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  1. Thoughts and prayers coming from all of us as well. Dennis
  2. Steve, My 70 was built in Flint but sold in Canada, and I was able to get info from GM Canada...So if this car was sold in Canada regardless of where it was built, he should be able to get the resto package from Oshawa, Ont. Dennis
  3. And judging by the 2 dash photos, even the clock works! Very nice car.
  4. SS or not, I love the color combo!
  5. 70MBMONTE

    GM Still have info?

    I recently called GM Canada and spoke to Frank who advised me that as long as my Monte was sold new in Canada, even if it was built in the USA, all I had to do was provide my VIN # and $45.00 CDN, and a build sheet of sorts specific to my Monte would be mailed to me in approx. 4 weeks. Get this - Frank also advised me that an original build sheet is rather useless as all it has is a bunch of codes on it.....I almost choked!!! Obviously does not know the real value of an original build sheet... Even so, if this modern build sheet gives me all the info on my car from new, I would be happy as this Monte was built in Flint, meaning no build sheets so far, but I haven't looked everywhere yet..... So for all the Canadian Monte owners, the phone number is: 1-888-467-6853 Hope this helps... Denis
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