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  1. Thanks for all the help. I have the softer organic brake pads. But I think the rotors definitely could be an issue. That’s an interesting thought about the master cylinder, I didn’t think about that. I’m not that fussy about having original rotors, I may try slotted and drilled rotors. Also I may be expecting too much thanks again. John S
  2. I think the pedal feels harder with the new booster, even though it is working properly. The only thing that is different since the rebuild is the banjo bolts. The old ones had a 5/8 hex head while the ones I replaced were 7/16 head flange style bolt. Only difference between the two is the new one is 1/8 inch shorter Other than that, identical. John S
  3. I’ve got the second master cylinder you’re showing After 42 years as a mechanic that is the first thing I always think of when I have a problem when parts have been replaced. The first question I ask is what has changed and how and I usually go from there. It’s been seven years since I bought the car can’t remember exactly how well it stopped although it was not good. A coworker of mine before I retired had a 1970 impala and he had the same problem I believe he went to an aftermarket booster master cylinder and braking system and he tells me everything is fine
  4. I would like some advice I have asked this question before but I hope I can get an answer on my brake issue. First here is what I have done. Every brake line has been replaced even though the rubber flex lines all three of them were only two years old I replaced them again. Front calipers have been rebuilt rear wheel cylinders are new distribution block cleaned and works properly I tested it by simulating a line break And the brake light functions properly as stated in the factory manual. Master cylinder has been replaced, power brake booster has been replaced, Along with the check valve numer
  5. I tried replacing mine with one from Inline Tube. It did not work the brake light was on all the time and the machining was bad. I cleaned my old on to the best of my ability and it works. I tested it by loosening a bleed screw and hit the brakes hard to simulate a line break and the brake light came on. I used a coat hanger and put it in where the rear brake line attached and pushed it in and let the spring pressure push back.It moved freely I re-installed and has worked fine.
  6. I can't answer all those questions but I can answer one. The last year in the 1960's for the Impala SS was 1969. In 1969 the SS was offered in two roof line styles. The Custom "square back" style and the Impala semi-fastback style. The SS option was not offered in 1970. The SS option returned I believe in 1994 but as a four door. John S
  7. Does anyone know the correct length for speedometer cable for a 4 speed? John S
  8. I couldn't find the information. I thought I had it but if no proof it doesn't exist. I did find this though, it looks like in 1971 the option was there to order a 425 HP 454 with M22 4 spd.
  9. I will try to find it. I talked with someone at Chevrolet Archive seven years ago when I purchased my Monte. Left a message and it took almost a week to get back to me and I received info on Monte Carlos of every year produced. I had it on a computer which is gone due to buying a new one and since I retired I have tossed so much that I have been hoarding. I will look. John S
  10. I've had info from Chevrolet Archive 1971 total 4 spd production 349 269 small block 350 and 400,s and 80 BB 402( some GM articles will call a 402 a 400) don't know why but I have seen it. John S
  11. In Atlanta fights are breaking out in stores. John S
  12. John S


    Was wondering what type of radio some of you are using. I bought one that fits into the original opening, it quit working. I do not want to cut into the dash if I don,t have to. Maybe someone can tell me what type they have had success with. John S
  13. I do like the plastic inner fenders they look good just can’t understand or figure out why the right side is so far off it is nowhere close to conforming to the shape of the wheel well.As I stated earlier if I could buy just one I would go again with the plastic and see if that one might fit better I don’t want to buy two and have the same issue again John S
  14. Thank you for your help and advice. Hopefully going to test the brakes tomorrow and see if I’ve got that problem resolved. John S
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