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  1. Hello All, Here is an update of recent progress. Received the new rear bumper so as previously shown, sandblasted the brackets and finally finished getting them painted to install the new rear bumper. Installed bumper and went to switch the reverse lights and tag light and realized I just cant put them in like they were (don't know what I was thinking). Ordered the new tag lamp as that was a decent price about $20 as the socket was to far gone to reuse. The reverse lights were actually $90 (don't recall if each or pair)and have better things to spend my money on so a little work and they are as good as or better than new and the lenses cleaned up really well at least to use for now. Same with the license plate bracket wasn't horrible but wanted it fresh so sand blasted it all and cleaned up installed everything with stainless screws and or bolts to help rusting/corrosion. One funny note, I installed the back up lights checked them to make sure they worked and my buddy says" they are working, ones a little brighter than the other" and of course just couldn't have that so popped the lenses back off replaced the bulbs so they matched. Wished he never told me LOL. Anyway here are some pics and as always enjoy and thanks for looking. Bumper brackets cleaned and Painted up New body to bumper seals installed, nice flexible rubber compared to the 50 year old ones which are as hard as plastic. Installed the new bumper Getting ready to swap stuff over and found they needed attention Dismantled everything and sand blasted Got them all painted up and reassembled Taped up and painted for the reflective part, ( its a glare around the outside not a bad tape job LOL) Cleaned up lenses and made the little rubber bumper (from some rubber stoppers from hardware store) that sits against the actual bumper assuming for vibration, rattling and keep from rubbing on the light etc.. Here is all finally assembled and done with the back bumper I think Here is one last thing I kept forgetting to do as I put in garage and stood in corner so I kept missing it, front sway bar cleaned painted and installed that today. Enjoy and thanks.
  2. Hey All, Just an update of recent progress. Started sandblasting the rear bumper brackets hopefully get the new bumper installed this week, Finally got the remaining parts delivered for the front end. Did everything new and painted up, to at least try to keep it clean and rust free will see how long it lasts for. Used the SPI Epoxy again for all those parts . The weather was warm this weekend in upstate NY so was able to get the other garage heated up enough to get the SPI Epoxy /Sealer as the metal needs to be at minimum of 65degrees and then it needs to stay 65 degrees for at least 24 hours after painting for the epoxy to cure. So that was my focus this weekend . As always enjoy the pics and thanks for looking. A coupld of pics of the err bumper brackets before pretty rusty. here are some after sand blasting, cleaned up fine still some pitting on some pieces but solid and no holes etc.. will be good for now once painted up. A pic of my buddy spaying the epoxy over the weekend. A couple pics right after being sprayed. Here is a pic after they cured Here is a few of the front end buttoned up still need to bleed master cylinder and brakes , but installed the new rotors, calipers and painted brake lines , bump stops and all steering components. Just the sway bar left to do on the front along with the bleeding the brakes.
  3. I really do appreciate the offer Tom. Jared I think I sent you a PM or message or something thank you ,
  4. Thomas Thank you for the offer probably too hard to scramble to get it done that fast , just got online and saw this. But really appreciate it. Jared Do you have them or someone else or where to look down there? My buddies son who is helping with the car lives in Charlotte area have another buddy in Ft Mill SC. Any leads would be appreciated.
  5. If any one has any black buckets with headrests I may be interested .Depending on where located price etc . I will redo them if necessary. Let me know thanks .
  6. If any one has any black buckets with headrests I may be interested .Depending on where located price etc . I will redo them if necessary. Let me know thanks .
  7. Hey All, After getting all (most) of the individual front end parts sanded and painted. I moved on to the front frame rails and firewall. Got that cleaned up removed the booster and master cylinder, practically hermetically sealed the rest of the car as to not get dirty from grinding and sanding on the frame rails or overspray from painting the frame. Got it painted up with SPI epoxy primer and started reassembly with the parts I had. Enjoy the pics and as always thanks for looking. Getting the frame cleaned up. Here is a couple of the frame painted up. Where I am at now, partially assembled waiting for some more parts to come , but have the new master and booster installed along with the new moog springs. Thanks for looking!!
  8. Hey All , Happy Holidays to all. Just a quick update. Haven't gotten a whole lot done after getting back from cruise on Dec 12th , my fianc├ęs Bday, Christmas and parties and everything. So a little progress here and there just started disassembly of the front end to get that cleaned up and painted etc.. Still need to do the frame but took control arms and all off, got them sand blasted and painted . Obviously did the ball joints and control arm bushings while I have it apart.They are/were original bushings and ball joints (not the parts you want original on a 50 year old car) Here are just a few pics of the progress. Hopefully will get the frame cleaned up this coming week. Happy Holidays and as always enjoy and thanks for looking. Just a pic of the front end disassembled Here is one of the bushings to show how bad they were, explains why she wandered... Control arms and other items all cleaned up . Joints and bushings installed and hanging for paint. A few of the parts painted with SPI Epoxy Primer, no top coat needed , supposed to be great for chassis coating and parts.
  9. Rob, That is great and glad I could actually contribute something on here as I have received plenty of info in the short time I have been on here. It's a wonderful group on here!
  10. Joe , Great pics on the door seals, the metros look very similar to the Soff Seal I had. Antoine, I did mean that Miami LOL, hopefully flying out Wed (weather permitting and backups from the snow here will be cleared hopefully) stay in Miami for a few days and then cruise Friday. As far as the felts they were from OPGI they also have the little triangle for the rear quarter window and are very much like factory . Here is the part # Part# WC15119 ,
  11. Sorry Joe, If it makes you feel any better he doesn't really like us either , it's the farther you get from NYC ..LOL .. Thanks for keeping the lights on we still had staff working out that way. I am at the Comptrollers Office for NYS State Retirement.
  12. Steve , Love Lanies one of my favorite restaurants.. About 10 minutes from me go there quite often , was there last Friday afternoon and almost went today LOL If you ever go again maybe meet up for a beer.
  13. Antoine, I will post the pics I have now and see if that helps otherwise will be about a week or so as we are leaving for Miami and a cruise for a little over a week. I will try to explain also, but at the front of the door glass were it comes up the pillar to the roof line that corner there on the soff seal is not formed. If you were to lay the seal out on the table it would be whatever shape you made it into . The Precision ( much like the factory) is formed and is in the shape of the pillar and roof line. The soff seal can be installed but its tough to get a seal where the window hits that corner. I will say as a disclaimer there may be Soff Seal that are formed more like the factory ones. You also mention the outer felt, I think I could use most of the holes but ended up drilling some or at least the end ones and may have had to make new one s right through the felt itself. Reason I had to do this was this my 3rd set of felts ( 2nd pair I installed) and even though they are supposed to line up depending on how the holes were from the factory they may not line up. I used black screws from one of my many sets of felts and made new holes or whatever I had to do to make them look good from the outside. You wont really see them . Here is what the soff seal look like. Here is what the Precision look like Here is the Precision installed hope this helps.
  14. Joe, I am glad the info I had helped . I didn't look at any other stuff precision had as everything else worked out ok. If I do have an issue in the future I will be looking at precision again for replacements. Be safe to and from work if you are getting the snow. The governor actually gave us the day off here in the Capital Region ( Sorry). Rob, I have heard good things about Metro but couldn't find the ones that look factory at that time and wondered if they have different grades of weather stripping etc... When I located Precision for the price and what I was seeing I couldn't go wrong ( since I already had SoffSeal I couldn't use) so I gave it a whirl and happy I did. Very close to factory ones.
  15. Hey all, Not much progress this week with holiday and getting ready for the holiday, just puttered around some... wrapped the dash with some carbon fiber wrap , better than the flaky rust wood that was on it. Will work for now until I get something better down the road. Finished up most of the buffing until we get fully assembled and will do final detail then. Here are some pics as always thanks for looking. Sorry not traditional dash but needed something . Here are just some pics drivers side finished up and looking pretty straight real happy . Maybe a few flaws in the paint (character) if you see them good eye,, if you don't I wont tell. LOL
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