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  1. Ellis, Did you go with 15" X 7 rallys with 4-1/4 backspacing all the way around? I'm already running 225/70R 15's with skirts on stock steel rims. I think I want to dress it up bit more... Chuck
  2. I'd like to try to do mine myself too. I hear it's not an easy task though I'm glad you managed to do it yourself. It cost an arm or two to have someone else do it.
  3. I'm in for a set too. No reason to half ... a paint job
  4. That top looks awsome! I'll be glad to get back to the states and make mine look like that too. My top has been off for years now, but after I get it repainted, the top is going back on
  5. Thanks for the info! Now all I have to do is find me a set.
  6. I'm wondering if someone could help me out with part numbers for mufflers for a 70 model with factory duel exhaust. What is the inlet an exhaust tube sizes? My 36 yr old left muffler has a cracked inlet tube so I thought I start looking for a set. Thanks for the help. Chuck
  7. I finally made it back out to the yard looking for these... The seals have seen their better days. To many summer days in the Texas heat. I wouldn't put them on my car, so I didn't bother pulling them... Chuck
  8. Bquick, Did you look at all the pics? There's several pages of pics there. As far as rust further up, it can be cut out and new metal molded in welded back in. As far as what I would do different, I'd make darn sure the body shop had someone that could weld better than I can
  9. Eddie, Check out this link. There are replacement panels that run from the package tray down into the upper lip of the trunk just under the weather seal. I just replaced mine as well and it wasn't all that hard. The panels can be found at several of the parts links on the home page. They are oversized so shipping bites a bit... There are three pics on my link of my Monte with this panel removed as well. Chuck http://www.katuszonek.com/window1.html
  10. Rob, I haven't been able to make it to the yard yet. Been playing war games all week long. I haven't forgetten about it though. I've got to do some digging out there for spare parts for myself as well. I hope to make it out there this coming week... Chuck
  11. ssmonte70, I was a pretty nice set of these in the junk yark here in Abilene on Monday if your still needing them... Chuck
  12. Has anyone ever tried using zolatone to do their trunk? I'm thinking of mixing a couple of colors to get it as close as I can. My 70 seems to have a dark grey/aqua color spatter. Any inputs? Chuck
  13. Bruce, Thanks for the pointers. I'm hoping to look at it this weekend if all goes well. Now I have an idea of what to look for. Chuck
  14. My cruise isn't working and I'm wondering were to start to repair it. It has a Delco cruise system on it that was added on by the dealer at time of delivery due to factory issues at the time. It has a push button added to the bottom of the dash to set it. Should I start by chasing sparks or cleaning it.
  15. I just got a pump from Advance for my Monte. The case was a little off, so I scavenged the parts off of the new one and put them in the original housing. Is it normal for that thing to make such a popping sound when it's running?
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