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  1. Thanks for all your responses. Wallaby, thanks for the info about the Eastwood spray paint. And I was thinking 6-8 cans also which is making me reconsider and find a new brand. Having a hard time justifying the cost per can from Eastwood when I would end up needed 16 at least. I plan on using a wire brush on my grinder to clean the frame. Any thoughts on a primer/sealer for a frame cleaned well with a grinder and wire brush (not blasted and perfectly cleaned) and then a topcoat? I am looking at Rustoleum, Krylon. I am trying to make it look original as possible but this will e
  2. I am going to be stripping and painting my frame. I am thinking of using Eastwood rust encapsulator platinum. Then top coated with Eastwood extreme chassis black. I plan on 2 coats of the black but trying to figure out how many cans per coat. Thanks
  3. what I mean is that there only appears to be 3 topics for each year. For example 2011 has only 3 archived suspension posts. I recall the entire suspension archives having about 18 or more pages. Now it only has around 20 posts over 11 years. Just wondering if all the old archives are still available. Thanks
  4. Hello I have been reading and enjoying this site for some time now while I was getting ready to start my restoration project of a 1971 Monte 402, triple black. Well, I have started the build and the snowball is quickly getting bigger, but loving it. I noticed that most of the old archives from Suspension (and probably the others) are no longer available. It looks like there is only 3 posts from each year now. I recall there use to be a ton of information available in there. Does anybody know how to gain access to all that great information? I was planning on referring back to those
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