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  1. Hey, LLC Shop... you post on here, too? Do you have a Monte? PM me, I have a few questions about the shop and getting work done...
  2. It is indeed a "backwards" move. The Foxtrot is being phased out, NAS Key West SAR is one of the last places it still flies (as a 60 guy yourself, you'll know the Station SAR spots always get the hand-me-down and leftover airframes). We will hopefully be receiving some Sierra's this year... no guarantees.
  3. Of course I'm still flying! Transitioned from the MH-60S into the H-60F I'm now a Search & Rescue pilot down in Key West... So, anytime you guys feel like a long drive down a beautiful road... my guesthouse is open to you! Especially for Alex!
  4. Hey guys! It's been a LOOOONG time but I'm finally back stateside! I'm getting the Monte out of storage, and I want to use all this sweet Tax-Free "Iraq" money to redo the interior. Professionally. The car is in storage up in Chicago, and I'm going to need to get it shipped down to Miami for me to drive down to my new duty station in Key West. I figure Miami HAS to have a decent custom shop that does good work for a good price, and I'm asking if anyone has any recommendations? I suppose even a good shop that can be trusted in Chicago would work... I wanna take a "modernized" approach to the original interior.... make it a little more comfortable and new without losing the class or making it look like a "Rice-burner interior". So, aside from me hitting up google, who amongst my respected club-mates here has experience with any shop's in lower Florida or up in Chicago? ~Billie
  5. Alex! Looking sharp! Why didn't you let me know all this was going on? I coulda seen if there was a weekend I could camp out at your place and help you out! Would i be of any use now? Getting close to finals, but I'm gonna see if I can open up a weekend if you want. Keep up the good work, my man! I'm amazed at all the work you're baby's been getting! Speaking of which, how goes the "real" baby? How's the family coming?
  6. Midshipman

    clock to tach

    Has anyone ever installed one of these conversions? How did it work out? And are these only for SS? or will my non-SS be workable with this? ( I don't see why it couldn't )
  7. Figured I'd bring the applicable pictures up for your easy viewing: Here's the drivers side quarter after we hacked the old Quarter off: This is a shot of the patch we installed in the channel, but it gives a good close up view of how much "lip" Alex left from the old quarter: [see the lower left image] Alex looking good. He always did look better with his face covered up... (just kidding, brother!) I have some more pictures somewhere... I'll see if I can dig up the digital copies somewhere. Also, be careful about heat. I'm no welder, so Alex held the torch on this one. But even he had some trouble with that thin metal. So like he said, be careful... here's what my "new" QP ended up looking like: [Not complaining about Alex's work at all, mind you... I couldn't have done anything without him, and it loosk great now! Just giving you fair warning if you're trying it yourself] [[[NOTE: All that bondo on the Front Fender and Passenger door was found when we took of the paint for the first time. I didn't have the money to go replacing the metal there, cause it looks like "Molly" skimmed a guardrail at somepoint. So that's not handiwork of us]]]
  8. Alex (Alexs72FGMC who posted above) installed my Quarter Panel skins that I bought from The Paddock. They were thin, and they were a little tricky to install. Welding them on caused enough heat to ripple them a little and we needed to apply a skincoat of bondo to correct that. Overall though, with the paint on... you can barely tell they aren't just the original metal. I am wary of people leaning against my car though, as the metal will bow under the pressure more than I would like. But, it springs back into place... I just avoid it like the plague anyway. But yes, The skins work just fine for a daily driver (which is what my car is). I honestly see no point in putting $2000 quarter panels on my car since I'd then KILL MYSELF if someone ever hit me or if they got a little rusty/beat from being on a daily driver.
  9. Just send Pete the bill for any engine damage this may cause.
  10. Midshipman

    Stolen SS 454

    I don't exactly run around with VIN's in my pocket or checking on every VIN I see... What were these wierd options? That will stick out in my head and then I will think to check a VIN
  11. There's a special graphite based lube as someone stated earlier: Remove the cable from the car, and you can see that the "cable" can actually be removed from it's protective sleeve. Pull it out, lube it up, re-insert... But seriously, a new cable costs, what... $12?
  12. The line does not hold fluid... but it does hold a thick grease for the cable... I've had a similar problem once: My speedo just stopped working so I replaced the cable... The speedometer started working again, but sporadically. and if I went to fast it would make a clicking noise that sped into a buzz at high speeds. My needle would start throwing itself back and forth on the speedometer as well. A new cable did not fix it, and I learned that when the original cable went bad it broke the little plastic gear in the transmission. See, there's a gear in the transmission, as well as one in the speedometer, that is what transferes the spin from the cable into the speedo, or reads it from the tranny. If you had a cable go bad, or the alignment fall out between two parts... it will strip these gears. The one in the speedo is easy: Buy a whole new speedometer. The transmission one can be a b*tch. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?
  13. Cheapest one's are $1500 - $2000 per rim. And you know, it is actually a neat idea... if our community had thought of it first, instead of the Ricer's... well, I know I'd atleast try them. (but not for that much money). It's really kind of a cool looking thing, but now that they are so "Big Pimpin" it would completely ruin the image of a Monte.
  14. They just said to box them up with a letter explaining the problem. He asked if we could include the old lines too, but I told him my old lines had been replaced with rubber tubing. If these are lines you don't need anymore, and you don't really need em back... We could send them off too, but I don't know if they'll be returned as well. They just wanted something to compare to as well. If we decide to do that, lets make sure those parts-car-lines actually fit the car. I apreciate all this bro, thanks.
  15. Alex, I called Classic Tube today and had a nice chat with a fellow named "Mike". He has decided that they must have sent us the wrong tubes (although they clearly had (1970-1972 monte Carlo written on the tag). He is going to arrange for them to be picked up from your house sometime this week and they will pay the return shipping to take them back and look at or correct them. I explained we had allready installed the brake lines, and that we had tried to re-bend then transmission lines but they were just too long. He said to send him any lines we had not instaleld yet and that we do not expect to fit. I don't think we should send the fuel lines back yet, because they may fit correctly... and we haven't tried them yet. But if you could box up the Transmission lines and include a note from me that I just wrote (see below) and feel free to handwrite any of your ideas on the letter. You can download and print a copy of the letter from this link. Also, I called the body shop and we have an appointment for the top to be installed on June 21st. You said two to three weeks, so I figured that would be a good time, and it's either then or not until like early July. How does that work?
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