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  • 2011 Western Meet

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    Boise, ID 
    July 8-10, 2011

    Members Present: 17

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    The 2011 Western Meet
    by Aaron Dodsworth

    Members and Monte Carlos in Attendance

    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3247.jpg 1970 - Misty Turquoise, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
    Owned by Aaron & April Dodsworth of Summerland, BC, Canada
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3240.jpg 1970 - Tuxedo Black, Black interior
    Owned by Carole Gonzalez of Port Orchard, WA (with Terry Vineyard)
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3241.jpg 1970 - Cranberry Red, White vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Pat and Jean Trottier of Millet, AB, Canada
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3246.jpg 1970 SS454 - Black, Black interior
    Owned by Vaughn and Kathie Peoples of High River, AB, Canada (with Liam Peoples)
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3248.jpg 1970 - Forest Green, Dark Green vinyl top, Green interior
    Owned by Kevin Wick of Bremerton, WA (with Steve Wick on the right)
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3250.jpg 1970 SS454 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Blue interior
    Owned by Jay Marsh of Bend, OR
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3252.jpg 1970 - White, Black vinyl top, Black interior
    Owned by Rodney Shure of Helena, MT
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3243.jpg 1971 - Burnt Orange, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
    Owned by Cameron Lewis of Reno, NV
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3249.jpg 1971 - Classic Copper, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
    Owned by Tyler Eisenbarth of Boise, ID
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3242.jpg 1972 Custom - Brown, Black vinyl top, Saddle interior
    Owned by Roy & Sue Bunjes of Airdrie, AB, Canada
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3245.jpg 1972 Custom - Classic White, Black interior
    Owned by Doug Cameron of Portland, OR
    gallery_588_108_1413157543_3244.jpg 1972 - Gulf Green, Black vinyl top, Green interior
    Owned by Matt Hilla and Christine Mott of Portland, OR

    Other Members in attendance:

    Royce Tollman of Walla Walla, WA

    Garrett Kuipers of Kelowna, BC, Canada

    Vern Vassar of CA




    A few of us in the Northwest arranged a get together on Thursday so we could drive as a group to the FGMCC's 8th Annual Western Meet. I met up with Garrett and his girlfriend Amy, and Kevin and his brother Steve in Ellensburg, Washington. Garrett and Amy joined me in my '70 Monte Carlo and we proceeded to follow Kevin and Steve in their truck and trailer with Kevin's 1970 4-speed Monte Carlo inside. We hit the road and didn't get too far before the tire on Kevin's trailer shredded in Yakima. Kevin had to wait some time before the tire would get fixed so Garrett, Amy and I continued to Oregon to meet up with more club members. We arrived a little late in Stanfield, Oregon, where we met up with Doug, Matt, and Christine (Matt's wife).

    After a short chat, we got back on the highway to Boise and reunited with Kevin for the drive. The Northwest group finally made it to Boise around 9pm and were greeted by other members already there.


    Please click on the image to enlarge

    Kevin and Steve working on changing the trailer tire
    Doug and Matt out in front of Aaron driving through Oregon
    Doug and Aaron driving through Oregon on the way to Boise


    On Friday morning we lined up for the Countryside Cruise headed for Bogus Basin. The cruise was a nice drive through tight curves as we headed up the hill. The high elevation offered great views of the city below. We parked and had lunch at Bogus Basin before descending back down toward Boise. In the evening, some of the group went to Meridian Speedway to check out the car games. Kevin drove his '70 Monte through slolam course and ran a couple hot laps around the track as well. His Monte certainly wasn't the best handling machine in the slolam but it sure looked like fun!


    Please click on the image to enlarge

    Cruise up to Bogus Basin
    Cruise up to Bogus Basin
    Cruise up to Bogus Basin
    Cruise up to Bogus Basin
    A quick stop to figure out a fuel pressure problem
    Lined up at Bogus Basin
    At Bogus Basin overlooking Boise

    Cruise back to Boise

    Kevin taking his recenltly purchased 402 4-speed for a lap around Meridian Speedway

    Kevin going through the slolam racing game at Meridian Speedway


    On Saturday we all woke up bright and early to drive to the Expo grounds for the car show. The event staff were very accommodating to our group and set aside a nice spot in the middle of the show for all of us to park. We settled in for a hot day in the park and enjoyed the full schedule of activities the event had to offer. This event had burnout contests, stoplight drag racing, go cart racing, RC car racing, motorcycle stunts, a flea market, kids games and more.

    After a long day in the heat, we headed back to the hotel to rest a little while before the evening cruise. The Capital City Cruise took us into downtown Boise where we cruised around an area that was closed off to public vehicles. It was a well organized cruise route and was fun to be a part of as the sun was setting.

    FGMCC Award Winners

    Best Trunk Matt Hilla - 1972
    Best Interior Cameron Lewis - 1971
    Best Paint Vaughn Peoples - 1970
    Robyn Lance Best Engine Roy Bunjes - 1972
    George Lines Best Modified Vaughn Peoples - 1970
    Best Stock Aaron Dodsworth - 1970
    Best Non-Restored Tyler Eisenbarth - 1971
    Members' Choice Vaughn Peoples - 1970
    Meet Director's Choice Kevin Wick - 1970
    Longest Distance Driven Pat Trottier (Pat & Jean drove their Monte 1,100 miles to the meet)
    Hard Luck Kevin Wick (shreded tire on trailer)
    Congratulations to you all!


    Lined up at the show
    Carole's 70 Monte
    Rodney's 70 Monte
    Aaron's 70 Monte
    Vaughn's 70 Monte
    Pat's 70 Monte
    Kevin's 70 Monte
    Matt's 72 Monte
    Cameron's 71 Monte
    Tyler's 71 Monte
    Doug's 72 Monte
    Roy's 72 Monte
    Jay's 70 Monte
    Lined up at the show
    Capital City Cruise
    Capital City Cruise
    Capital City Cruise
    Capital City Cruise


    Sunday was another great day in the sun at the Expo grounds for the car show. The day was much like Saturday at the show but with one difference... FGMCC drag racing! Vaughn and Roy decided to take their Montes down the 100 foot strip for some bragging rights. We discovered that Vaughn's car is set up for horsepower but not traction as he proceeded to do a 100-foot burnout trying to get traction. Roy, who was definately outpowered by Vaughn's car, managed to get traction and beat Vaughn to the line. Everyone enjoyed another fun day at the show.

    The awards banquet was held that evening at Fuddruckers restaurant. After we had some of the "world's greatest hamburgers" I distributed the awards to all the deserving recipients, drew names for all the door prizes and got the traditional group photo.

    The day ended much like all the other evenings at the meet. The group relaxed in the hotel parking lot with their lawn chairs and favorite beverage while swapping stories and car knowledge.

    On Monday we all shook hands and exchanged hugs before people went their seperate ways. Garrett and Amy joined me in my 70 Monte for the drive home. We drove part of the way with Matt and Christine before splitting off as I headed North through Washington. We were able to take advantage of a couple photo opportunities with our 2 Montes while driving through Oregon.

    Another great meet had come to a close and, as usual, I met some new friends and took home some good memories. I'm already looking forward to the next meet in Carson City, Nevada!

    The group on Sunday morning
    Early Sunday morning at the car show
    Lined up at the show
    Lined up at the show
    Lined up at the show
    Vaughn and Roy staging for the Holeshot Nationals
    Holeshot Nationals
    The lanch
    Roy takes the lead
    Roy wins!
    Vaughn receives an FGMCC award
    Tyler receives the best non-restored award
    Aaron trying to act surprised when receiving the best stock award. It's hard to be surprised when you count the members' votes
    Roy receiving the Robyn Lance best engine award
    Matt, Rodney, Doug, Aaron, Pat, Garrett
    Tyler, Liam, Vaughn, Cameron, Jay, Roy
    Parked at Fuddruckers for the FGMCC banquet
    Don't do it Steve!
    Kicking back in the hotel parking lot



    Door prizes were contributed by the FGMCC, Roy Bunjes and Royce Tollman

    We would like to extend a special thanks to Jack Armstrong and the rest of the volunteers at RPM Productions for all they did for us. The crew that put on this event are a class act and I would highly recommend this event to anyone.

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