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  1. My first was a 1948 chevy coupe had it painted 57 chevy harbor blue six cylinder I added headman headers, and a edelbrock 2 carb manifold. It had a vacum operated rear window wiper I've only seen one other. also had a stewart warner tach that was mechanical ran off of the distribitor was about 4 inches diameterX 8 inches.
  2. I think it looks very nice, I'm like MCfan I like Blue. If it gets to the point where you have to do something, You could go to the store with the yellow sign in last picture LOL But all in all it looks very nice get some chrome back on it and it will look fantastic.
  3. good deal will be interesting to see how it turns out
  4. Hey Willie, I have the seat belts from my 72 you can have FREE front belts only, black from a bench seat car. Let me know, e mail vryorkies@yahoo.com
  5. Well even thou it is January I bought and installed a new battery, because I know May will be here before we know it, an all that Pennsylvania snow will be gone.
  6. hey Tony, congrats on new job I'm sure you will do just fine. " there is more to life than money ", Ron
  7. I found a nice one on E Bay for $45. Plus $19 for shipping in 2017
  8. DEFINE " the wrath of Rob" you speak of lol. seriously have a very merry Christmas and a happy happy new year!! Ron
  9. I think the comfortron system had a thermastat on the dash that you could set a particular degree temp and it was suppose to stay there. I had a 72 caprice with this setup did not work very good. you had to have windows up or the ambient temp would cause the system to malfunction
  10. when it is 90 degrees in pittsburgh pa. I'm sure you will be driving around with your windows rolled up tight just so we will know lol
  11. happy belated birthday, hope you had a good one and many more to come. Don't let them fool you 57 is just the beginning, later Ron
  12. YOU were absolutely Right to respond in this fashion, business people today DO NOT train there employees to use good manners. Thank You, Please, and I am sorry is not in there training at home or on the job.
  13. how about "The sheriff from cochise " I think Brad Crawford played the sheriff and drove a Chysler station wagon when he opened the door there was a shot gun mounted on the door panel this was 1957/1958
  14. color combinations were wild back then, I dealer prepped new cars '63,64. one odd one was a friend of my dads, ordered a pontiac convert. red with blue interior
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