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  1. Sometimes stuff just breaks at weird times. I agree with the others, inspect the work area closely but don't rule out the TS switch either.
  2. Stupid question... did you check the bulbs to make sure they are the proper type and both filaments are intact?
  3. Sounds like its time to start chasing voltage from the fuse block to the switches, brake and turn signal. You say you have no tail lights at all, even with the parking lights on? Do the head lights come on? Did you ground the head light switch?
  4. It almost sounds like two separate issues... the brake lights and the turn signals/flashers. You say the parking lights work so i am assuming that includes tail lights and all the marker lights, yeah? If so your bulb sockets are properly grounded but not getting the additional voltage for the second bulb filaments. I would diagnose one at a time, starting with the brake light switch. Find it and check for voltage on the input and output side of the switch. Oh and i recommend a test light which is quicker and easier to use than a voltmeter and will give you the results you need which are really
  5. I ordered some metal core gaskets. Hopefully they will do the trick
  6. I decided to try installing the copper collector gaskets today to fix the recurring collector gasket blow out and leak. Well the stupid things are too thin and while it surely wont blow out another collector gasket it still leaks a bit at the collectors. Back to the drawing board.....
  7. all i care about is i have time before the western meet to get the adaptors and get the seats reupholstered to match my interior. The Procar seats are much more comfortable than stock buckets and its a long drive to Montana from here.
  8. Long story short. They sent me one set to the wrong address already. The set they are sending this time are replacements and not likely a high priority. The first order was likely sold on ebay by the neighbor who got them by mistake. According to the sales rep, they make them when you order them and are 2 weeks lead time minimum right now.
  9. I ordered the adaptors to mount Procar Scat 90 seats in my MC. I have those seats installed in another car and with the proper adaptors it is fairly simple to do. Bolt the seats to the adaptors and the adaptors mount in the original holes without modification. It is several weeks until i will have my adaptors but will be happy to post pics once i get them installed.
  10. I may have two extra shrouds, not sure of the shape. Ill go check them out later today and see what they look like. They are buried in my shed right now and i have to move a bunch of stuff to get to them. I am not willing to ship them though as its a hassle but i will part with them for free for any CLUB MEMBER willing to pick them up and use them on their car, not resell them for a profit. Shoot me a pm if interested in pics.
  11. So Rob, one could say your first and only real mistake was pulling your Ford out of the garage. J/K... I couldnt resist though. 😈
  12. Rob, that message about not taking new jobs has been on the website for quite some time now. I contacted Randy and after a brief back and forth he agreed to take my radio and managed a fairly short turn around time. As a matter of fact I had the upgraded radio freshly installed for the last eastern meet.
  13. http://www.randbvintageautoradio.com/repair-and-restore.html I have used this guy for two of my car radios. If you are looking for more than just a restoration and interested in an upgrade to your radio while still maintaining the original look and functionality i would recommend Randy.
  14. i looked it up and these claim to be dimmable LED's in the 194 layout... blade type https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/miniature-and-subminiature-bulbs/194-led-bulb-cob-led-t325-miniature-wedge-base-135-lumens/6325/
  15. I have LED bulbs in mine. They are great but not all LED's are created equal and mine do not dim as advertised. I do recommend the dimmable ones as i dont like the big old bright lights in my face while driving at night. There is a website... superbrightled.com that has an interactive site map where you can put the vehicle and location of bulb in and it will recommend replacements. Otherwise a quick internet search should give you the correct replacements. Either 168 or 194 i think off the top of my head. Hopefully a member will chime in with the proper bulbs.
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