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  1. Awesome job with that car - I remember it well. I was following the Coke Machine with my Monte going into the show at Charlotte. Here is that picture.
  2. I've spent $2400 on the base coat clear coat alone for my SS. It costs a lot to paint a car and do it right.
  3. I have an extra drivers side fender for sale - 1971 variety. It is in primer. There is no rust. Very straight with one small area where some metal work was done. I've attached four pictures. Looking for best offer over $900. These fenders are hard to come by as most of you already know.
  4. I'm using all new bulbs and sockets so I don't have the problem of them working when the dash is out and then failing after I get the dash back into the car. ordered 194 bulbs and returning the 168's. I read where some people used 168's on circuits that are not constantly on like the turn signal. Just doesn't seem like a good idea to mix and match different brightness though.
  5. Also is it possible to apply power to the printed circuit (without using the harness) to test the bulbs before I put the dash back in?
  6. I'm getting ready to put the dash back in the car and based on this post awhile back I bought the 168 bulbs as a replacement for the 194's. Is there a potential problem with switching to the 168. I would probably prefer a bit brighter and in this post they say the 168's are brighter.
  7. Hey Jim. I did not know that. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Next time I see your car, I'll make sure to take a closer look.
  8. Glad to hear they are not upside down!
  9. They are back in the housings. Looking a lot nicer. Glue drying then put them back in the dash. got the replacement set from OPGI (two inner, two side). Don't get them from the Parts Place if you want A/C setup. All they sell is vents with non-A/C housing. Product write-up doesn't mention which application they are for. Keep the felt washers though. The washers that come with the replacements are way too small.
  10. Yeh I see how I misread what Tony said.
  11. The housing for the non A/C vent is completely different than the A/C version. Not sure if the vertical thing is on the slat of the non-A/C vent. Thanks for all of the replies.
  12. I was pretty sure that they were on top but would have hated to find out later they are upside down which I've done before on other projects. Thanks! Tony, I wonder if yours are upside down? Didn't see your comment initially. It's easy to happen as they fit either way.
  13. I'm replacing the deflectors in my side air vents and would like to confirm the correct orientation for those deflectors (i.e. which side is the top?). I'll try to add a picture so you know what I am talking about. there are three slats and one of them has the knurled vertical thing on the bottom of the slat. Is that one the top slat or the bottom slat? I shouldn't of taken both apart at the same time - rats. It can go in either way. I took a picture before removing the dash but it is not clear in this shot.
  14. Steve, It's the original build sheet color - Nevada Silver. Been wanting to do this for about 15 years now. The red was nice but this looks better IMO. Rob, Not going to rush this - going to do it right no matter how long it takes. Next step is to paint the fenders, doors, trunk lid and hood and then put it back together for the next round of painting.
  15. Seven days is about a year too little but I did put color on the Monte Carlo this weekend. Here's a sneak peek.
  16. I had cups - did not have to replace them. One of the holes was slightly enlarged so I used some Permatex Steel Weld to tighten up the fit. Kept the cup in place while it dried. It has a nice tight fit now.
  17. Katman

    71 SS

    Same kind of wear on my axles. Replaced them when I pulled the rear end. Also added limited slip - been wanting to do that for a very long time.
  18. I haven't bought a replacement yet. Still deciding which direction to go. Buy a replacement from GM, recover mine, or try to get a used replacement.
  19. A few years back when my 2012 Malibu had a problem with the headliner, I took it in (under warranty) and they told me they replaced the headliner. I remember I had to go back like three times before they fixed it. A year later, when the car was no longer under the 3/36 warranty, the headliner started failing in the EXACT SAME LOCATION. I took it back in (I had the extended warranty by then) and they said it wasn't covered - take it to an upholstery shop to get it fixed this time. I took it there and they guy told me the headliner wasn't replaced - they had glued it instead. I should have dealt with it then (about two years ago) but it was just a small section in the right rear where it had come undone so it didn't annoy me as much. Well I had someone take the headliner out to get it recovered and he also said it had never been replaced. So I went back to the Chevrolet service department. The service writer didn't listen to a thing I said, said there was no way that it wasn't replaced because they have to send the old headliner to GM when they do a factory replacement. My question is this, is it possible and if so how? The service writer was an a**, told me to leave, said he doesn't have a boss (which I find hard to believe). What do you think? Ideas how to handle this? The headliner replacement costs $580. The upholstery shop where I have it can't match it exactly (I was thinking of simply recovering it). Do I call GM? This service department has had some recent negative reviews on Yelp.
  20. The L shaped bracket is attached to the back of the 8-track and that helps but it still wants to slide down to the bottom of the hole. It doesn't move much but figured it will when the car is back on the road. Since the dash is out, now would be the time to fix it. I'm not sure what a two part epoxy is. Is that something they sell at NAPA Auto Parts?
  21. I used a really long box end wrench. It helped to have the hood off of the car when I did it.
  22. I'm putting my 8 track back in and the holes were cut at some point. The right side hole is a bit too big so the 8 track wants to dip about a 1/16 of an inch on the right. I'm using the metal cup inserts and need ideas on how I can fix that right side hole so that the cup sits at the top of the hole. I thought about cutting out a round piece of material slightly smaller than the hole and using goop to glue it to the back side of the dash. I'll try to post pictures so you know what I am talking about. In the third picture which is a bit blurry, you can see that hole is slightly larger.
  23. Wow! Thanks for providing the links. I could sell mine on eBay for $34.95.
  24. Anyone know where I can get a replacement for this plastic casing that acts as a channel for wiring going to the rear of the car and the trunk?
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