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  1. Tony, I'm so sorry to here the paint rep position fell apart because of this stupid virus🥵 one the bright side you have a profession you can return to to care for your beautiful family. And me knowing the person you are and that your past employers are eager to have you return says everything about the person you are! I wish you and your family all the best !💀 (I know you guys love skulls!)
  2. some of you know I have acquired a C5 vette and while on a C5 page on Facebook I had a guy respond to one of my posts and his last name in Dodsworth yep Aaron's dad!😎 he also has an '03 C5 vette, we shared some PM's and had a great time speaking with him!!! Aaron...your dad is awesome!!!!! is there a way I can reduce the size of my video clip at the bottom?
  3. I know where there is a set of NOS upper trims pieces but they are outrageously expensive
  4. under the heater box on the firewall, right below where the blower motor duct is....there is a partial VIN stamped, it will be upside-down looking at it, so if you ever have to remove the heater/AC box you can compare the dash VIN to the one stamped on the firewall sadly the only way to see it is by removing the heater/AC box or maybe by removing the blower motor and using a bore scope another thing to check is the steering shaft at the steering box if the end plate is welded on...it's a small block steering shaft if it has a retaining bolt and can be removed...it's a big block
  5. remember...SS454 could even have a bench seat, buckets and console were options even on a SS
  6. and the reason why I like it!
  7. I would consider changing the anti-freeze, trans fluid and rear axle lube too (just because of the age)
  8. it depends....your intake maybe for a square bore carb, so you would need an adapter (square bore to a spread bore)
  9. the upper hood latch needs to be adjusted, but if the hood is good closed/latched, that means the hood needs to be adjusted
  10. any kind of motor oil, couple of drops in each pivot point and you'll be surprised how smooth the hinges get that why these hinges wear out, ALMOST NO ONE! ever lubes them
  11. I always raised the front of the hinge to lower the back of the hood, this makes the hinge close more reducing the spring pressure and the second thing that gets people is that the aftermarket hood seals across the cowl can be much harder that the originals holding up the hood this of course depends on that the hinges are good another thing most forget to do is lube the pivot points of the hinges, couple of drops at each pivot point does wonders, don't bother with that white grease, it doesn't work its way into the pins like some oil will
  12. you will have to find that one special person to pay that kind of money for a monte
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