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  1. I'd just as soon NOT get the hard luck award, which is why I kept my mouth shut when Jared was taking it.
  2. This was the trip up on I77 north of Charlotte heading towards Fort Chiswell. Too beautiful not to share with everyone.
  3. For anyone following the saga of the blowout.... I purchased a spare rim at the swap meet but was unable to find a proper sized tire in Carlisle or the surrounding area. Apparently 15" tires are becoming quite rare and places simply do not stock them any longer. My dad lives about 3 hours east in Warminster and was able to locate a tire at Pep Boys which was fortunately open on Sunday. After seeing the Monte caravan heading home on I78 east we made it safe and sound to Warminster and the new tire was on the rim by about 330 pm. Upon returning home to Florida I reached out to BF Goodrich to advise them of their tire failing after approximately 250 miles of use. They pointed me towards the original tire installer as a point of contact for warrantee claims. I had contacted the installer from the road and again on Friday to ask if I needed the blown tire to make the trip home or could I scrap it and make room for a spare. They said it was okay to scrap it, no problem. Well when dealing with the BFG warrantee claim department the installer was told without the tire for inspection there would be no compensation from BFG for the incident. Wonderful. Luckily my tire installer agreed immediately to bite the bullet and provide me with a replacement tire at no charge if I provide the rim. So now I have to purchase yet another rim to get yet another spare tire mounted which will give me that tire and the spare rim and tire I purchased for the trip home. UGH! I suspect my next set of tires will be Cooper Cobras. All I have left at this point is to get the bodywork done on the quarter panel wheel well lip that was damaged by the exploding tire and I will be all set! If anyone was wondering what I was doing at the hotel all Friday afternoon and some of Saturday, it was spent on the phone with the tire places, my original installer, my family, Pep Boys, etc. to secure a spare tire for my ride home. Next time I should be able to spend more time bench racing and less time dealing with car related issues.
  4. No good stories ever started with "My friends and I killed a 40 pack of water and decided to....." See you all there!
  5. cbolt

    70 no start when hot

    So you are saying the starter is getting voltage but not turning?
  6. cbolt

    70 no start when hot

    Does it turn over when hot? Slow? Normal? Nothing?
  7. Would love to as we enjoy that area, but are too busy with family stuff right now.
  8. I like to buy local. Thanks for the update Rob. Those of you who were there must recall my case of Gennie cream in bottles. Nobody wanted to help me drink it, so I took care of it all by myself.
  9. Hey Rob, rumor has it Pa. still has its state stores and beer distributors closed. Is that true? Just trying to figure out if I need to BYOB or not.
  10. http://www.hoodhingerepair.com/
  11. I will always recommend having your existing hinges redone. I cannot find the link to the site right now but will try again later if another member doesn't chime in. I sent mine off and they were rebuilt, powder coated, new springs, etc. and look and work perfectly for much less than the billet new hinges and it isn't cheap Chinese aftermarket garbage.
  12. Rob, Ill be bringing a canopy since you are counting. Secondly, the parade through the hospital parking lot sounds like a great idea. If there is more than one hospital or medical facility in the area perhaps we could hit more than one, or maybe a nursing home or facility parking lot parade as well. Those old folks have been pretty much cooped up in their nursing home or assisted living facility, my dad lives in one, since March. Just my .02
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