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  1. Great looking Monte!! I'm hoping to get my 72 painted within the next month. It's only been 4 years and 2 months since I brought it home. My body shop guy has a regular job and then works on it when he has time, but since I already paid him 4 yrs ago to paint my car, I need to crack the whip on him more now to get it done.
  2. Great job on cleaning up that hood Steve!!! I found a steel cowl hood for my Monte for $903 shipped. Then I had to order the outer door assembly and the inner door kit for it. I figure that I will spend the time later on with my original hood to get it where it needs to be, but for now I'm trying to get my Monte painted ASAP.
  3. I'm looking for a regular straight non-rusty hood for my 72 or a cowl induction hood. My hood needs some body work and and it has some surface rust on the underside by the support braces. I don't want to pay $1k for a cowl Monte hood when the Chevelle cowl hoods are seen at $300+ for a steel hood. Damn vendors are just raping us for the aftermarket Monte hoods with their prices being triple of the Chevelle hoods. Please let me know if you have something. Thanks!
  4. I will be planning on attending my first Monte Carlo meet ever at this 2022 Western Meet.
  5. Rob, Wishing you a full recovery! It sounds like you're on the mend and will be back in better condition than before you had surgery.
  6. Welcome to the Monte Carlo world! Like others have stated, fix the issues first that can affect safety, and then work on making the Monte what you want it to be. It looks like you've got a great car for a project though. I'm an IT engineer/Network Administrator and I like to work on my vehicle projects for a change of pace. Sadly I've been working on friends' rigs instead of working on my 72 Monte Carlo to get it ready to paint. As soon as I get my one friend's 89 S10 Blazer 4x4 with the 4.3 V6 finished, and then finish the work on my other friend's custom beavertail flatbed on his Top Kick truck, I will devote my time (outside of my regular work job) to my Monte Carlo so I can get it finished - paint, install the new 416ci BB, exhaust, etc.
  7. I haven't been able to attend any of the Western meets yet, since I bought my Monte Carlo in 2017 and it's getting close to be finished this year. I know that you've had the Western Meet in The Dalles Oregon in the years past, but I don't know what event is going on at the time that you've had the meets there.
  8. Yeah, I'm not getting the vaccine shot because I know there are compounds in them that are not meant to be in our bodies. My wife works in the medical field and she knows all about the vaccines and that they were never fully tested, and the potential side effects from getting the vaccine shot.
  9. For us south of the Canadian border, I'm assuming we are all SOL for attending the event due to the border issue. I don't have a passport yet either.
  10. The machine shop just took it upon themselves to bore the block to their preferred choice of piston (Silv-O-Lite) without asking me first, so I'll be running those pistons along with a set of Total Seal gapless top ring set. A friend of mine for over 20 years is a professional mechanic with his own shop, and he runs TS gapless top rings in his OEM spec 327 in his 57 Chevy Bel-Air hardtop that will pull wheelies off the line (other friends have witnessed it first hand several times. I should have the block back this week with it being hot tanked, new cam bearings, and new brass freeze plugs. I'm just waiting for the new pistons and rings to show up so I can have the new pistons pressed onto the connecting rods, then I should be able to start building the engine.
  11. You should pull the spark plugs and run a compression test of each cylinder, and write it down as you test each one. If it's not leaking the oil externally, then it's burning it out the exhaust. On piston rings, the top ring is meant to hold your compression above the piston so that the engine will fire on each cylinder as it ignites the spark from the plug. The 2nd (lower ring) is there to wipe the oil off the cylinder wall as the piston moves in its downward stroke so that oil is not being introduced into the combustion chamber. Depending upon how many miles are on the engine, it could be carbon buildup or the piston rings are worn. That's why I would recommend a compression test first to see where each cylinder is currently at, and if the compression of all 8 cylinders is within service limits.
  12. Internet feed this morning shows that land borders from the US to Canada and Mexico have travel restrictions extended through Aug 21st 2021 now.
  13. What's everyone's go-to cast piston to run? Sealed Power, Federal Mogul, Silvolite, TRW? I think Sealed Power, Federal Mogul, and TRW are all owned by the same company now. Hypereutectic or regular cast for a street driven big block and no blower or nitrous added to it ever?
  14. I need a detent plate for my turbo 350 in my 72 Monte Carlo. I have an OPGI shifter and center console. Sending you a text.
  15. You can set a 12v battery on the work bench, but be 100% positive of which wire is your 12v feed and the ground wire in the instrument cluster plugin, before connecting them to the battery posts for testing.
  16. This is the LED bulb I bought for my mirror map light. I haven't installed it yet though, because my mirror glass is stained through and needs to be replaced, or I just need to find another map light mirror that has great glass in it. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/map-light-bulb/561-led-bulb-9-smd-led-festoon-44mm-car/244/?year=1972&make=16&model=1191&scc_id=1419
  17. I bought a 70 Chevelle 402 330 HP engine and I'm in the process of rebuilding it. The only issue it had was a broken rocker arm on the #7 cylinder. I just had the crankshaft turned and polished and it's now .010 on the mains and .010 on the rods. The crankshaft is the OEM stock crank. I've always used Clevite 77 main and rod bearings in the past. I have heard good and bad about King bearings from other forums, but if I go with Clevite 77 bearings, should I go with the H or P series bearings? I ran Clevite P bearings in a built 402 I had 30 years ago and never had an issue with them.
  18. I've never seen the original movie, now I'm going to have to buy it.
  19. Just set the cluster close enough to be able to plug the wiring harness connector for the instrument cluster into it, and then you should be able to see if all the bulbs are lit or if some need the bulb flipped 180 deg.
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