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  1. Does anyone have a pic. of correct weatherstrip ?
  2. Still looking for a radiator strap that mounts to shroud?
  3. What does the Nos look like? Would you know the part no to the rings if they have one?
  4. Looking for good set , trying to put back to oringanal but I been looking everywhere?
  5. Does anyone know where to find 4 originals?
  6. Was this a satin or flat paint on the trim around the vinyl top? Is this easy to do on or off the car?
  7. Does anyone no the location of this decal on door jamb?
  8. does the ss models have a disc in the middle that say disc brakes? (if equipped)
  9. Windjamer14

    air shocks

    Looking for a pair of air shocks for 71 ss, anyone know where I can find them ?I have leo looking , close to original.
  10. Can anyone tell me how hard it is to replace it, do you have to tear out the whole dash?
  11. Has anyone ever replace there axles, good place to get one?
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