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  1. Just in case you wanted a list of what SEMA is saying about the proposed ''rules', this lays out the wording. See some familiar names on here yet, guess I should stop by more often... https://www.sema.org/sema-enews/2016/06/debunking-the-myths-epa-proposal-to-prohibit-conversion-of-vehicles-into-racecars
  2. Hi all, don't get on here much anymore but ran across this request from SEMA to sign the petition. The EPA is trying to make it where you cannot convert a street car into a race car and it would be illegal to sell performance parts for them. This would destroy yet another industry. I can post the SEMA link as well if you would like, a worth while thing to sign in my opinion. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/tell-epa-withdraw-its-proposal-prohibit-conversion-vehicles-racecars-0
  3. Yep, has been a while. Still around yet just keeping busy. No more road trips? Rather than highjack the thread, don't know if you still have my number but you are welcome to call, like to know it's nothing major. I'm sure I have yours somewhere yet if you still have the same one, I'll see if I can find it and try to call you if I don't hear from you soon. Don
  4. I would like to go as well to catch up, some of you remember me... We will be in NYC Aug 31st though, hope you can come up with a date that's good for all. Don
  5. Thanks for the info on the oil Don, makes me feel a lot better after reading this post as I have been running Rottela T in my personal vehicles for about 15 years now. I can verify the ads they used to run with a picture of the crosshathces in the cylinders after running 750,000 miles as I have actually had the heads off engines with this kind of milage. (big truck engines) The one vehicle that I Run Quakerstate 5W30 in is my wifes car, she was running that in it before we got married and I've never had good luck switching from one brand to another as it seems to make gaskets leak or make
  6. Tim, Not sure about the condensor, but you can use the sight glass method to make sure there are no air bubbles in the system when charging. Make sure you replace the receiver/dryer if converting over and the system should be evacuated properly before recharging. Don
  7. This has probably been brought up before but I tripped across this site and thought someone may be interested... http://www.window-sticker.com/index.htm Don
  8. Kind of late for a reply to this but my heart felt sympathy goes to George's family and friends! Reading through this thread makes me remember why I like this club so much, it is truly family here rather than just a club! Don
  9. Kevin, Sorry to hear that you have to give up something that was your dream, but it just shows how much you care about the club by stepping down. I'm sure that it will keep going strong and you will be remembered as the founder. Like George said, you should be granted a lifetime membership. I've only been a member for just over a year and thanks to this club I've learned more than ever about my Monte, it's obvious everyone here has learned something about thier car from this club. There have been a lot of friends made here and abroad as well. Thanks for taking the initiativ
  10. Hey Aaron, this link don't work for me, maybe because I'm not a member of Chevy Talk? It won't bring up any of the postings on the page so I still need the phone number yet. Thanks
  11. Hate to ask this, but does anyone have the phone number handy for the Canadian GM office so I can order a build shhet for my car? I had it wrote down once and lost it somewhere and lost it in my infinite pile of sticky notes. Thanks Don
  12. hamster


    George, I like this idea for the fact that I like to drive things with big motors in them, the only problem is, it's only a temporary fix. The price of gas will continue to rise not only because of the enviromentalists out there, but things like jet fuel are starting to be made from soy oil. Any idea how much jet fuel is used in this country alone every day? I don't know the numbers but I'm guessing that it's more than I care to think about! As more products are made from alternative fuel sources, the demand for oil goes down, (at least you would think so, but there are more cars and
  13. Are you using the right type of gas? With the flux core you don't need gas with it. Is the gas pressure high enough? Depending on the heat and wire size you are using you should have the regulator set around 25-30. Are you trying to weld in breezy conditions? Even a ceiling fan can be enough to beeze to mess it up. The key things are clean metal, the proper wire size, gas pressure, and clean metal. Steel doesn't have to be as clean as aluminum but it sure helps. If the wire is corroded or even dusty enough it will effect how it welds. What I've done in the past is take a peice of sc
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