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  1. I went Thursday and Friday but left early both days. Thursday I went home to have dinner and Friday I took my 84 year old dad who couldn't walk around more than 4 or 5 hours. There were many nice cars but I didn't see any Monte's in the corral. That tubbed one was pretty cool.
  2. Ill be there. Oh yeah, Jared is staying with me anyway.
  3. Happy belated birthday and retirement. Everyone is right, you will wonder how you had time for a job in the first place. The "man of leisure" lifestyle is surprisingly busy.
  4. Yes, it is a direct fit. I have the 200r4 in mine, and you just need the new detent plate (shiftworks or a forum member has them) and cable. If have a console the proper plate is available, but I cannot speak for the column shift indicators. Driveshaft is the same length too.
  5. You need to post a pic when those are installed on the car Larry. Congratulations again by the way. Your car is among my favorites too.
  6. I changed to a 200r4 because it is a direct fit which makes installation a breeze. The only modifications needed were the shifter detent plate, the shift cable and carb linkage. I cannot speak for the 700R4 guys but I really like the overdrive on the highway. I would recommend gears a little shorter than my 3.73's if you are looking for fuel economy. In hindsight I would have been happier with 3.55's but I let someone talk me into the 3.73's. Oh well, it works well and I am pretty happy with both the acceleration and fuel mileage.
  7. That dealer installed tag.. is that Reedman Chevrolet in Langhorne Pa by any chance? D-oh! Never mind my question. I posted before I read the text. Pretty cool when you see something you recognize from your youth. I guess I got excited. LOL.
  8. Hard to diagnose with the information at hand. Tests will tell you what is going on. Find the vacuum port behind the carb and hook your vacuum gauge up there. (Plug the hose of course) and see what the needle is doing. Most vacuum gauges have a legend included to help diagnose the issue, or a quick google search will show the different vacuum gauge indications and their associated problems. Oh, and in a pinch you can roughly adjust the timing and mixture using the vacuum gauge. (Youtube is your friend) A quick check of the compression (you mentioned having the plugs out) will give you an indication as to what your moving parts are doing and show possible leaks in the cylinder head gaskets, sticking valves, etc. From there you can check your initial timing and get that all set (youtube is a great resource for how to vids) and at least eliminate or pinpoint where you need to look. Oh, and make sure you inspect your points, rotor, and distributor cap while you are at it. A good visual inspection is just as important as testing with gauges. Your described problem could be a lot of things, or a combination of problems, but you have to start somewhere. Heck, I wish I was closer too. I love diagnosing and fixing difficult engine stuff like what you are experiencing. I admit, I looked. You are southeast of Atlanta and about 5-6 hours away.
  9. Start from scratch. A compression test, a vacuum gauge, a timing light, etc. What have you done besides replacing and adjusting the carb? What else have you replaced? Does it idle okay? At this point you don't really provide enough information to point you in the right direction, but there are lots of folks here willing to help you figure it out.
  10. Linda and I go to Lancaster each time we visit Philly, we both love it there. Also, we like to go to Gettysburg when we are in the area too, and now that you mentioned it we may skip the show field one day and take a trip to one or both places. Most people who know me know the car show is less about the show and more about the adventure. We drove to Deal's Gap when we went to Hiawassee a few years back and got to take the Monte on those twisting mountain roads. What a blast! The bus trip is a good idea. They have some great shopping in Amish country.
  11. My assembly manual shows the location of all the decals. The mark of excellence one isn't included on any of the illustrations.
  12. cbolt


    Love the Christmas lights.
  13. Make an offer. Ill send you pics via text if you like. Shoot me a text when you get this.
  14. I have some miscellaneous parts that I will bring to the EM if anyone is interested. Pair of 350 cylinder heads. Stock iron. Probably need valve seals otherwise were in good shape. I swapped to aluminum heads and no longer need the iron ones. Weiand intake manifold. Has been ceramic coated aluminum color and fits a spreadbore carb, but comes with a spacer/adaptor for squarebore carbs Crane energizer camshaft and roller timing gears and chain. Approximately 5k miles, shows no signs of wear. Pair of head. light bezels. I don't have room to store the manifold and heads so I thought someone might be able to use them. The headlight bezels are in good shape and hopefully someone needs a pair, plus are small enough to toss in the car for the trip to TN. I also have a set of doors, surface rust only, which need a good home too but I obviously cannot bring to the EM but I don't have room to store any longer.
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