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  1. The car is partially packed. We had planned to leave around 8:00AM but due to the forecasted temperatures we have moved our departure to 6:00AM tomorrow morning. Patsy has appointments over the next couple days so it will only be our grandchildren and myself until their father arrives Friday. rob
  2. Wow Jim, you guys did very good. If you guys are book people you may want to stop a little ways above you. Just south of Harrisonburg VA is the Green Mountian Book Fair. If you like books it is worth the stop. Google it
  3. Due to how hot it is supposed to be tomorrow we are getting up earlier than originally planned. We were going to leave around 8 and shoot for around 11:00 arrival but now we are going to leave here at as close to 6:00AM. We may drop our stuff at the hotel when we arrive and then head for Walmart to buy 2 or 3 cases of water to have in the club canopy for our club members and their families and guests. Our grandkids are coming over this afternoon and will sleep here tonight and Emily, Ryan and I will head out tomorrow morning. Patsy is not going to make it because she has a couple appointments and besides I would not have much time to spend with her, that plus the heat may be too much for her. Now, I need to wear myself out today so I can get to sleep tonight... yeah Rob, that is going to happen, you know you rarely sleep on Eastern Meet Eve..... See you all there tomorrow or whatever day you arrive. rob
  4. I do hope you noticed I was very specific in telling this group which single finger to extend. Do I know this group, or what. rob
  5. Well, we are almost there. After today we only have one day and a wake up before we start arriving in Carlisle. One day equals one index digit extended on one hand. The excitement is building. rob
  6. Must have been chilly, many wearing jackets. rob
  7. Mark, The tool, car cleaning products etc more than likely will accept cards. I doubt any of them will accept a check. The people selling used and NOS auto parts more than likely only cash. Vendors like UMI suspension will take cards and I think Lutty's Auto Parts, if they are there may take cards. rob
  8. Back on topic now since Dennis took this thread in the wrong direction: Carlisle 10 day forecast https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/17013 rob
  9. Thanks for the help Dennis, I will search Lion Cloth to see what I can find. rob
  10. Now, I am going to have to get on Google and see if I can find a picture of Henry Ford in a Speedo. Like I don't have enough to do to get ready to leave for Carlisle, now I have to practice twerking and finding a picture of Henry Ford in a speedo but it is what I do for Dennis or anyone else in this club rob
  11. In reality, Dennis has the as good of a shape as anyone in the club for a Speedo, I bet he has one and is just playing along. Just watch, I bet Dennis shows up with his Speedo in his luggage. rob
  12. Dang, Now from now until I leave I am going to have to practice my Twerking. Just afraid once I get the flab moving I won't be able to stop it and then someone may get hurt real bad.... but since Dennis wants this I will take the chance. rob
  13. Nothing wrong with a little Barry Manilow music but let's make sure it if very little. I would be nice to have a blue-tooth speaker playing some Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Simon & Garfunkle, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, etc. etc. rob
  14. Come on guys, don't make me feel singled out. We should see how many guys could bring a speedo and have a photo-op or all of us in our speedo's. I am sure some of you are just afraid to admit that in reality you own one were were afraid to wear it in public but since others of us may do it you can do it too. rob
  15. Our younger son and I at a car cruise today, my 29 Model A Tudor Sedan and his 97 BMW328i rob
  16. Happy Father's Day!! rob
  17. With the temperatures bumping up against or touching 100 you would not keep a couple speeders from taking a plunge. rob
  18. Today, Saturday, is bringing us closer. After today we will only be 3 days and a wake-up until almost 20 of us will be rolling into Carlisle to kick off the Eastern Meet. Rob
  19. I had a member ask a question and I want to address that here now. He asked if we offered speedo bathing suits with the club logo on it. The answer is NO. rob
  20. That branch looks like it is out of a Locust tree... They are known for splitting like that. I hate them because they are dirty trees. rob
  21. Yeah, I am on vacation too. Permanent vacation, it's called Retirement.... Joe you will be able to experience this "permanent vacation" thing real soon.... what will it be when you go back after Carlisle, 5 days till retirement??? rob
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