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  1. The kit is inexpensive and you will be much happier with the internally regulated alternator if you drive your car much. If you are looking for factory original you will want to find a source for new regulators that arent made in China. I got frustrated with the fail rate of the external regulators and switched to an internally regulated alternator which has provided years of trouble free service so far. I used the "kit" which is essentially a jumper plug for your regulator connector. Well worth the few bucks.
  2. So did you buy and install an alternator with an internal regulator already, or did you replace your alternator with one with an external regulator? Just curious because i have no idea what would happen if you installed an internally regulated alternator on a car with an external regulator.
  3. Im not seeing where you have inspected the pads and rotors, along with your drums, for glazing, unusual wear, etc. It almost sounds like something isnt quite lined up straight and you are only getting partial contact from your pads and/or shoes. Since from your first post we can eliminate sludge or air in the lines (did you also change the hard lines?), booster, master, proportioning valve, calipers, (I dont see wheel cylinders in your replace/repair list) master cylinder rod throw, then i would look at my shoes and pads to make sure they are making contact on the full surfaces. I
  4. So has the braking always been consistent, before you started working on it and replacing parts? Just curious if anything has changed since you started trying to fix your brakes.
  5. I have the 200 specifically because i drive mine and it works very well.
  6. Booked! We also arrive on the 1st and leave on Monday Sept. 6. One thing though. I just booked online and only had the option of either a single queen or double queen room under the booking code. Perhaps the 4 kings were already spoken for?
  7. I would love to help and have 2 spare fan shrouds, however I have no idea what is involved with shipping something to France. Heck, I don't even know how to package something that big for overseas shipment. Looking at the pics posted by Canuk I seem to have a less common shroud attached to a more common radiator top plate. If memory serves me my two spare shrouds are also the less common and longer ones as well. Hmmm....
  8. When you say "right at the lower hose" do you mean right where the lower hose attaches to the radiator, where the hose attaches to the water pump, or right at the lowest point on the lower hose?
  9. I got one in my garage just sitting on the floor, unemployed. It isn't great, but it is waaaay better than that one!
  10. I love the Bilstein shocks I purchased from tirerack.com. They have held up well and really keep the car more stable than the Monroe's I switched them with.
  11. If you pop the dash pad off and remove the center vent you should be able to watch what happens when you move the temp selector lever and figure out where the cable is binding. With the dash pad off and the center vent out that plastic diverter assembly pretty much slides out the bottom with the two screws removed and the vent hoses pulled loose. Its way less than a half hour of work, even if you take your time and have trouble wiggling the diverter assembly out of the way and you will know exactly what is going on in there.
  12. I had mine ceramic coated and they are almost bullet proof. Trick is doing them inside and out with the ceramic coating and it is hard to find a good coating place that will get as far inside as possible.
  13. 200r4, 3.73 Richmond gears and an Auburn posi, Edelbrock aluminum heads, .60 over bore SBC and I got close to 20 mpg rolling to the EM. I have no idea what my rpm's are at that speed but I will say the car is plenty quick off the line if you care about that kind of thing. 225/70/15 BFG's if that makes a difference.
  14. I'd just as soon NOT get the hard luck award, which is why I kept my mouth shut when Jared was taking it.
  15. This was the trip up on I77 north of Charlotte heading towards Fort Chiswell. Too beautiful not to share with everyone.
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