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    G.M. Muscle! Restoring old rusty relics. Occasional cruise nights, Hitting some of the car shows with or without Monte, and taking any quality time with the family I can get!
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  1. GOOD to see you again Steve!! It is nice you got it back out in the light of day. I still kinda dig the opera windows, definitely wont see another one of them around !!
  2. We ended up getting 4 hoodies for 30 bucks off the discount rack!! I couldnt find any tshirts, but we stocked up on 2020 hoodies 🤪
  3. Really nice to meet the new people and reconnect with the others! I need to start checking back in more often like the old days. It really is a great group of people, and cars!!!
  4. Don’t belong to me, but I’m sure I was there roaming around. Super Chevy shows there used to be sooo good. Not so much anymore, but we still go
  5. THank you for all you are doing with this meet as usual Rob! Glad to hear its going to be a nice turnout
  6. The AuVeCo clips are definitely the way to go. I had several boxes here that I sent around to people years ago, only a box left for emergency stash now. Definitely worth the price
  7. Yes I’m painting again. I did do the coil over thing also. I haven’t driven it a whole lot to dial them in but I will say it made a heck of a difference on the handling and stance! Hope to see you at Carlisle Jim!!
  8. Everyone is good here Willie! Hope all is well with you also. looking forward to warmer weather and Carlisle to reconnect with everyone
  9. Lifted the hood last weekend as the temperature rose to over 75 here. Got everything in my garage soaked, and my engine was drenched and dripping water off it from condensation. I put a fan blowing under the hood to dry it out, my new master cylinder is trashed, as I didn’t paint it before installing. I don’t know why I didn’t, now I have something to do I guess. Was going to hit a cars and coffee in the morning, but it’s snowing bad here right now, calling for about 6” 😡
  10. ok I finally got it, took a while but Im able to post here on my computer again. Missed you guys
  11. Looks very nice! I’ve thought about doing that for a cargo tray in the past, nice job
  12. It’s crazy that my car has basically no options, but has the belt line molding. Never understood why some people checked off the boxes they did back in the day! 🤣
  13. I’ve been trying for a very long time to log in from my computer, can’t remember my password apparently. I’ve also clicked on “forgot my password “ several times and I don’t get an email back. I have checked the spam folder also. I’m still logged in on my phone apparently but I never come here on that because it’s just too hard to read and follow topics. Can Anyone help me out here? I haven’t read or posted anything in a very long time on the forums
  14. I have used them for a lot of stuff on my car. Very sad
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