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  1. Our neighborhood store never had these. I have to say it’s kind of annoying that stores don’t get stuff like this in. They will be the first to complain when they have to close due to people buying things online.
  2. Finnegan and Freiberger are truly entertaining guys. Make me laugh constantly at their comments and ingenuity
  3. Yes. Just push in. I got mine at Pep Boys believe it or not. The Help section
  4. Rob I appreciate this. Many of the FGMCC are family to us. It’s a shame we all are so spread apart in distance. Always welcome at our table, as many are. We truly do look at you as family , which is all that really matters to us, family
  5. Well, my Tech Rep position was short lived. Started in January as a way out of the day to day painting activities. Due to Covid, I got furloughed in March. As of July 1 my position was eliminated. I have tried the paint company route, noone is hiring, positions are slim as the technical aids are being called on less due to body shops being slow. Thankfully I didnt burn any bridges with the company I used to work for. I asked about returning, and they were happy to have me back. Not at the old location, because I would never return there again. New one is abut 1/2 hour away, not a big deal. I had several offers to go back to painting, and I basically picked the best situation for me and my family. So, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Im back in the booth as of Monday. Back where I am most comfortable anyway, until I find a way out, this will be it for me! Doing what I have to do for my family, and the almighty health care benefits! (used to be the almighty dollar!) Its been a strange year for sure, happy I have this to fall back on!
  6. I used Tri City as well, still as good as the day I got them. They were reasonable and quick turn around. They did some repairs as well, and a lifetime warranty if I ever need it!
  7. I can see In These pics, Gary Vanadder, lives somewhere near me. I wasn’t able to make a couple of cars and coffee trips that I saw pics of his Monte and him in. Hoping I will catch him next week. very cool
  8. Well, I like this post 😀
  9. Wow Jim that’s quite a disappointing story. Very sorry to see this
  10. Very cool! We had our stuff all tie dyed and all but it wasn't in the cards this year see you all next time
  11. Door prizes are always so good there! i still use a GPS I won a long time ago
  12. Congratulations to everyone. A great turnout of beautiful cars
  13. If you really do want to sell it, Id say sell it as is. I would rather have it as it sits than with a fresh paint job that you dont know whats underneath! It would realisticly cost you upwards of 12-15k for a decent paint job, barring any major bodywork, and you will be making it tougher to sell due to a higher price tag IMO.
  14. Wonder what my number was going to be. I registered really early. 😡 enjoy everyone, and be safe
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