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  1. Hi Dan, I have been saving this for 20 years. If this would help you send me an email and we can work something out.
  2. Vaughn

    Her Moment in Time

    Whoa, 200,000 miles is a lifetime of smiles. She still looks great!!!!!
  3. Welcome Mark, that's a beautiful Monte you have.
  4. Welcome Jim, great group here at the FGMCC
  5. Beautiful 70 SS Tom, congrats on the purchase!!
  6. Welcome Scott, great looking Monte
  7. I agree with most, keep the original color. Now that I said that I must admit that I did a complete color change on an all numbers matching rust free 1971 SS. Now I confused myself, lol
  8. 1971 Canadian Built 402 4 speed. GM of Canada notes that 66 in total with the M20 but does not indicate the engine size. If you remove the 42 small blocks with the M20, I would guess that the remaining 24 would have been with the 402 motor. The 3 Canadian built Montes that I have posted all had painted tops, 2 with the D99 option and the other was a solid color without the trim.
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