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  1. Prayers for our members in the path. I have numerous family and friends in the path. rob
  2. Thanks Glen, i appreciate the offer. Being 72 years old I was eligible to be excused but i didn't mind performing my civic duty. That said, I don't fault anyone who doesn't want to or can't for whatever reason. rob
  3. Come on Joe, let loose of some of those retirement funds. rob
  4. I like the color of your car also Aaroun rob
  5. Old Air Products is having a special on these if anyone is interested. Here is the info. The A/C & Heater System Specialist for Antique, Classic & Custom Vehicles Old Air Products provides custom A/C & Heater systems along with a full line of factory A/C & Heater system replacement parts. This week we are featuring our popular 16" Electric Radiator Fan Package. $185.00 Old Air Products Electric Fan Kit includes a high performance 2024 CFM SPAL 16" electric puller fan, Aluminum Mounting Bracket, Heavy Duty Wire Harness with Relay and choice of adjustable, 185 or 205 temperature sensor. This Fan Special is available online only Click on one of the following Links for additional information 50-16SHP-S-0 Fan Kit w/ Adjustable Sensor 50-16SHP-S-2 Fan Kit w/ 185 Degree Block Sensor 50-16SHP-S-7 Fan Kit w/ 205 Degree Block Sensor Custom HURRICANE A/C Heat & Defrost Systems Old Air Products manufactures custom fit systems for many popular vehicle applications. View Custom A/C Systems » Factory A/C & Heater System Replacement Parts Old Air Products offers a full line of replacement parts and retrofit kits for many antique, classic and custom vehicles. Factory Replacement Parts » The A/C & Heater System Specialist Visit Our Website - Email Copyright © 2022 Old Air Products, All rights reserved. We send special deals and offers to customers who opted in via our website. Our mailing address is: Old Air Products 1201 Forum Way S Ft Worth, TX 76140-501 Want to change how youceive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  6. Rob Peters

    EL 72.

    Please tell us what you mean by BIU rob
  7. I have been called twice and only selected once. rob
  8. That does not work here in Pennsylvania. There are legit reasons to be excused and work if you qualify. Personally, when I first received my summons I automatically qualified to be exempted because I was 70 or older. I did not accept this exemption, as a resident of this state and county I felt it is my civic duty to participate. In reality, the chances of being picked for a jury are low. On that day there were over 90 juror's in the room. They broke us down into two groups of 40. Out of those 40 only 12 juror's and an alternate were selected for that jury. rob
  9. Those brake lines and some of the wiring are looking pretty dirty, maybe replace them while the engine is out of the way. rob
  10. I am so sorry to hear this. They were very nice people and will be missed at some of our meets. My thoughts and prayers go out to Joyce and their entire family rob
  11. Rob Peters


    And now Leala has a baby of her own and Kevin is a Granddaddy. rob
  12. Please, if you have moved or are planning to move, notify me with your address. We have been mailing out milestone anniversary awards and some of them have been returned to us due to bad addresses. You can PM me here on the club website or email me at rob29ford@aol.com We would like to avoid double shipping charges due to bad addresses. rob
  13. I have sent an email to the company asking them if they have one a little closer to the proper length for our useage. rob
  14. Sweet, I love 55's. 55's are my favorite Tri-Five. Just love the front end and grill and simplicity of the rear. rob
  15. Thanks for the update. Just a suggestion, wouldn't it be easier to install the fuel and brake lines Before the Engine and Transmission. Nothing in the way that way. rob
  16. I was juror #39 in a pool of 40 jurors. They had filled the jury before they got to my juror interview so I did not get selected. Out of the jurors they selected, 2 were men and the rest were mostly older women. Here in Pittsburgh when called for Jury Duty it is one trial and Done. So if you are not picked you don't go back into the Jury pool, you are done and get to go home but it was 2:30 before that decision was made. Now all I have to do is decide what to do with my check for $10.36 when it arrives from the county. rob
  17. Rob Peters

    Choo Choo!

    Timing is everything in life rob
  18. The way the seasons have changed we should still have another 4 weeks of cruises up here. rob
  19. If you aren't selected it is $9.00 plus travel pay so since I was not picked I will receive a check for a whopping $10 36. The case was brought by the wife of a guy who died after falling from a 3 ft. step ladder. She is claiming the ladder was defective. rob
  20. Rob Peters

    Jury Duty

    I had to report for jury duty today. Doing my civic duty. I am #39 in the first group and they are now doing the juror interviews and are interviewing #20 so I figure at least 2 hours till I know if I will be picked. Long boring day. rob
  21. Ryan, I see this was your first post here on the boards.... We hope you like what you see here and will decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club. As others have said, we love pictures. It looks like you scored big time with a 70 SS454. Yes, it looks like it has a good bit of rust. You are lucky it is not in a wetter and humid climate or it would be much more rust. Welcome aboard!!!! rob
  22. These dues re.inders went out this past week. rob
  23. Another day, another car cruise/show. My view today. Spent the day with our grandkids at the Greentree Boro Octoberfest. It was a beautiful day. Grandkids decorated some pumpkins to decorate the Monte on the car cruise field.
  24. Yes, Two-Tone was an option but only in Antique White for a roof color and 4 or 5 body colors. rob
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