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  1. Agree with Sammy. Cooler weather is always better in my book.
  2. Got mine and renewed via paypal. Thanks for the reminder Rob
  3. Love Nashville! We go there once a year for work/vacation. Work for Linda, vacation for me LOL
  4. cbolt

    Just joined

    Welcome aboard Larry! Good looking 72 you have there. Keep us posted with your progress.
  5. Somerset is an 11 hour drive so its definitely do-able for Linda and I. Plus all the really good bourbon comes from KY so.... I'm in!
  6. I find it tacky when folks add SS badges to stuff that isn't an SS, and my car is pretty highly modified. Besides, the 1972 Custom badges are so much classier and more rare. Otherwise its a pretty car.
  7. So no dome light in either mode, door open or using the potentiometer on the headlight switch then? I want to say the headlight switch feeds the door switches power, but that is from memory and not looking at a wiring diagram
  8. Ordered. Thanks Dennis!
  9. Where did you get that 3 port C plate Dennis?
  10. I have had mine installed since 2016 and think it looks great. The pics Greg took are of the spoiler only but I can tell you it is very understated on the car itself. Some people don't even notice its there. A very subtle addition really, and a nice one in my opinion.
  11. Rob, that is not out of the question at all, the road trip to Arkansas. I may wait until the winter months however. someone showed me the digital fan controller last night at the local cruise in. I like the fact you can adjust it and it looked super easy to hook up. The downside to his set up was he admitted that his car does still run hot at highway speeds and speculated his radiator and condenser were too close together which prevents any cool air from passing thru the radiator, only the hot air from the condenser. Of course this was just a theory, but anything that would potentially make the car run hot at highway speeds is not for me. I like the extended road trips too much to give that up for around town drivability.
  12. I am going to take it to a buddies house later this week and put the gauges on it to see what the pressures are because I have no idea and am just going by what the tech told me. Oh, and I don't have a tach so have no idea what the idle speed is.
  13. Its a brand new compressor on my 134a system, which seems to work fine, however when I got the new compressor installed the A/C tech told me there was something going on with it (his words) and the pressure went up too high just a little above idle so he recommended an electric fan for whenever the a/c was running. That is what started me on the research trail and when I asked again the tech admitted that when rolling down the road and with good airflow over the coils the fan should be unnecessary but he couldn't say for certain. All that led me to question whether, in the shop at 0 mph there would be no airflow across the coils therefore the pressure would rise but wouldn't rise if the car had proper airflow at highway speeds. Additionally, wouldn't the high pressure switch prevent the system from going too high and cut the compressor off in that event? In hindsight I would say that if my system was functioning properly I wouldn't have to worry about installing an electric fan, but the a/c tech was pretty adamant that my compressor would die again without one. I am inclined to believe him because I have been to back to back EM's with a frozen and useless a/c compressor. Ugh. My fan clutch seems to be working fine as the car has no cooling issues either at idle or at highway speeds in the heat of the Florida summer. Just the a/c seems to be the repeat victim to the heat. That's why I am here for help. Oh, the condenser is fairly clean and the system was serviced and the receiver/dryer and orifice tube were changed and the system was flushed and vacuumed before the replacement compressor was installed. Its a Pro6ten compressor. If this one fails I will most likely switch to the Sanden, but that means changing the mounts and brackets too.
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