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  1. On the early seasons of Overhaulin it was just 7 days from start to finish. I don't care who you are that's just not enough time to properly rebuild a car that needs extensive work. The later seasons after they came back from a couple year hiatus the time was extended to about a month. I remember seeing a few of the early builds at a car show and you could see some of the shortcuts that were done to save time.
  2. WELL GREAT!!!!! Now I have another part to buy for my car.😃
  3. The car's been parked under cover since early October but I've been acquiring parts for the next stage in the build. I ordered a hydraulic clutch kit for the 5spd conversion I've had for some time now. I've also been putting together a fresh top end and valve train for a 355 I've had in storage. I'm looking at 400hp/400ftlb with the combo and coupled to the 5spd it ought to make for a fun car.
  4. Hydraulic roller is done the same way a hydraulic flat tappet.
  5. I still haven't recieved the decal and newsletter yet.
  6. I'm in the same boat. I signed up 08/04/18 and haven't received anything even after sending a couple emails and getting responses to said emails.
  7. While it's not a rocket ship(yet)it sure is fun as hell to drive it like I stole it. I did get a better set of winter tires some 235/60R15 Cooper Cobra's that I'll alternate with the 17/18" Torque Thrust II's and BFG Sport Comps
  8. I went and ordered a second set of tires for mine and then went and did my best to drive the old wheels off of it. I'm also definitely going to get the a/c working again. All in all I'm happy to have the car up and running again. Right now with the suspension upgraded the way it is the tires give up before the suspension does and the bench seat does a poor job of keeping me in place.
  9. Just looking for the best location to wire up the choke on my Holley carb. Thanks
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