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  1. LOL I know that area well my old stomping grounds. I know others that live on Paisley as well, also bought my first race car from a family on Paisley. My mother actually worked at Cottrell Paper Company on Rock city Rd right by the falls.
  2. Interesting and the world gets smaller .. I was born in Syracuse moved to Ballston Spa at about age 2 , graduated from High school there in 88 left there about 2009 but my family is still there in he house we grew up in.
  3. Yes you don't want to risk that, if there is anything I can do from here at a safe distance supplies or anything , disinfect and safely deliver etc.. let me know. She is literally around the corner.
  4. When it gets closer will definitely be in touch would love to check it out.
  5. LOL I didn't realize that was yours .. right over my head.. we stay down off of Lake Arrowhead Rd .. May be in touch to stop by and see it .
  6. Hi Rick, Welcome.. solid looking car, love the pics and keep up the good work!
  7. Latham is a decent area really like it here .I was hoping to make the Syracuse Nationals, did they cancel that yet ?
  8. Thanks All, Will be down there in September I think is when we go this year , love it down there .. I hope I see it Roaming the streets would like to check it out, we stay in North Myrtle. It really is gratifying ..At times you think it will never get done looking at all the totes of parts hoping to remember where they go, LOL .. I think I may put the passenger side mirror on just used to using them nowadays. Bump guards not sold on yet I will be there if we have it ,,really looking forward to it ..
  9. Thanks all.. really looking forward to Carlisle now that I am ready .
  10. Hey All, Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Its been a bit since an update. Time is getting closer to being able to get the cars out and need to get this done. So made some progress did a lot of waiting on parts being shipped, delays , damaged trim ( because its the thinnest stuff on the planet) sand blasting and painting a few remaining parts. I am using the original front bumper I have for now, not perfect but really good shape. i just wanted a new one to match the new back bumper, but it can wait for now. Got the new inner wheel wells , new wheel well trim , new rocker m
  11. Welcome, and I love these conversations on here when folks can relate and find a connection somehow. It just fascinates me , I may be simple..LOL
  12. Welcome would love to see some pics of progress ..
  13. Hey All, Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy. Made some more progress since last time. Have everything almost completely wet sanded , buffed the hood for now was easier to buff while off the car will finish when all is together.Also getting some other smaller parts cleaned up. Like the front side markers. Started to clean and one was looking real dirty so I popped out the lens and cleaned it all up. Now the cleaner one is the dirty one and Iwill end up doing that one too, need to make it look the same. Any way here are some pics. As always enjoy and thanks for looking. Jus
  14. Thank you all again , Googled the part#OQW702 you gave Rob, and they actually came up on Ebay from Fusick, $65 + $7.50 shipping+ tax $5.80 total $78.30. Got them while I can , thank you for finding info, that much closer.
  15. Thank you all very much for information.
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