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  1. cbolt


    unplug it and see what stops working. Easiest way to tell.
  2. Could be just the engine harness that needs immediate replacement. If you dont get those wires routed properly to the starter you will get melted wires and a car wont start. If I had to guess that is the most likely place for fried wires and because of the age of the car mechanic shops arent likely to have a vendor to supply the parts. But yeah, you will need more info from the shop. Have them show you what is fried. Exact replacement harnesses are available and the easiest one to swap is the engine harness.
  3. Thanks guys. Thats all I got.
  4. Here is a link to a thread that discusses a lot about removing the gauge pod without taking the entire dash out. I am a bit busy to post step by step instructions at this time as I have family stuff to deal with but if you still need a hand shoot me a pm and i will walk you though the process when the dust finally settles.
  5. Or M-C Hammer... so when you drive it you can say "It's Hammer time!" How about "Ricardo Monte-blawn"? You know, the fantasy island guy? You could call it "Ricky" for short, and have some small person shout "Boss..The plane! The plane!" Ooooh, you could also call it "Boss" in that case.
  6. I've done that work several times on the circuit board and recommend you replace any gauges while you are in there if needed. The main thing is to take your time and be very careful. A lot of those 1/4" fasteners are screwed into the plastic housing and the plastic is likely to be brittle from age. Not sure about the wisdom behind a amp to volt gauge swap, but someone will chime in soon I bet. You can remove the cluster without removing the entire dash if you are careful. What I do is lower the steering column and allow the steering wheel to rest of the drivers seat, undo all the fasteners, speedo cable, clock feed, and printed circuit electrical connector. There are seven 7/16" bolts holding the dash to the car and with those removed you should be able to move the whole thing towards the rear of the vehicle far enough to pop the cluster out. I have posted instructions about this in the past I think, but if you need me to provide step by step instructions let me know. It is an intimidating job but not difficult. As luck would have it I am doing that exact thing today to remove my ashtray since that stupid thing simply will not come out without removing the diverter box or moving the dash forward enough to pull it out the top.
  7. Member Last Name: Seyboldt Member First Name: James Club Website Screen Name: cbolt Name of others in your party (please include ages of kids: Linda Total number in your Party: 2 City: Palm Coast State: Florida Arrival Date: unk Departure Date: unk Year of your Monte: 1972 Color: Blue/white Vinyl Top Yes/No: no Vinyl Top Color: Class Registration: Modified Hotel: club Room Type Qn/Qn, King q/q Email Address: cbolt982002 at yahoo
  8. Good enough to get the ball rolling. Ill start scouting hotels and download the form for club parking. You should be able to pre-register for the event using the link above but the pre-registration may not be open yet. If anyone registers before I do (busy weekend) just post here so I can start tracking attendance.
  9. Don't play poker Sammy. 😛
  10. Well, centrally located or not, i am not trying to organize an eastern meet or national meet, just a mini meet. If we get enough interest from dues paying members we can get club parking, a hotel, all the perks of a mini meet. I am sure there are members who live in south Florida that find a trip to Carlisle, Ohio, or anywhere up that way a bit excessive and dont normally attend the annual meets. This would be a chance for those folks to get some face time with club members who would also be less reluctant to travel a bit shorter way to a club sanctioned event. Figured i would throw it out there and see if there was interest is all. Regardless, I will be there with my Monte and it would be cool if others can join me. Heck, i drive mine long distance when i can and just completed a 2200 mile round trip to the eastern meet. So, that's a "no" from Dtret and a "maybe" from Paul (friends in the area). Anyone else game?
  11. I am looking to put together a club mini meet at the spring Daytona Turkey Run which runs from March 25-27, 2022. Its a large car show, swap meet, and car corral inside the Daytona International Speedway every year between the spring break crowd and the race crowd. Anyway, if there is enough interest I will find a suitable hotel and secure a club parking area. If we get 10 cars we can get the club parking, but either way we can still have a mini meet. There is lots to do and see in the area including car museums, history, scenic drives up the coast, etc. I will post a link so everyone can look it over. Please reply on this thread so i can start a rough head count and get the ball rolling. https://www.daytonabeach.com/event/spring-turkey-run-car-show/43606/
  12. Took a short detour on our way to the EM from Bardstown......
  13. We are currently in Bardstown and have seen lots of cars in and around the hotel, but have no plans to attend the Street Rod Nationals. We are doing more bourbon and history related stuff ahead of the em.
  14. Dang, you are in Winchester? We are still in Manchester and looking to drive to Bardstown today. Hey, wanna meet up and drive over to the EM on Wednesday?
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