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  1. I grabbed it from Summit ,its PUI Brand with the sail panels and some extra fabric for visors, It was like $107 shipped. I watched a couple videos on line , and with patients with a bunch of binder clips to help hold it as you work and stretch it . I put it in the best I could , let it sit overnight came back on Sunday played with it a little more and then on Tuesday glued it in ,I got the good weldwood landau top and trim glue , brushed that around the metal and on the headliner waited a few minutes and started sticking it . As I glued it I popped off about a quarter of the clips , worked in that area and then did another quarter and so on. I will say I think having it sit in there a couple days with clips made it easier when I glued it .I felt like it went into place and when it came to gluing it was much easier to work and tweak then I thought.
  2. Got the taillight extensions on last night and finally got the headliner glued in , just need to clean up and tuck in edges and install wind lace. Will post pic of taillights later .. didn't want to paint the silver on so I used HVAC Foil tape ( the real duct tape) . I think it will be a little more reflective and the temp is 600-800 deg which shouldn't be an issue. Here are a couple pics of the headliner maybe a little wrinkle here or there but happy with how it came out for a first time doing it. A little sun and /or massaging with the heat gun cautiously may help also. As always thanks for looking
  3. Thank you ,, we tried the SPI Paint and clear and epoxy primer/sealer….heard a lot of great things, so far service has been great and the stuff lays out pretty good.. If any one else tried it and had bad luck with it please don't tell me now,,LOL
  4. Hey all, Just another update , now that main part of car is painted can start some work on other things. Started putting in headliner let it sit over night ( glad I didn't glue it yet ) needs to be tightened up more after setting overnight even after leaving in the sun before hand. Will take pics of that when I am done. Also painted the doors, trunk ,taillight extensions and door hinges here are a few pics. Thanks for looking. Here are a few pics applying the black epoxy primer/sealer. Here a couple in the base coat. And got them clear coated today little dust but cant complain , a little wet sand and buff and should be good.
  5. Steve, Syracuse is also on my list and hope I can make a lot of other shows next year. As for the Curtis Lumber show, did realize they were having one this weekend , especially with the Lake George show going on this weekend didn't think many others would be happening.
  6. Dan, I hope mine comes out looking as good as yours ( sons) it looks great! The pics look very similar to what I am going through. I really hope to be there in Carlisle and meet a lot of the folks on here and their cars.
  7. Thank you all for looking and the kind words, Rob , I am really hoping and should be done by then ( Eastern meet) , or at least respectfully done enough to get it there.
  8. Hello all, haven't updated in awhile with the summer months and a lot going it has slowed down a little and of course way behind schedule. Don't think I will be able to get it done for this fall and probably wont make it out until spring.. Not a lot to update over the past couple months as you would not really see the progress , because it was block sand prime block prime block prime repeat … but here are a few pics of where we are now, so far its looks really straight hopefully wont get any thane wave.. still have a ways to go but enjoy pics and thanks for looking. Here are a couple wet sanded and getting ready to paint Here are a couple with the black sealer on it Here it is in paint And here it is in clear with the wheels back on it getting ready to wet sand and buff as we get other pieces ready to paint as well.
  9. Great thanks for that Mike it looks great , that is some deep green!
  10. Welcome , great looking car. I am from Latham now originally from Ballston Spa ( Near Saratoga) Love meeting the people on here that can relate to both the area up here and our love for these Montes. I too am hoping to get to some shows next year as I my restore is running long and behind schedule ( of course) .
  11. Mike , Welcome , it looks great !! Couple questions as I am finishing mine almost ready for paint. I am also going black and even though we have blocked and blocked and blocked .. an looks good wet with primer and when wet sanding I am still nervous about going black. Was wondering what paint you used , SS , BC/CC and brand etc.. thanks and again looks great .
  12. Haven't posted in a bit getting closer to paint got the fender work all finished up and finally in first coat of primer ready to start blocking, and the second round of primer on the hood ready for second round of blocking. Also the lower part of the dash painted black and some other little stuff here and there. Hers are some pics thanks for looking. Fenders all primed up. Hood primed Before and after of dash brown/tan to black and everything else a little dirtier right now.
  13. Larry, Good to know thank you. Ok here is an update from weekend, didn't have a chance to post yesterday but got the radiator support buttoned up yesterday ( Sunday) dint quite get the fenders done almost ready for primer . but happy with progress for everything I had to get done this weekend. Here are some pics Thanks for looking . Should have cleaned up the dust before taking the pic and yes my motor got filthy now. As soon as all the sanding is done will get her blown off and cleaned up some. Here you can really see the black bumper filler ( club expulsion ?? LOL ) hopefully it will look good with the bumper and such on there . I am glad I did it though now.
  14. Hey Thomas and Rob thank you for that info. I assumed it was the argent silver that I took off of it ,but I am painting the car black so I am "hoping" the black may look a little better than the silver ? For some reason the silver really bugged me and the car wont be totally original anyway as the colors are changing ,also bench to buckets etc.. I went with the satin to offset from the gloss which the car will be. So hopefully it looks ok if not I can always change again ,like I have nothing else to do LOL. I am wondering now if anyone else has painted theirs a different color? or matched car color etc ? PS Please don't revoke my membership for painting it black LOL Larry, hopefully I can do the frame in stages as I move through the car I wasn't sure what I was going with but so far I like it, hopefully it holds up. How Is yours holding up and the POR as well?
  15. A few more updates for today. Spent a couple hours on car today(Saturday) was delayed as I had some other stuff to get done first. Got the drivers side front frame rail cleaned up like the passenger side ,as well as the inner fender well extensions ,upper radiator support and the front bumper filler panel sandblasted primed and painted. Will hopefully have time tomorrow to get radiator support back in and get the hood primed again as well as get the fender body work done and primed. Here are some pics I know they are nothing real exciting but just taking progress pics for down the road someday just so people can see what exactly was done and proof that things were sandblasted cleaned stripped condition etc.. Here is the pretty rusty backside of the bumper filler , and of it cleaned up after sandblasting. Here is driver side frame rail cleaned up and painted ( forgot the primer pic) Upper radiator support and filler blasted , primed and painted and then just the inner fender well extensions again forgot the primer pic
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