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  1. Ditto, tan wheel and collum, SS car
  2. Agreed, better than factory!
  3. I have no personal experience with crate engines but I'm sure your gonna have fun! Enjoy you new power plant!
  4. RIP BILL! Bless his family and ours.
  5. This just changed everything I THOUGHT I knew about timing, wow very interesting!
  6. My first engine build I used camel dump heads and made good power, I used an Edelbrock cam, lifters, and performer intake, that engine ran for a long time and was very reliable too.
  7. Envious of the Canadian documentation,wish all SS cars were cowl tagged with Z20. Gotta be nice to say "look here"
  8. My 70ss has a tan column and wheel, I changed to a 3 spoke wheel but haven't painted the column black yet. it's a Baltimore car also with build sheet
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