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  1. Welcome Joe, that colour really makes the body lines pop. Very nice
  2. Welcome, looks like pewter interior color. As mentioned, we like pictures
  3. Good memory Rob, the vinyl is shrunk on the back passenger corner, lol
  4. As has been said, thank you Dave for sharing your history with this rare Monte. I can confirm that the vin number supplied by the auction house on their website is correct. I have some pictures of the car from yesterday. I can confirm that the body tag does indicate code 24 for paint, Ascot Blue. Seeing the car outside in the daylight it sure does look like Mulsanne Blue. Maybe the paint was changed during the restoration years ago. the body tag was held in place by one rivet only. The car did have rear defrost and dual rear speakers.
  5. I am going to go down today. I will try and send you some picture's Aaron.
  6. Rob, It will be interesting to see what it sells for no doubt. This Monte always intrigued me, as it did you.
  7. Rob. I had mentioned to Aaron today that I remembered this car from 2005/6 and that you you would know this car. It turns out that this is the Monte I remembered. I am sorry to hear that it got sold before you had the chance to purchase it. If I remember correctly your friend purchased it new with the ss trim.
  8. Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some more Monte owners!!!
  9. What a sad day. Terry was a great guy, going to miss seeing him at the meets. Our condolences to his wife Judy. RIP Terry
  10. Always a great time when FGMCC members get together.
  11. It depends what you are doing with the car. If it is just for parts, with no motor and is in-op, you can just bring it across the line. You will never be able to register it in Canada as it is a parts car at this point. If you want to register the car, (drive train or not) you need to hire a broker in the US. If you need a contact shoot me a PM and I will forward you the number of a great broker to deal with this. Cost is around $135.00 USD. When you purchase the car the seller will have to get the title notarized that he/she is selling to you. I also get a bill of sale signed and notarized at the same time. This then goes to the broker and they will need a couple of days to process and forward to US border security. US border security then require 72 hours notice before the vehicle can cross the border. They check for liens etc. It is a little bit of work, but not impossible.
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