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  1. Overdrive I remember it being a dark color but that was 20 or more years ago. Darrin maybe there was a mid or late year change but I had an original 70 Monte with cruise and it was chrome. It was a full halo car so early to mid model year build.
  2. That isn't the right lever for a 70. In 70 it was chrome with a chrome button not black. I had a 70 with cruise back in the early 80s. I also saw an SS Monte at a NMCOA meet that had cruise. Don't remember if it was a 70 or 71 anymore. i asked him about it and he told me it was dealer installed, not factory. It was mounted behind the compressor and down the back of the inner fender. The speedometer cables were too long and connected to the cruise unit at some extreme angles. Not letting me post a link to a picture but just google 70 Chevelle cruise control pictures and you will find it.
  3. Also try some oil on the back of the speedometer where the cable clips on. Have had problems in this area with old dried lube before.
  4. Any parts for the rear defoger are worth getting, too. The switch is correct for any 70-72 Monte or Chevelle.
  5. montefrazer

    intake bolts

    Joe still looking for this? PM me if you are.
  6. If you have the right size Allen wrench to fit the adjuster on the points and a cap with the sliding metal door, you can skip the feeler gauges and dwell meter. Put a light coat lube on the cam the points ride on, install points, start car, open door on cap and put Allen wrench in adjuster, slowly turn wrench to your right until engine runs badly or dies, turn wrench left half a turn and you're done. Then set timing.
  7. Eastwood also has a good paint. http://www.eastwood.com/factory-gray-hi-temp-coating.html
  8. Thanks for the update and glad you got it fixed. Now you're an expert on GM horn systems. Sometimes the small problems are the hardest to find.
  9. Touching the wire to any metal piece it can reach should make the horn sound. Clicking in the engine bay is horn relay contacts working, so a short somewhere in the system at or after the relay.
  10. This video will show you the tools and how to get it off. About 2 minutes in
  11. That style buckle was standard for 70-72. There was also a smaller brushed stainless deluxe version. http://www.firstgenmc.com/ubbthreads/ubb...true#Post382429
  12. "I’d just like to know where those sellers found that information." I'm sure some sellers are basing their info on google searches and past ebay ads. Research, as Murphy is doing here, is a must before buying.
  13. "Several sellers mention in their description "with auto-temperature control" What does that really mean?" That is the set and forget system. Set your temp, turn on the system, and it automatically works to keep the interior at that temp. http://automotivemileposts.com/autobrevity/atc.html
  14. That set up is for a non stereo radio. Either AM or AM-FM mono radio. All stereo and 8 track radios got two front and two rear speakers.
  15. But I played with the levers a bit initially. Should that flap be closed more? Was this before or after you took the picture? If you moved the throttle linkage, part the gas pedal linkage is connected to, before you took the picture, it needs to close more. When cold, the choke should snap closed when that linkage is moved and be a bit hard to move when you push on it with your finger. Should close again when you stop pushing. When the engine is at operating temp, it should be fully open.
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