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  1. I really like the power and response. in my mind I kind of miss the old school 350 but the 5.3 has been a blast to drive. I bet the 5.3 makes the 84 c-10 get up and go. I like that body style.
  2. Michael I had something similar to that but with out the shroud. I like the look with the shroud it fills the big space in front of the engine.
  3. This is what Bill was referring to. I wish i could make this work some how.
  4. vince


  5. Bill that's a good point, Ill check the temp behind the radiator with the fans on and off and see what the difference is. The fan I use puts out 3500 CFM so i'm expecting to see a big difference. Thanks for the info.
  6. I'll look for that episode and check it out. I was also thinking of using the piece off a 89 Iroc Z but I'm not sure the hood would close. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v697/unionfootball067/7316_182009123708_635153708_3924620.jpg Bill do you think there would be a difference in air temp if the filter was behind the radiator as opposed to the filter on top of a carburetor?
  7. So I have been searching for am Air filter that balances out the engine compartment. After the LS conversion I bought a $60 "cold air intake" for a Chevy truck, it works just fine but it looks a little out of place and the eye is drawn to the tube not the motor. A friend Had a K&N filter off a 98-02 Camaro that he had no use for, so he gave it to me to try out. I would like to know your opinions, Or if you have any ideas of other filters that might work. so let me hear them lol.
  8. WOW i really like the fitment and looks
  9. Let me back up a little, I first tried the stock truck manifolds, both sides it the frame, I bought some 04 GTO manifolds with down pipes and bung, the driver side fit with some grinding the passenger side would not fit, I tried two different after market headers and had no secures. Finally the 2010 camaro manifolds worked and I used the GTO down pipes with bung for o2 sensors.
  10. I tried two set of headers and a set of truck manifolds before i decided to just go with 2010 camaro exhaust manifolds. Perfect fit and they work great
  11. vince

    5.3 install???

    The radiator i had was a 3 core so i used it, as for the hoses the stock upper hose i used for the lower hose on the 5.3 I think i had to cut off 2". for the upper hose I bought one for a 2002 Chevy truck
  12. vince

    Wanna' RACE?

    You can count me in, This has been a pet peeve of mine for years,
  13. From 2014 and up Chevy used a LT based motor which is a lot more complected then the LS format. My two cents, the only thing good on it is the accessories and those can only be used on a block 2014 and newer. the inside of the motor my have other issues.
  14. Cody sorry for the late reply, The mounts i got are adjustable, I had to use the holes further-est to the back because the shallow part of the pan towards the front would hit the steering. I was hoping to move the motor up a little but it didn't work out.
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