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  1. I have both 402 and 350 4 speed Monte's so I am not biased either way. In the past 30 years or so collecting Monte's I have personally seen many more 402 4 speed cars than 350 4 speeds. I have never seen a small block 400 4 speed. So I think 80 x 350 4 speeds produced, but that's just my 2 cents. Just in this club alone look how many more 402 4 speed members vs 350 4 speed members. The NMCOA always contested that the 350 4 speed Monte production numbers where 80 and that the 402 4 speed production numbers were 269. If I remember correctly, Andreas from our club said that he originally got the info for FGMCC from GM. 80 x 402 4 speed and 269 x 350 4 speed. John, if you can find the info, I think it would really help out with the club.
  2. Very cool, if we need more rooms we can kick the bikers out. LOL
  3. Welcome, glad you joined us.
  4. Great choice Aaron. We have attended this show for a few years and have always enjoyed it. Looking forward to 2020
  5. It depends what you are doing with the car. If it is just for parts, with no motor and is in-op, you can just bring it across the line. You will never be able to register it in Canada as it is a parts car at this point. If you want to register the car, (drive train or not) you need to hire a broker in the US. If you need a contact shoot me a PM and I will forward you the number of a great broker to deal with this. Cost is around $135.00 USD. When you purchase the car the seller will have to get the title notarized that he/she is selling to you. I also get a bill of sale signed and notarized at the same time. This then goes to the broker and they will need a couple of days to process and forward to US border security. US border security then require 72 hours notice before the vehicle can cross the border. They check for liens etc. It is a little bit of work, but not impossible.
  6. Prices are on the rise for our beloved Montes. If documented 30k is not unreasonable any more.
  7. Steve, that would be awesome if you joined us!!!
  8. What a bummer Dan, sorry to hear about the accident. Hopefully Hagerty will have you back up and cruising soon.
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