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  1. I claimed a Queen/Queen suite also Rob. Hopefully they get it correct for me this year. I have an email in to Haley now, waiting for a reply
  2. CarsInc is who did mine. At the time they were the only ones producing the cloth covers. I have heard nothing but great reviews on Legendary stuff also now that they are making them. About double the cost of vinyl, but I wanted to go with cloth as that's what was in my car originally, that being said, the cloth and sandlewood color is not very user friendly. I probably should have done vinyl just for cleaning ease!
  3. Rage Extreme is what I used when I did my car, and its still pretty popular. Very few pinholes, and easy to sand. No shrinking back after over 10 years. We used it at most of the body shops I worked at
  4. That’s the size of mine, sorry I didn’t specify. I only know the difference it made over stock with my car and it was significant , but bigger ones may be even better.
  5. Jim, I can tell you that after updating the rear stuff on my car, it put a lot of emphasis on how bad the front was! I spoke with the guys at UMI at Carlisle a few years back about it, they suggested starting with a front sway bar, then upgrade the shocks. If I still wanted more, then go on to the springs, A arms and changing spindles and all last. I went with UMI front sway bar and that alone made a remarkable difference over stock. I had redone the entire front end with stock stuff back when I did the car, but that swaybar change was huge.
  6. Welcome Sully! I’m not far from you in Chester County. Have to get together sometime.
  7. Good idea On The thread Rob! We were home early as we split early, Alli had a nice pleasant drive home in the Monte, I kept her visible in the rear view! About a 2 hour ride home, we have it easy compared to a lot from Carlisle. Home before 10:30. 🤣
  8. That could have been real bad Larry, glad no one was hurt and no property damages.
  9. I will be there on Friday for the day Willie. Took the day off to stroll the hills at Carlisle!
  10. I did the same as Kevin, easier than it sounds really
  11. Odd, my 71 didnt have it on my pad, and Im sure that was original
  12. Very sorry to read about the ongoing and worsening health issues Darren, I never realized what actually started this whole thing for you. The car seems exceptionally done, and I know how much of a stickler you are for originality. Seems like a more than fair price for it. I wish you the best in your ongoing battle and hope you find a place for this car to go where it would be appreciated
  13. Hope your recovery is going well Rob. Glad you’re on your way
  14. Obviously they built it the way they wanted it, I definitely am not a fan of all them gauges mounted the way they are! Its a nice looking car anyway, I do like that bench with the armrest similar to a Cutlass setup
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