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  1. Several were found in my car in different places. I have not yet dropped the gas tank. I did find one under the front drivers side carpet that belonged to my car. I had to have the welting fixed in my drivers side front seat backrest and the guy who repaired it found another build sheet there but it was for a different Monte. The VIN's were just a few apart. My Monte is a two tone but the one on the other build sheet had a vinyl top. rob
  2. That's great Paul. You still may find more than that one but that one is in good shape. rob
  3. Jim, I am not sure how many of those are "Custom" packages. rob
  4. As of today we have at least 45 members signed up to attend this Eastern Meet and it is still a little over 5 months away. I am sure we will get more members signing up. A few members are not bringing cars Here is a breakdown of some of the numbers: 1970= 11 registrations 1971= 10 registrations 1972= 17 registrations Other= 3 registrations Stock= 10 registrations Street= 10 registrations Modified= 19 registrations Another note, Since it looks like we are running out of rooms I have secured a contract with another hotel just down the street for an additional 10 rooms. This was the only nearby hotel I could get a contract with and was only able to get an additional 10 rooms so if you are planning to go and have not secured a room please don't wait. For anyone who has already gotten a room at the Fairfield Inn, if you find you are going to have to cancel PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL YOUR ROOM. If you find you are not going to be able to attend let me know and I will try to assign your room at the Fairfield so it is important you don't do the cancellation. I want to be able to fill each and every one of the rooms in our block to have as many people at one hotel as possible. Keep those registrations coming. rob
  5. Nice Monte Richard. We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged member of the club, you could even try to come to our Eastern Meet in Carlisle Pa in June. Regarding the grill, you should be able to find one if you want but the one on it may be able to be restored. It looks like the hood spear is a 70 hood spear which is also available if you want to go with a 72. The badging should be available too. Looks like a small block with 10-bolt rear. Make a list of what you need and post here on the boards. rob
  6. Hey, there is an activity for the Eastern Meet.... put on some tunes after some Bench Racing and everyone has to start out in the middle of the bench racing circle and have a mandatory dance off and as you are tapped on the shoulder you are out and the last one "standing" is the winner. rob
  7. Let me count the flaws.... first flaw is suggesting all you will need in Carlisle is the pictures on a board and not the car..... That won't work rob
  8. I had one on my original Monte back in the 70's. It had one brace that bolted in two places to the trunk, another brace that bolted to the support between the trunk and bumper and then it also had a saddle brace that was not attached to the hitch but it saddled over the hitch and the saddle was bolted to the bumper. This meant downward pressure was supported in two places and front to back support was supported in two places. The support by the saddle brace allowed that if you accidently backed into something with the hitch, it did not bend the bumper in because the saddle allowed the hitch to move in a little without damaging the bumper. Not sure if all of that made sense but that is how it provided extra support. rob
  9. Dennis, I was only kidding, you know we would never tell you about the flaws, we would only discuss them amongst ourselves behind your back. rob
  10. Wow, there's a lot of jets in that thing. I know you will enjoy it. You should have put in a heated walk-way to it so you don't have to shovel ice and snow to get to it. rob
  11. Well, you could post more pictures and we could nitpick too. We love pictures you know, especially ones where we can pick out flaws rob
  12. Dennis, are you saying progress sux or is this a statement of parts frustration? rob
  13. Ed, you are new here and you are going to hear we love pictures. Not only pictures of your car but other cars you see. Another thing you will hear here still related to pictures is "No Pictures, It Didn't Happen". rob
  14. Dennis, the metal portion of the protecto plate came from the factory with the car and then the dealer produced the plastic portion. rob
  15. Many of the auto makers here in the USA release the next production year in September so yes the 72 model year was released in September of 1971. rob
  16. Joe, Call Old Air Products in Texas. 817-531-2665 is their phone number. I would talk live with their customer service department even if you think you see what you think is right on their website. I used them for my compressor rebuild and all of the different parts I needed. Their customer Service people are very helpful and they should have exactly what you need. Here is a link to their website: https://www.oldairproducts.com/ rob
  17. Very Nice, thanks for putting this together Aaron. rob
  18. I have sent Capri a PM here on the boards so even though she doesn't get here onto the boards much she will get an email notification and I included a link to this post so she won't have to search long and hard for it. rob
  19. That would have been Capri who you are talking about. I did not think it was Capri who had them but I will contact her to see if it was her or if she knows who it was. I do remember there was a member who had acquired some and was selling them and I purchased one at the time for my car. . rob
  20. Looks like Tom and I posted at the same time. One thing I forgot to say is this...... Welcome aboard. I see this was your first post here on the boards. We hope you like you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club. rob
  21. That is a beautiful 70 Monte Carlo you have there. I do know the 70 housing's are available because they are also used in the ElCamino as is the 70 reproduction bumpers. I have had a reproduction 70 bumper on the front of my 70 and the fit and finish is excellent. I installed the new bumper over 12 years ago and it still looks great. There may be some members who have the parts you want for the 71 bumper if that is the way you want to go. rob
  22. Maybe you had to serve during the VietNam war to find the humor in a film about a different war that one of the characters came across as not the military type. I loved the character Southerland played. rob
  23. I expected several people to chime in on what movie that line was from... I know but wanted to see who else may know.... no fair googling it. A hint, it was from a movie staring Donald Southerland. rob
  24. Think positive for spring and then Carlisle Steven not those negative waves. What movie was the line 'don't keep hitting me with them negative waves'. rob
  25. Mike, I just noticed I could not enlarge them from the pictures I placed here on the site. If you would like, I will email them so you can maybe enlarge them easier. rob
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