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  1. ahh ok thanks, that's what I ended up doing last night and got it working
  2. you ran a separate ground from the tank to the hdx box or grounded it to the chassis? and did you use the original wires from the gauge harness or did u pick up the signals from else where? thanks bro
  3. hey guys, so I'm installing this Dakota digital hdx dash and I'm kinda confused. I have a 72 a/c car withstock gauge cluster with idiot light. My question is when hooking up the fuel gauge can I just take the pink wires that went through the original cluster, pull them out the cluster plug and route them to the digital box? and can I take from the same plug, the blue wires for the turn signals and run those to the digital turn signals?
  4. please top coat those with something or they will start to rust and look ugly
  5. i deleted all the chrome trim down the side and used Nova side marker lights and switched my door handles as well..just minor touches to make it my own car..wish i could post pics here . im gonna keep the chrome trim around the windows tho...
  6. hey Dido707...im in hayward. roof skin replacement is pretty striaght forward....i did mine for the same reason..dam vinyl tops. order the roof skin and bring it to me and ill do it for ya bro...
  7. yeah its striaght forward but if the front support brace is rusted out you will have to fab that cuz those arent reproduced or u could find a donar car and chop the top off
  8. yes a chevelle roof skin will work if you don't cut the roof skeleton and just remove the skin you don't have to worry about anything sagging I think AMD is the only company that makes the roof skin.
  9. I post my monte on there..progress pics and other random stuff
  10. i used two engine hoists to take it off
  11. lately ive noticed you cant upload pics to here from photobucket anymore...how can i upload pics to the forums now.....help
  12. so far so good....i feel the front sits too high now...i want drop the front an inch or two but im gonna wait for a while...dont feel like takin git back apart just yet. but it rides great. i have to get the trunk weather strip cuz my trunk lid rattles like crazy while driving..... but so far so good
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