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  1. I would love to go! We are going to be in Georgia the weekend before for the Georgia Moonshine Cruise... I'll have to talk to my wife about doing two events back to back. I'll keep watching! Bob '72 Baby Blue
  2. I got one of those big round signs as a door prize. It's hanging in my garage. We had a blast and can't wait till the next one!
  3. My original cables were tied up in knots... Previous owner had tied them to get them out of the way for speakers that he put into the lower vents. I wish that I had saved the knobs though... I might have been able to use them.
  4. I just replaced my heater core last month... It is working really well. The problem is that we had a hot day when I was testing the heater output. Everything works perfectly. I got it a bit warm in the car, so I shut off the heater and opened the upper astro vent.... The dang knob came off in my hand AGAIN! I think that I am going to use the chrome handle and fabricate my own cable... It has to work better than these! It just looks like they aren't pressed on very well. I may try to thread the inside of the knob or maybe try to add a set screw from the side.... Any ideas?
  5. That is really cool! I wish that I had seen this before I replaced my mirror...
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