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  1. Count me in..They are for my Chevelle but should be the same exact set.
  2. To the Top New lower Price $15 delivered... You can see more photos in my ads on Ebay.
  3. I will take 1 or maybe 2.. I think I must have gotten one of the last few for $195 a few years ago
  4. Build a standard 454 and use a solid roller cam with gentle ramps and a wide lash to get the solid lifter sound and longevity as long as you use pin oiled lifters. And use oval port heads as they will make more power anyway than the rect ports. $300 for a repro intake that has better AL than the originals is available. Deep groove pulleys are a must for looks. This can be done pretty easily. But as others have said leave the original motor as is. The motor in my Chevelle can be built for $4500 and it makes 475 hp and 520 #ft I built it for $2900 3 yrs ago.
  5. No Problem, I will look for you. I might be out your way as well. Need to be in Liverpool in the next couple of weeks.
  6. This is Tom in case you meant me about being at Leb Valley. I will only be there in the early am until 10:30 or so to check out the swap meet. I have another committment the rest of the day.
  7. Why would I be forbidden to use the search engine ? Why when I try to edit my Signature it says it is too long, even when I shorten it to 10 characters ? I deleted my cookies, Don't know what else to do. I just paid my membership..
  8. Hi Dave, I make them up to match your cars build date and battery type. each one has a unique serial number as well. Tell me what month and year your car was built and I will make one up for you. I will PM my info to you. Thanks Tom
  9. If you have a Battery Topper or a Restoration Battery like a R79W, R79, R89, R89W or 89S Side Terminal, or an R59 Top Post Battery, you don't have an original type Warranty Sticker. These are for all GM Makes and Models with the batteries listed above. I make these and will custon make yours to match your Build Date and specific battery type and each one will have a unique serial number as well. They are laminated and are thick and shiny like the original. Place on Battery when you get to the car show or attach with 3M spray Adhesive. Contact me by E-mail if interested m
  10. For a drop in 1/2" sending unit, check out RobbMC performance http://www.robbmcperformance.com/products.html Quality stuff
  11. I like how the design is already "patented" I will have to check that out
  12. '71 Repro $99 pre-order at Dixie Monte Carlo Depot
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