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  1. Have you checked tricity plating out of Elizabeth,TN? I ordered both front and rear rechromed originals about a year and a half ago and they were awesome! http://www.tricityplating.com/
  2. Hey thanks for the input guys keep them coming! Hey Midshipman i remember meeting you at Woodward Dream Cruise right? Hows it going! I was probably the only guy there without my car. Question when you and alex put those quarters on did you use a flanging tool to lap weld the skins on or did you weld them edge to edge? My autobody instructor says i should lap weld them with my flanging tool! And i cant remember exactly were you welded them right near the top of the bodyline? I only have a bad area just around the wheelwell lip and i might just cut a 2" area off of the new skins and a 2" area away from the wheelwell opening on my quarters and attach by butt welding just the small piece i need because other than that my quarters are perfect! But i need enough area cut away to get at and fix just the very edge of the outerwheelhouses. Welding them new pieces on will be a tedious job. So to be carefull not to warp the metal i will cool the stitches alot between between welds. I am hoping by doing this, 99% of the original quarter panel will still be there for strength. They do not sell just a patch panel for the wheelwell area that is what i really need! I can get the quarter skins at C.A.R.S. in Berkley MI without paying any shipping so i think it might just be worth $179.00 each to try to salvage most of the original quarters and if it does not work i will only have lost on skin. I will make sure one side is straight before i move to the other. If i put the full skins on i will flange weld them for strength. So worse case senario i would scrap one quarter skin. Oh well its worth a try when you think about what a set of NOS quarterpanels cost. $179.00 is a drop in the bucket Compared to that. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! I would much rather put that kind of money into my engine or a professional paint job.
  3. I appreciate the help guys but i know that thinner metal will dent easier i just wanted to know if anyone has put a set of these things on successfully with minor problems and if they are prone to getting dented very easy. I know i could weld them on very well if they were a correct fit panel. The full NOS quarter panels are out of the question they are an arm and a leg. I don't want to pay $1800.00 for just a set of quarters. I have talked to several people at different suppliers about the Goodmark full quarter panels for the Chevelle and they are the same guage as these Monte skins are. I would hope that Super Chevy Magazine that has done the Goodmark Chevelle and Camaro would not put somthing on so thin that it would dent easily but you just never know. Thank's for the response guys and i would like more info from anyone?
  4. Has anyone had good luck with the aftermarket quarterpanel skins i know they are thinner than the original. I have been read that the newer stuff has a better rust preventative coating and that the original panels were thicker because they were not as well protected by paint or rustproofing and that is the biggest reason they were thicker. But do the aftermarkets look good, fit well and do they dent easy? Oh and do the chevelle outer wheelhouses fit the monte's if they are tweeked or modified a little?
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