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  1. Thanks Paul. Very good instructions for a novice like me to follow. I'll check aftermarket for the bracket, switch and harness.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. When I searched online, The B&M switch Part number 20297 is what came up. This one hooks up to the Carb. If anybody has an extra complete gas pedal switch/hardware that would be great.
  3. Looking for a Kickdown switch for a TH400. Swapping out my 350 for the 400 and need all the pieces going from Carb down to the Tranny. I have seen the one B&M makes. Has anyone used this one? Any benefits over an OEM? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info. I've put a 400 in a previous Monte and recall the crossmember move, trick u-joint and I had the driveshaft shortened. Glad to hear I can use the truck tranny I have. I'll have to locate a slip on yolk hopefully locally.
  5. Before I could get to figuring out the cable adjustment I blew the 350 (slipping and fluid smells burnt). My question is can I take a TH400 from a later model truck and put it in the Monte? I have a 400 with a bolt on yoke so also want to know if I can just swap the bolt on yoke for a slip on type? The 400 I have is a short tail. From all the previous posts above I understand I will need the correct shift cable bracket as well. Hope I've provided enough information.
  6. Will do as suggested. I also noticed that as you (MC1of80) stated in the previous post above there is some adjustment where the cable connects inside the car at the shifter. I loosened this bolt and did get some more travel that may solve the problem. As soon as I resolve the issue I will post what the solution was. May take me a week or two. Thanks everyone for your help.
  7. Looking at some Assembly Manual Diagrams it looks like some brackets mount on the side of the tranny and some off the pan. I'm not familiar with RPO codes: RPO M35 mounts to pan ( I think this is Powerglide) RPO M38 mounts to side of tranny and looks like my setup - Automatic Transmission but unsure if TH400 or TH350 RPO M40 mounts to pan - Automatic Transmission but unsure if TH400 or TH350
  8. Sorry it took so long for pictures. Hope they show a good visual of my cable setup from under the car. Also is there any adjustment in the shifter itself? I don't have a lift in my garage but if there is another view that would help, I can try to capture it.
  9. Not a silly question except that I can't answer how it was before because I bought the car not road worthy so I was not able to drive it except for in and out of the garage and it wasn't shifting correctly back then. No build sheet to compare what is original versus swapped out. I'll compare shifters as I do have one from a previous TH350 Monte. I can try to take some pictures of the brackets and cable and post later as well as I wouldn't know what to look for to see if they are correct. Thanks.
  10. Hoping everyone had a good summer. I'm having difficulty with the adjustment of my shifter cable. Car is a 70 with a '93 454 out of a Chevy SS pickup truck. I am trying to adjust the shifter cable and I can't get enough adjustment out of the cable to get the floor shifter to go into L1 and L2. If I had to estimate, I would say there needs to be about another inch and a half more adjustment in the cable. It is stopping at drive. I bought the car with this setup and I'm just getting it on the road now so not sure what is original (i.e.floor shifter vs. column) or if the engine swap required a new shifter cable. As always, thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. Thanks once again everyone for all your wisdom and graphics. Now I can purchase the correct replacement parts for my setup.
  12. My monte looks like the parts at the two sites below. I believe it is a distribution block not proportioning valve and the master cylinder setup pictured below. I can't see a proportioning valve unless it's somewhere under the car. Thinking the 70 has this setup and 71-72 had the proportioning valve and no hold off valve and distribution block. https://www.inlinetube.com/products/pr106?variant=13202388058173 https://www.inlinetube.com/products/dbk7002a?variant=13201558995005
  13. I'm trying to figure out if my car has both of these? I have 70 and I can see the distribution block mounted on the frame just below and to the rear of the vacuum booster but i can't find a proportioning valve. Did the 70 Monte Carlo (Front Discs, Rear Drums) come with one or both of these or does the Hold Off Valve connected to the front Master Cylinder Brake line eliminate the Proportioning valve?
  14. Awesome guys. Thanks for the great description and the picture. Helps a ton!!!
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