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  1. I love the red interior! Great cars! Too bad that they are out of my price range... Best of luck with the sale!
  2. This is really cool! It was a blast to be a part of it!
  3. I got one of those big round signs as a door prize. It's hanging in my garage. We had a blast and can't wait till the next one!
  4. Bob and Suzi Wagner Snow Hill, NC '72 Monte Carlo Our first meet and we are very excited!
  5. Ridercoachbob


  6. Ridercoachbob


  7. Very cool photo! Welcome!
  8. My original cables were tied up in knots... Previous owner had tied them to get them out of the way for speakers that he put into the lower vents. I wish that I had saved the knobs though... I might have been able to use them.
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