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  • 2010 Eastern Meet

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  • Norwalk, OH

    June 11-13, 2010

  • The 2010 Eastern Meet
    By Dave Reem:

    I was asked to write a summary of some of the highlights from this year’s First Generation Monte Carlo Club Eastern Meet held in Sandusky/ Norwalk, Ohio. I will try to portray some of the highlights from my vantage point of the events. I will preface this write up with this comment. “It seems that every year the Eastern Meets are better than the last and this year’s meet was no exception”.
    From the location, hotel accommodations, and the people involved, this year’s meet was an utter blast. As usual, the Eastern Meet went way too fast and I am left with the feeling that I missed some of the fun (I’m only one person you know).

    The fun began with our trip up to the meet on Wednesday the 9th. Due to the “vacation” type atmosphere of the hotel, I decided to bring my wife Bonnie along to experience the enjoyment that these meets have been for me, four previous times. It was also her birthday. Our 7 hour trip up was marred by an overturned tractor trailer and 5.5 hours of heavy rain. The trip displayed that my 19 year restored Monte was starting to display issues in the front and rear window areas. Also, my new wiper motor decided that the work would be too hard on this trip so it bailed on me. Thank goodness for McGuire’s quick detail spray on my windows. When we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of some other members, William Coddington, John Lattanzi , and their crew.
    I knew Capri and her family would be there early as they had the same idea as me to enjoy some of the activities at this resort. It was obvious from the start that Willie’s boys had one thing on their mind and that was the water park. I didn’t see much of the boys past that point. Well, after two baths for the car due to the petroleum based road grime, the day was pretty much over. Oh, thanks again Capri for that great slice of pizza. That really hit the spot.

    Ah, Thursday morning, time to check this resort out some more. Bonnie and I discovered the baby Bengal tiger, 8 week old Xavier and he allows pictures. While Bonnie was off getting a “hot rocks” massage, I had some pictures taken with the little guy. The zoo keepers allow handling after the pictures so I was very intrigued. I knew Bonnie would be upset not having pictures with her but I knew I would be up for round two of pictures just so I could handle the little tiger again. What a cool, “big kitten”. Well, at that point there were some more arrivals. I noticed Rob, Jack, and Scott had arrived but where was Mike? Scott stated that Mike was having some minor carburetor issues but was on his way. Sure enough, a little while later Mike had arrived. I believe Bill was there at that point as well. Sam had also arrived for the day and I got the opportunity to meet and chat “live” with Sam for the first time. I was happy to finally meet and chat with you Sam.
    Thursday afternoon brought more Montes to the reserved parking area and all the Montes were looking very nice. One such arrival was my fellow Virginian, Carl Hanson (1972mc). I was in the parking lot when Carl arrived and heard a ticking noise from his engine. As I was about to ask him about the noise, my attention was diverted away and I forgot all about the noise. Soon after his arrival, Carl asked about the nearest Starbucks. Any of you who know Carl well, know that he needs his fix morning and evening. I had already done my research and told him where one was located. After about 2 hours, I realized that Carl was not back yet from his coffee run. I immediately remembered the noise and began to think the worst. After a phone call to Carl, sure enough, he was in the midst of a power steering pump issue that I am sure everyone is aware of by now. Carl was very fortunate that Rick lived so close to the resort and had just done an engine upgrade and had left over items. The evening ended with some good ol’ bench racing. Nothing spectacular, just some fine rest and relaxation. Okay, I lied; there was a very interesting occurrence that I am sure Jack wants everyone to hear about. There was a lady walking through the parking area and next thing I notice, Rob is over with her at Jack’s car and he has her camera. Obviously she wanted a photo with Jack’s car. It got interesting when this lady began to unbutton her shirt as if she was some sort of professional model. Jack, I still have the picture of her and Rob at your car and will keep it until my bank account reflects the proper transaction. By the way, Rob had to run and wash his hands after handling her camera and it was not a pretty picture!

    Man, is it Friday already? The day got started with some car detailing before the heat arrived. I noticed during the day that we had a lot of interest from a biker group that was at the resort for bike week. They showed a good deal of interest in our cars and our hobby. I even received an invite to a gathering they had later that evening. Well, I wasn’t going to be available due to some drag racing some of us had planned. All the repairs took place this day as well, whether they were large or small. Big thanks go out to all who helped with different issues, whether they were of large or small scale. That brings me to the big one. I knew Eli was going to be at this meet and I was excited to be able to see my friend after a good number of years since we meet in Carlisle 2005. When our group arrived back from drag racing, we heard the news of Eli’s affair with an Ohio pothole. During the years I have been to the meets, I have always brought different tools that I thought I might need. This year was no different. I decided to bring one of those cigarette lighter operated air compressors mainly in case I needed it for my drag slicks. Well, we needed it for the spare being used to rescue Eli. Jack drove and his side kicks were Jared, Phillip, and Ronnie. I think they arrived back at the hotel at 2ish in the morning. Waiting in the parking lot for their return were Andreas, Scott and Rob to assist with the removal of Eli’s car from the trailer and the changing of the tire. What a great bunch of members. As a side note, as history has shown, I am now a firm believer that Jared lives to be on the rescue party. I think we all need to get his phone number in case we ever break down near the South Carolina area. He is so willing to assist and I believe he would be there ASAP to help. Great quality to have Jared, don’t ever lose that attitude.

    Ah, Saturday morning has arrived and the big show begins. As usual, it was very cool to see the long procession of Montes going to the track and pull into the show field area. But one of the coolest things to witness was the club’s introduction and the 5-10 minute informational speech given by the track announcers about our club and cars. It was the first time I have been part of an introduction like that at a car show. I think we represented ourselves, the Montes, and our club very well. We took three of the ten awards given out for the entire field (Editor’s Choice Award). I’d say we had a good showing. The other side of the show was the drag racing and I thought it was entertaining. It wasn’t like NHRA but it was good stuff none the less. This was my wife’s first live exposure to the noise and speed of drag racing and I think she enjoyed it very much. There were some small wheel based nitro cars there and she got a small taste of the nitro world. One thing I wanted to see and did not get a chance was to see Paul’s ride go down the track at least once. But for as much time as I sat and watched, I never got the opportunity to see him run. Then, as fate would have it, on Sunday, I missed him again. I swear I need a clone of me. Boy all of you guys, including my wife, would just love that wouldn’t you? Saturday night’s awards dinner was one of the best that I have attended. There seemed to be plenty of room, a good amount of interaction, and some good entertainment. This all capped off by an unforgettable display of love and support between the club members and Mitzi Lance during this time of great loss. Congrats to all the very deserving winners. This just isn’t right, it’s Sunday already? Where did the time go? I have missed so much but have done so much at the same time. I would be remiss if I didn’t include this. I for one was not a very well man. I had meetings all night long with the porcelain group and my sleep was very lacking. Come to find out that I was not the only one. Seemed a number of us caught something and it didn’t agree with us at all. I’ll leave it at that. Sunday is always a tough time. Normally I am getting ready for whatever long trip awaits me. This year I planned better due to our accommodations. I stayed till Monday and was so happy I did. I was able to enjoy another relaxing day at the show. We had a good turnout for day 2 of the show. Even Mike from Massachusetts, with a 12+ hour trip ahead of him, stayed till about 3 in the afternoon. I would say he and his wife are hooked on these meets. Unfortunately, Ronnie from Alabama had to hit the road

    I was also glad Michael Boyte and his wife stayed for Sunday. It gave me some more play time with his two dogs (Winston and Salem). What a couple of characters, the dogs that is. I really hope to see them again next year. The sad side of the day was next. I left the track just like everything was normal and when I got back to the hotel our parking was gone and everyone was gone. It was like I got slapped and told the meet was over, but what a great eastern meet.

    I want to conclude with a couple things. I know this is long but, I could have made it much much longer. I want to personally thank Capri for the time and effort she put forth to put this all together. It was a perfect location and setting for a wonderful time of fellowship with club members. I realize the hotel was not to everyone’s liking but I must say it was a great location and an awesome deal. When you consider that Capri negotiated room rates to less than half the going rate, what a deal for what we received. When I originally saw the location of the meet, I could only think “vacation” and that is what I turned it into and am so glad I did. I know I have missed mentioning a good number of people in this article but I had a blast with everyone. I only wish I could have spent more time with each and every one of you. As you know, time just disappears. Oh and by the way, I did not fix my wipers because I figured, no way I will go through rain on the way home Monday. Well, I got it again. Two solid hours of heavy rain. Doh!!!!!!



    Hard Luck - Eli Brown, OH

    Longest Distance (700 miles) - Mike Giovannucci, MA

    Best Stock - Tim Funk, OH

    Best Paint - Carl Hanson, VA

    Best Chrome - Michael Boyte, NC

    Best Interior - Bob Forster, OH

    George Lines Best Modified- Eli Brown, OH

    Robyn Lance Best Engine (presented by Mitzi Lance) - Eli Brown, OH

    Meet Directors Choice - Jared Richey, SC

    Members Choice - Mike Herno, OH

    Presidents Choice - Jerry Bergmann, NY

    Founder's Award - Andreas Kwetkus



    1. Capri Blasco – Brunswick, Ohio – ’71 SS454 Monte Carlo

    2. Michael Herno – New Castle, Pa., – ’72 Monte Carlo

    3. Eli Brown – Fairborn, Ohio, – ’70 Monte Carlo Turbo



    Category: Monte Carlo 70-82

    Stock Outstanding - Timmothy Funk Westerville, OH 72

    Stock Winner - Capri Blasco Brunswick, OH 71

    (Street 70 & 71)

    Street Outstanding - Joyce Savage Liberty, NC 70

    Street Outstanding - James Zullo Garfield Heights, OH 70

    Street Winner - Jared Richey Belton, SC 70

    (Street 72)

    Street Outstanding - Carl Hanson Barboursville, VA 72

    Street Outstanding - Michael Boyte Summerfield, NC 72

    Street Winner - Jack Cooper Kent, OH 72

    (Modified 70-71)

    Modified Outstanding - Scott Stephens Leechburg, PA 71

    Modified Outstanding - Eli Brown Fairborn, OH 70

    Modifired Winner - Mark Patrone McDonald, OH 70

    (Modified 72)

    Modified Outstanding - Dave/Bonnie Reem Marshall, VA 72

    Modified Winner - James Garrett Pinkerington, OH 72

    Best Monte Carlo: Mark Patrone McDonald, OH 70 Monte Carlo

    Club Participation Award: FGMCC!












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