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  1. I had a similar issue on my wifes' '02 Trans Am with the LS1, turned out to be the starter solenoid and found out the hard way that the solenoid itself is not replaceable on that generation of F-Body, had to get new starter and solenoid....That car and its driver is a drama mama
  2. Will a 72 spear fit and look right on a '71? Medallion keeps breaking off because of extra heavy-duty car cover
  3. Fiber optic on my '71, took it out when I changed over to LEDs on the cluster
  4. Lovin' my Morris's and using with high back Procar seats with no issues. The seatbeltsplus look like a reasonable facsimile though, made in USA too <MAGA>
  5. I thought ClassicMuscle.com carried those, might be part# RWFS-345-web3000 on their site
  6. I know, old post but if you converted backlight bulbs to LED, you might have one in "backwards". I recently converted to LED's and while testing, I purposefully put one in backwards polarity and dash lights would not power up, makes sense since they are all in series. I corrected the polarity and they powered up. RT
  7. Whats the purpose of the separator assembly?
  8. Did you have to modify the floor of the car for the 4L60E? Did you use all the accessories and brackets from the Fbody? Thanks
  9. Thanks again Doug, I'll try NAPA in person, their website is pesky ...
  10. Doug: Thanks for the reply but omg... $90 for a hose, yikes
  11. Anyone here have a brand/part number for lower rad hose for a sbc that wont collapse? Mine currently doesnt have the spring in it and I cant find a seller locally that has hose spring combo anymore Thanks RT
  12. Finished my Mark VIII electric fan upgrade. I trimmed the fans surround to fit snug deep in the back of the OEM shroud. Engine bay looks OEM except has no power robbing clutch fan. I also used the BMW dual temperature fan switch and the Volvo fan relays. Very happy with this mod. New Kenwood head unit with Bluetooth goes in tomorrow, hidden of course
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