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  1. One other thing to note is, I believe that 1970 slats were flat with no grain as seen in the second picture posted by Dennis above. Another 1970 item only.
  2. Jim Boczar

    Motor numbers

    The numbers before the CRN would be the date of the block assembly 4 digits, 2 for month and 2 for day which would follow a leading "T" for Tonawanda factory ie. T0313CRN. You can check other engine components for dates if they are GM factory items - like the the intake manifold, distributor and heads if you pull the valve covers. If the stamped dates are before your VIN date month and week, chances are it might be correct. The block itself should be stamped on the top back near the bell housing with 3963512 for 1970 454 and also have a date code stamped nearby for when it was cast that can then be checked against the body tag month and week. "Chevrolet by the Numbers 1970 - 75" book by Alan Colvin is excellent reference for correct part numbers and date codes. Jim
  3. Hi Mike, Welcome to the club. I am also in CT and may have seen you at a show last year in Bridgewater CT ? My first Monte way back when in high school, was a triple black 350 with a powerglide transmission. Jim
  4. Congratulations Jay and Jenny! Well deserved and the Monte looks great!
  5. Sorry fellow Monte fans, didn't mean to sound so cold-hearted - just reminded me of the ending scene in the first "Terminator" movie with the hydraulic crusher! Jim
  6. Yep - she put a up a good fight but in the end - TERMINATED !
  7. Congratulations Stan! Look forward to the upcoming feature article!
  8. Congratulations! Nice car and great history. Reminds me of my first 1970 Monte - triple black with bench seat and 350 - had it from 1974 - 1986 - wonder if that one's still around. Jim
  9. Very glad to hear Rob is doing better! Prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery or slow or whatever it takes. Get well soon! Jim
  10. Looks like another good time at the GM Nationals! All the Montes look great and congratulations to everyone! Wish I could have made it. Jim
  11. On a 1970 TCS solenoid - the port where the wires attach is for carb vacuum source, on the other side of the solenoid - the port angled upwards goes to the distributor and the other port is for vacuum let off, which on a 1970 attaches to the top rear of the carb port.HTH.
  12. Doug, check out this link to 69-72 Delco Radio identification. Delco Radio ID's I have the Sam's Photofact for my 1970 AM/FM 8 track stereo radio and it list part number DS 515 as the output transistors, which may also have been the same ones used in 1969 & 1970 stereo radios. Sam's Photofacts maybe the only source to match the product number with the model number, if you can find the correct one for either year. Sam's usually shows the model number and the product number on their Photofact sheets. You can try your local library for the Sam's sheets or keep an eye out on ebay for them. Jim. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  13. 1970 Chevelle, El Camino or Monte Carlo should be #01AFM with a 1 or 2 for the revision number. Full size Chevrolet is #01BFM with a 1 or 2 for the revision number. I am not sure if they fully interchangeable between models - but I believe the stem width measurement is the same between A and B radio models but the center opening in the dash maybe different in size. Bruce - your radio is from a 1973 Buick midsize model car.
  14. Well James it's time to get excited again, because your award is in the mail and on it's way! You should get it on Wednesday and then you can get excited some more! Oh yeah - you Won! Congrats again! Jim.
  15. Congratulations to everyone - we had a very nice showing of first gen Montes! And a very "special Grand National" - Congrats Willie!
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