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  1. Been a few years, but thanks to Rob I’m back on the site ... now to peruse and see who’s still around
  2. Popped in to see what was going on and low and behold... The home page has a pic of what sure looks like my car rolling in down the center aisle at last years meet... How cool is that!!
  3. I have one with factory cruise....but no idea how many were built that way...I know...I'm a lot of help
  4. yea....too bad its a work computer and automatically resets/logs off after 48 hours
  5. Popping in to say Hi. A lot of times it's just easier for me to browse then try to remember my log in info...it usually takes several trys
  6. Gotta watch those New York guys...they are nothing but trouble
  7. What a blast!! Great group here!!
  8. Those pictures are perfect, I can't thank you enough... It's slowly getting back together
  9. I have replacement plastic inner wheel wells..no dimples. They way it lays on the fenderwell with the cables attached, It just dosent look right, like it has to be bolted down crooked
  10. And finally put the washer bottle back on... So does the hose go inside the fender well with the wiring or along the fender?
  11. Hellllpppppp Anyone have pics of how to mount the cruise control do hickey on the inner fender of a 72 454 car? Carlisle is coming quick and I haven't had it on for so long I forget lol
  12. We will have to put a black wrap on Al's car to keep with the Soprano image hahaha
  13. Got the cowl cleaned up and painted... Hoping the rain passes quickly so I can get back to work
  14. Does driving it to work still crusty from the long winter count?
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