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  1. thanks for the input guys
  2. anyone try the aftermarket front bumpers ? for a 72 monte.
  3. mine is 3680 lbs. wieghed it at elevator here in town, full interior , alum headed bbc. no driver.
  4. my engine builder told me that cam was small. he said he could get me another 50-80 horse with a better cam. i already had that one so i used it. their not cheap you know! i am very happy with the results. i have always like flat top pistons. i like the big flat surface for the combustion to hit and drive the piston down. just personal preferance. also seem to work great with nitrous. thanks for all the positive comments guys.
  5. 454 with stroker crank 496 ci. je forged flat top pistons true 10 to 1 motor run shell 93 octain only. h beam rods internally balanced lunati voodoo solid roller cam part # 60232 , 655 663 lift (you can look up the rest by part #)harland sharp roller rockers edelbrock alum. heads #60499 performer high compression 100 cc (this is how i got 10 to 1 with flat tops.) air gap intake 850 demon carb. all msd ignition hooker headers with wrap electric. water pump elec. fan. 400 turbo with coan 3300 - 3600 stall 12 bolt 4:11 richmond powertrac posi unit m/t drag radials stock suspention with air bags in the rear spriings. i believe thats it any other questions ill try to answer for you
  6. how the heck do you do that (qik link)
  7. no nitrous has been used on this car,,,,,,,,,,,yet,,,,,, i want to get the most out of all engine first,,,then play with the nitrous. THE 11.24 IS ALL ENGINE. MY GOOD FRIEND OUT IN LAS VEGAS BUILT THE ENGINE FOR ME,AND ,I PAINTED HIS 68 FIREBIRD FOR HIM.CHECK OUT HIS BIRD AT .http://www.racingjunk.com/gallery/profile/389419
  8. car is complete steet car,wieghs 3680 with no driver. bench seat and column shift. get alot of compliments from older guys at the track!!! its kewl... cause it impresses them. and thier kewl enough to come over and talk to me
  9. cordova has always been a good place for me to race. a bit of a drive ,,,,but i have enjoyed it every time i've been there. even when the car broke. thanks for all the positive feedback guys!!!! O i do have the bottle on the car with 200 hp jets ....... could only use it in the 1/8 mile,,,i go through the 1/4 traps at 6700 rpm . shifting at 6500. what a awesome ride,, cant belive it myself,,,, took me 20 years to get there..and the $$$ ,,,,,holy crap but it sure is fun!!!! that is my son in the 2002 camaro,,he has a very nice ride and with a better tune i tell him his car will go in the high 11 second range.
  10. i would like to post more vids but i do it the hard way, my pc buddy suspose to show me how to do it faster 496 ci. bbc 400 turbo 4:11 rear gear
  11. dont know how you did that link but thanks
  12. 60 ft,,,1.57----1/8 mile,,,7.11 @ 95.41 mph----1/4 mile,,,11.24 @ 117.85 had a great day at the track. cordova il. cant go back till i install a rollbar. see video at you tube 1972 monte carlo drag race MADMONTEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QIul3X6QI4
  13. madmonte

    nhra rules

    thanks guys, im referring to a camaro,not my monte.i dont want to install a roll bar in my monte. so i bought a pro street camaro to put my 496 bbc and 400 trans. in. ill small block the monte and drive it.(the deal is in progress for the camaro) ill probably cage the camaro just for the added chassis strenght .
  14. madmonte

    nhra rules

    anyone know the rules for racing a t-top car.car will most likely be a mid 10 second car. ( the 3700 lb. monte went 11.52 with wheelhop and traction problems) right now the car has a 6 point roll bar , and i will be making it a full cage . so do you have to take the t- tops out to run below a certain et.or do they make you leave them in?
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