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  1. Prices are on the rise for our beloved Montes. If documented 30k is not unreasonable any more.
  2. Steve, that would be awesome if you joined us!!!
  3. What a bummer Dan, sorry to hear about the accident. Hopefully Hagerty will have you back up and cruising soon.
  4. All Canadian built SS documentation says the same thing, yet only a few had the dual sport mirror. This Monte is a one owner never painted original. Never had the pass side sport mirror
  5. Coming along nicely Steve
  6. haha, Doug I agree with you, too funny
  7. Steve, I sent you an email.
  8. Good to see your giving the old girl some loving Steve, its what she needed. Glad that you have her now. Triple Blue, nice combo
  9. Vaughn

    Build sheets

    Willie, my understanding is that the L on the body tag on a Kansas car indicated Big Block, but not necessarily an SS. Is that what you are finding on the other site.
  10. Looking good, nice to see the Monte back on the road
  11. Vaughn

    1970 SS 454

    Whoop, Whoop!! Congrats, looks like a beautiful Monte
  12. I always thought the gaskets where a 70 only thing.
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