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  1. It was good to meet Antoine and his girlfriend for dinner tonight. The weather should be perfect for the show tomorrow and Saturday.
  2. I did some research on activities for car shows and two popped out at me. Fan belt toss, where you try to get the fan belt over a cone or some such thing, and pushrod drop, where you try to drop a pushrod into a small hole. Aside from the usual scavenger hunt things, trivia, and the like there could be something like trying to guess the "mystery parts". You would have various car parts and the idea is to guess the make, model, and year of the parts. If I read it right, the "coolest club" included being a place for "fun", so I figured we could have some fun activities to do in our area.
  3. That part on my car was broken, and I got with Leo who shipped me just the part I needed and not the whole thing. I would check with him.
  4. Mine was a 1970 mustang with a built 302. Holley 4bbl, Edelbrock intake, performance heads from a local machine shop, straight side pipes with no mufflers, and a set of Koni shocks all around. My friends and I would go to Wissahickon Drive and see how many cars we could pass. The road was a very twisty four lane road with no shoulder and at places a concrete median. The larger cars, Caddy's, Lincoln's and the like couldn't make the sharp turns without taking up both lanes. It was exhilarating fun for a teenager in a small, powerful car and I am certain we got cussed out by the other drivers. My personal record was 18 cars passed. I think I have an actual photograph of the car somewhere in the house but way too lazy to dig it out. That car taught the young me it was better not to draw attention to yourself and ever since all my rides have had good quality mufflers. The cops would pull me over fairly regularly in the Mustang.
  5. cbolt

    Rear swap

    No need to be sorry J. I think I can speak for most of us when I say working on old cars has a tendency to snowball into something more in depth, time consuming, and expensive than the original project we envisioned. In my experience when it comes to budgeting out a project I like to collect all the parts, materials, and supplies I project I will need before I dig in to the car itself. That way at least all the major components I anticipate I will need are already on hand and I can stay close to on budget. I rarely ever do, but at least I am close. Inevitably I find something I want to correct, upgrade, or make prettier once I get started and there goes my budget. Its pretty much a part of the hobby, at least for most of us.
  6. Hey, at least get the free consult. Most attorneys do that, see what they say about your chances (and theirs)
  7. Looks to me like you had a valid and legally binding verbal contract. The question is, how far do you feel like taking it?
  8. No blower at all? Its fairly easy to look for voltage at the resistor pack or the high speed blower relay. Something tells me you are either going to have a blown fuse, faulty switch, or faulty blower motor. Has it ever worked? Normally if you have voltage at the resistors and relay the culprit will be your blower motor. If no voltage it will be either a fuse or the switch itself. I have a spare switch, just like I had a spare relay, for emergencies like that. I simply cannot do without A/C in Florida.
  9. I wired my electric choke directly to the fuse block under the dash. All you need is switched ignition voltage. Since nobody is answering your question about a 2 into 1 temp sensor lead why not read continuity from the plug on the gauge to the wires on the two pronged temp sender plug and see which lead goes to the gauge? I have an idiot light car with aftermarket gauges so I cannot tell you from personal experience. I can say that my plug like yours, the 90 degree female blade plug depicted in those pics, is unused and just lying around in my engine bay.
  10. Fixed it yesterday. Turns out I had a bad high speed relay. Lucky for me I had one on hand.
  11. I looked it up. Seems pretty cool. I don't know if I will make the drive over or not, but I just might. I have to solve my A/C switch issue first.
  12. Tell me about the Lakeland show in Feb please
  13. Nothing a few stainless washers wont fix.
  14. I went Thursday and Friday but left early both days. Thursday I went home to have dinner and Friday I took my 84 year old dad who couldn't walk around more than 4 or 5 hours. There were many nice cars but I didn't see any Monte's in the corral. That tubbed one was pretty cool.
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