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  1. Yeah, unfortunately it's the Monte. Just as I get it running back close to normal too. I'll just use this as an excuse to build a bigger one! πŸ˜† 565 incoming!
  2. Well..... this came out of the crankcase on my car. I changed the oil last fall and the same thing came out of it. I never put water in the radiator or ran it for more than maybe a minute total since then. It's just sat in the garage with water in the bottom part of the block only. I'm thinking this has a cracked block or sleeve. I initially thought maybe a head gasket, but if there's no water in that part of the engine then it can't be. Garage is also heated, so its very doubtful it froze. Any thoughts? Runs ok otherwise but the milkshake oil is no bueno
  3. I'm really trying to make this one. I'll get back with you asap with a definite yes or no.
  4. Thats awesome!!! Congrats on the W!
  5. That's what's up!!! Congrats on the award!!
  6. I misunderstood you when you said Darwin haha, no offense taken! You can probably see why this had me scratching my head when I went to put the window back in. It seems they just etched the glass on either side, willy nilly! Makes me wonder how they manufactured it.... Did they form it to shape first, then etch? Or, was it etched on a flat piece and then formed? It seems if they cut the shape of the window out on a flat piece first, they could make left and right windows from the same template depending on which way it was formed. That would explain the etch being backwards sometimes. My car is a 72 by the way. If I'm decoding the glass correctly, the 26-42 means PPG plant #26, made in April of 1972. I noticed the passenger side windows and rear glass are dated 4/72 while the driver side (the side that reads from the outside) is dated 5/72. It's quite possible its been changed out before.
  7. Anything is possible with this car πŸ˜†. I assumed it was original because of how beat up and scratched it is. It could have been replaced by the previous owner in the past. It really needs replacing again, I just don't have the money for it right now.
  8. Not sure what provoked that comment but ok I guess. πŸ™„ To add to this thread, my passenger rear side window is backwards as well. Driver side reads normal. Rear window and passenger side are backwards. The glass in my car must have been made on a Friday! πŸ˜„
  9. Wow! Cool! So mine must have been a factory error, etched backwards or something. The rear glass definitely only goes one way, I tried putting it both ways and there's about an inch gap on either side when it's in wrong. When the glass is in correctly, with the concave part going inwards, the etch is backwards on the outside of the car!
  10. Holley if you want it tuned up 100%. Edelbrock if you want to slam the carb on and send it.
  11. For some reason its not allowing me to upload pics from my phone or my computer. I just tried to fit the window both ways and its super obvious which way its supposed to go. The odd part is the way that it fits, the etch is facing inside. Yu could read it from sitting inside the car, looking out. The etch I'm referring to is the one on the lower edge, middle of the widow. It says PPG, Soft Ray, Flo-lite, and a few other things.
  12. It definitely had a TON of silicone around the edge and it leaked pretty bad. That's why I'm curious. It had the etch facing inside the car.
  13. Which way is the etching on the rear window supposed to face? Inside or outside? I think someone put my rear window in backwards.
  14. That’s wild!! 3 times in a row!! Summit just called me the other day to tell me the bumper I ordered a year ago was pushed out again. πŸ˜‚ They switched suppliers for me so I hope to see it soon. I thought it was nice of them to call and let me know what’s going on. Always had top customer service with them.
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