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  1. Not worried too much about originality. If you still have it when I come down next, I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks!
  2. That is a very generous offer and one that I will keep in mind. The other issue is that the border's are closed so I wouldn't even know how to get across if I did order something. From what I've heard, only commercial and immediate family being allowed to cross. I have been waiting for things to settle down because I have stuff waiting at CBI but not able to cross right now.
  3. Any chance anybody has an extra good used original they'd like to part with? Ship to Niagara Falls, NY 14304.
  4. Any idea if the following will fit the Monte? I'm just not sure if there are spots to mount the tunnel to this product. Thanks. https://www.opgi.com/cooling-heating/fans/1969-70-big-block-fan-shrouds/fan-shroud-1969-70-chevelleel-camino-big-block-injection-molded-pz01017.html
  5. Thanks guys for your quick reply. This is very helpful. Paul: I am assuming you poked them through the bottom then used a nut inside the car to tighten them down. Is this correct?
  6. Sorry, here is the website for the Camaro/FIrebird hardware: https://www.heartbeatcitycamaro.com/store/product/17854/68-69-Camaro-%26-Firebird-Automatic-Shifter-To-Floor-Tunnel-Mounting-Hardware-Kit/
  7. I took my floor shifter out today and the screws mounting it to the Tunnel were two different sizes. 2 on the driver's side were approx an 1" long and the two on the passenger side look to be 1/2" long (see picture). I can't find sizes in the Service Manual and the assembly manual doesn't show a good picture of them. The short ones don't seem to fit well (the shifter was mounted over the carpet). Anybody tell me if this is correct? Also couldn't find them to buy on any of the usual sites but saw these for a Camaro/Firebird and wondered if they'd fit if I have to replace them.
  8. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Will keep looking but now I have direction thanks to your suggestions. If anybody else has what I'm looking for laying around feel free to PM me.
  9. Looking for a complete set of 1970 BBC brackets and mounting hardware (A/C, fan alternator, PS pump). I've seen them new at the various parts stores but I can't seem to find the mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, washers). If anyone has sizes for the mounting hardware for each bracket I would appreciate that information so I could purchase separately, if needed. Thanks.
  10. I can't download/see the pic for some reason. I have a 70 and wondered if there is any modification I'll need to do to the brackets? The engine is out of a later model Chevy 454 SS Pickup truck. Does this make a difference? Thanks in advance. Andy refers to the PCV valve opening.
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