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  1. Wow that SS really looking awesome. Later RJD
  2. Glade to hear all had a good time and congrats to the winners. Later RJD
  3. I hope ya come back with the fix as mine lights have also done the same thing recently. his thread came at a good time. Later RJD
  4. Aceinsp

    71 SS

    I had a place here in town do my manifolds in ceramic.. They came out great. Just see how long it last. Later RJD
  5. Very nice looking SS. Thanks for sharing. Later RJD
  6. Checking as I sent my dues in and see that the check still has not cleared. Later RJD
  7. Looking good. Some day I shall maybe have one. Later RJD
  8. Welcome to the forum Willie very nice looking Monte. Later RJD
  9. Not a good looker for sure. I do remember the very first 70 SS I saw had the fender skirts. It also had the 390 HP 454 that lasted about 6 weeks before GM dropped the HP. It was on a dealer show room floor and was Red with a Black vinyl roof. I recall the car was also to complete with the Pontiac Grand Prix. Later RJD
  10. Aceinsp

    71 SS

    Wow great work. I'm a bit jealous as this is something I would have like to done to mine. Keep the pics and progress coming. I can only dream now Later RJD
  11. Thanks for the pics. Any Idea what plant this was? Later RJD
  12. My came with the staples when I bought the replacements from Year One. Later RJD
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