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  1. I'd go with a Red Head Steering Gears box. They are a bit stiffer feeling, like a modern car and have a quicker ratio. https://redheadsteeringgears.com/
  2. The buckets have the chrome backing for the reflector coming off really bad but the lenses are fine.
  3. Sorry,I should have specified year, which is 71, but you guys answered my question. Looks like I'll have to restore the ones I have. Thank you.
  4. I was wondering if there are replacement front parking light replacements or do the 70 Chevelle parts fit?
  5. Took mine to it's first show and met up with a couple other Monte owners.
  6. Made room for the Tremec TKO600. Just have to clean up the welds, paint it and seam seal it. I'll do the clean up work on he bottom after the TH350 comes out.
  7. I started cutting and welding on the trans tunnel to make room for the TKO600 that's going in.
  8. I did some maintenance to get ready for cruising season.
  9. Hydroboost, never have to worry about having enough vacuum to operate brakes again.
  10. Doesn't matter who does the haft time show, the network is going to make it to a ridiculous spectacle.
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