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  1. Hi Roger, You have a PM Rob, I do not get emails to notify me? Steve
  2. Sorry guys.... I'm slow to respond. Yes they are still available. Sam, you have a PM. He was first. Thanks Steve
  3. Ok... Price drop... $25 for my time to box them and ship them...lol. Someone must have a use for these. you pay actual shipping or come pick them up.
  4. I have these 4 1972 Custom hupcaps. They are not in good shape but could be used on a driver or taken for parts. Possibly restored? They are real heavy (35lbs)so the shipping probably will be expensive. Based on that, I only want $50 for them plus the actual shipping which I'm going to guess is about $75 depending where they are going from 11787. Or you can pick them up on Long Island, NY. Your best bet is to text or call me if your interested. 631-327-0528. See pics.
  5. Next week I am going to Carlisle for the mini meet and have a full set of NOS wheel well trims to sell. The repros are $180 so I'm thinking a fair price is $400 for an original set still in the packages. Not looking to separate them. Also not looking to ship them because the last set I shipped cost $65 which I think is a lot. So I'm hoping to find someone who's going to the show and I can hand deliver them. Call me because I'm not on the board as much as I'd like. 631-327-0528. Thanks, Steve
  6. Thanks guys. It does seem that they are the same hose for big and small blocks. I did get one from Auto Zone and it's not bad but it's just a bit shorter than the original so although it will work it won't route exactly the same as the original. Steve
  7. So it's been forever since I've been on the boards and wouldn't you know it... I need help. Still have my Monte until they pry it from my cold dead hands and I'm sure I could have posted this in a better place but here it goes. I need the power steering pressure hose for my 71 big block. Ordered one from The Parts Place and they charged me 3x as much for the same exact part I got at my local Auto Zone (part number and made in Mexico).... seriously. Problem is that it's a bit short and the wrong protective sleeve on it. Anyone know where I can get a correct hose on the first try? Thanks for the help. Steve
  8. Not for nothing but the best cooling radiator is a copper one and there are plenty of companies that you can get one from. Give it a google search. My understanding is the only benefit to an aluminum radiator is weight savings..... oh, and they look really cool!! My 2 Cents, Steve
  9. Sorry to hear and see that....... these kids need something that disables their phone when behind the wheel!. Steve
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