advised by my “navigator” which resulted in a detour that cost us about an hour.  We did, however see some great scenery along the way and managed to get some nice photos of the shoreline while on the detour.

    After lunch at Tides restaurant, April and I resumed the cruise and remaining checkpoints along the route.  In total, there were 7 poker checkpoints with the last one being Julliard Park for the chilli cook-off and car show.  None of the club members won the prizes for high or low hand but we certainly enjoyed the experience.

    Mark arrived in Santa Rosa during the day and joined us at the evening show in the park.  We settled in there for a while and chatted before heading back to the hotel to prepare for the early rise for Saturday’s show.

    Cruising through the forest, heading for the ocean
    This town name sounds like Chevrolet and Kia had a baby
    Parked at Kozlowski's Farms
    Parked at Kozlowski's Farms
    Duncan Mills
    Parked at Duncan Mills
    Duncan Mills
    At the beach
    At the beach
    At the beach (Vaughn, Kathie, Sue, Roy, Cindy, Ray)
    The waves crashing onto the shore
    More of the coastline
    Friday evening show in Julliard Park
    Friday evening car show
    Friday evening car show


    By Saturday morning, all the FGMCC members had arrived at the hotel and we drove as a group to the park for the show.  As we drove into the park, I heard people saying, “Here come the Monte Carlos.” This would not be the last time that I would hear this phrase during the weekend.  It seems we made quite an impact as people really seemed to take notice of our group of Montes.  Before the weekend even started, the word had spread that there was going to be several Montes at the show.  I even heard one person say “I didn’t know they made that many Monte Carlos.”

    We parked the cars in a line and set up our tent and FGMCC banner among the other 650 classic cars.  The club spent the day strolling through the vendor area, chatting with other members and listening to the live bands playing hits from the 50s and 60s.

    The Saturday evening cruise through downtown Santa Rosa was one of the highlights of the weekend.  The roads were closed off to regular traffic and a two-lane conveyor belt of classic cars made it’s way around several blocks of tree-lined streets.  There were many classics parked along side and people viewing the cars as they rolled by at low speed.  Again, we hear the announcer’s voice say “Here come the Monte Carlos” from the loud speaker set up at one of the street corners.  We made a few laps in our line of Montes but the big block cars were having temperature issues with all the slow traffic and headed back to the hotel.

    Gotta love that banner
    Saturday car show
    07WMeet156tn.jpg 07WMeet155tn.jpg 07WMeet105tn.jpg
    07WMeet175tn.jpg 07WMeet144tn.jpg 07WMeet131tn.jpg
    A view of the 650 cars at this show
    A view of the 650 cars at this show
    Mike and Gwen
    Robert and Mona
    Top row: Vaughn, Mark, Roger, Mike, Ray, Dan
    Bottom row: Liam, Tim, Aaron, Nigel, Robert, Roy (laying in front)
    Roy's 72
    Mike's 70
    Vaughn's 71
    Roger's 71
    Mark's 71
    Aaron's 70
    Tim's 70
    Robert's 72. The fan shroud is very cool.
    Saturday evening dinner at Sam's Cafe
    We sure know how to take over a hotel parking lot
    Cruising through the streets of downtown Santa Rosa
    07WMeet202tn.jpg 07WMeet174tn.jpg 07WMeet173tn.jpg
    07WMeet146tn.jpg 07WMeet196tn.jpg 07WMeet195tn.jpg
    07WMeet158tn.jpg 07WMeet111tn.jpg 07WMeet112tn.jpg
    07WMeet157tn.jpg 07WMeet168tn.jpg 07WMeet167tn.jpg
    07WMeet166tn.jpg 07WMeet162tn.jpg 07WMeet165tn.jpg
    07WMeet164tn.jpg 07WMeet163tn.jpg 07WMeet161tn.jpg


    Although not all members were able to make it to the Sunday show, it was certainly a great day.  The show was set up much like the Saturday show with approximately 400 cars in the park.  I handed out the FGMCC awards that members had voted on during Saturday’s show.  There was also a great deal of FGMCC goodies given away as door prizes also.

    When Peggy Sue’s All American Cruise started their awards ceremony at 2pm, we waited anxiously for the 1966 to 1976 stock and modified trophy classes and we were not disappointed.  Vaughn took top honours in the stock class with his ’71 and Robert received third place in the modified class with his ‘72.  Once these awards were handed out, we relaxed a little under the tent and eventually decided to start packing things up.  As the awards ceremony was coming to a close, Vaughn heard the announcer mention Monte Carlo Club.  I ran up to the awards ceremony and was followed shortly by the other club members.  The event staff had 6 special “thank you for attending” trophies made, each with a hand carved redwood tree and a bottle of wine for the club members.  They brought us all up and said a short speech regarding how they appreciated the long distance driving some of us did to attend the show.  This was a great gesture and completely unexpected.

    Peggy Sue’s All American Cruise came to a close on Sunday afternoon and some members started to make their journey home.  We watched Robert shrink-wrap the car cover to his Monte on his trailer and the rest of us got ready for the drive home.

    As usual, it was great to see old friends again and meet more members at this meet.  It is amazing the number of great people that I meet in this club each year.  Long-distance travelling in the Monte was also a lot of fun as well and I’d do it again in a heartbeat for any club event.

    - Aaron

    Gas stop on Sunday morning before the show
    Lined up Sunday morning
    07WMeet117tn.jpg 07WMeet186tn.jpg
    Some of Robert's custom paint job
    Photos do not do this car justice
    Vaughn and Kathie
    Tim and Gwen
    Aaron, April and Paige
    Ray and Cindy
    The gang
    Aaron and Paige
    Hard Luck - Mike
    Long Distance - Roy
    Best Modified - Robert
    Best Stock - Aaron
    Best Engine - Tim
    Best Paint - Robert
    Members' Choice - Vaughn
    Vaughn and Liam (Vaughn's son) receiving the 1st place trophy for 1966-76 stock class
    Vaughn and Liam with their trophy
    Robert receiving the 3rd place trophy for 1966-76 modified class
    Mona and Robert with their trophies
    The "thanks for attending" trophies handed out to club members
    Robert and Mona's Monte is shrink wrapped and ready for the trip home on Sunday evening
    Here's a great shot of Roy on the drive home to Alberta
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