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  1. Love the Misty Turquoise. Welcome to the club and hope to see you at the meet.
  2. Welcome! Tony (7tonemonte) and I live on the same street, we are out past Downingtown a bit in Chester County, not City of Chester. I have a 70 Monte.
  3. Hey Tony, at least you will have me stopping by to drool on your Monte. It's not high tech, it's just walking down the street now. Maybe I'll bring a Beagle.. or two or three ๐Ÿ• ๐Ÿ˜•
  4. 1st choice is 71 SS454 because that was my first Monte, bought it in 1976. 2nd choice is the 70 402-4 Speed cause that is what I have now. Owned it 40 years now and had my 71 SS454 and the 70 402 4speed at the same time for 3 years. Foolishly sold the 71 but at least I still have the 70 Monte.
  5. Welcome Brad, There are a couple of us local to you, Tony ( 7Tonemonte) and I are out by Coatesville and I work in Bryn Mawr. Definitely have to get together sometime to see your car.
  6. Go to Google and type in Tinnerman nut . You will see a picture of one. Common hardware store item.
  7. Steve built it himself. Click on his monteman.com link and look at all his builds. He built a similar hood for his other 71 Monte (in blue). Go to the 1971 Restoration, part 4. Incredible talent!
  8. Um..... Yeah the Eagles fans can be a bit much but have you ever been to Philly? Ever seen Independence Hall? Betsy Ross House? Any of the dozens of other great historical landmarks here? EVERY city had bad sections,Rock, even the one YOU live in... You can't fairly judge an entire city by that. I take exception to your calling Philly a โ€œ&$/! Holeโ€
  9. RichG

    Stick shift

    I have a 70 402 4 speed car. The original 402 is long gone (my bad!) with a 454 in it now. I also had a real 71 SS454 Monte for several years back in the mid 70's. I have to say the 4 speed car is way more fun. This is just my opinion but these are not hand crafted museum pieces. They were assembly line produced cars made to be driven. Properly store your factory pieces, convert it to a 4speed or a 5 speed using correct parts and drive the snot out of it. Not trying to cast a shadow on things but a member on here lost a beautiful SS454 to a house fire and while not my Monte I just had a brand new pick up truck totaled that was 100% the other guys fault, nothing I could do. Could have been Monte. Just saying sometimes the cars go away, you may as well ENJOY it every day you have it and worry about what it is "worth" on the day you are getting a check for it. Just my opinion, I could be wrong!
  10. Looking good! Glad you were able to overcome all the obstacles and stay with the Monte! Congrats!
  11. As I recall, the 70 was a hard plastic with no grain and 71&72 had a softer vinyl end with the grain. The 09/70 manufacture date would mean it takes the 1971 style knob. Ground up has them: 1971-1972 Chevelle Turn Signal Lever Ground Up Price: $16.95 Ground Up Part #: IT-5176
  12. Hi Tony, You are just getting a little back of what you put out there. You know Alison, Ashely, Jennifer, Greg, Keilan and I love you and your whole family to death! We are all just glad you are on the mend! Rich
  13. I would definitely trust Tony. He does this for a living and I have seen a LOT of his work, including on my 2 daily drivers. He is a perfectionist!
  14. With bucket seats you should have 2 male and 2 female belts for each side. You are supposed to be able to wear seat and shoulder harness at the same time. In 1972 they changed the way the belts hook up so that the shoulder bet attached to the lap belt. If you had a bench seat in front, you got the 4 belts for the outside passengers and a lap belt for the center passenger. Back seat should have 3 complete sets, one for each passenger. You need one more pair of female belts. Never wear just the shoulder harness without the lap belt.
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