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  1. Well, Im still working, somehow my job has been deemed essential! Im happy for that, although Ive been cut to a 4 day week for now, and 20% pay reduction to match. That combined with the 25% I took to get out of the paint booth really stings. Alli is not working right now due to her latest chemo treatment to keep her autoimmune disease in check. That means I need to be real careful to not bring anything home as she has zero immune system. I visit plenty of shops on a weekly basis and its getting difficult to go to any of them with the restrictions in place. Kids are home from school till further notice, which is a good thing with all we have going on here we dont need them germs coming home. As others have said, we are laying low, keeping our distance, and just trying to get through this. The way people have hoarded things up around here is pretty bad, but we are in a good neighborhhood, and everyone is looking out for each other. Thankful for what we have, and its only a matter of time and this will be behind us, Hang in there everyone, we are hoping this is behind us sooner than later
  2. Sounds like fun Andy , I need to get mine out and on the roads to get us all out of the house for a bit!
  3. This truly is awesome! Love that they are giving us respect as a club also
  4. Love that you feel this way Mike!! Looking forward to seeing you both again
  5. Spectacular car!!! Id love to see it in person, as Im sure pictures dont do it justice, but that is one fine custom there! Love it
  6. I used to enjoy this. Used to get great satisfaction seeing a car returned to its old beauty. People loved getting their cars back clean and shiny, freshly polished and detailed, with all traces of an accident removed, and returned to its former glory. Used to enjoy the occasional restoration job, hearing the stories of back when the car was beautiful, and the owners plans of what they will do when its beautiful again. Used to enjoy my time with my boss and friends I worked with together as a team for 10+ hours a day, spent more time with them than anybody. Then, as times changed, I chased the money. I wanted to....I Had to. Shops became larger, along with the workload. No more speaking with customers, hell, I barely saw the finished product anymore. 2-3 cars a day turned into 6-10, some days even more. Teamwork turned into a free for all, and nothing matters but pushing that job out of your bay and onto the next step. Quality left for quantity. Along with that, happiness and satisfaction left for stress and anger. Constantly hating getting out of my car every day. I thought I had to do it for my family, and we needed the money. Well I need to say what my family needs, is me. Happy. Alive. Free. This thing I used to enjoy has sucked the life out of me, now it has sucked my enjoyment of cars out of me too. Cleaning my own personal vehicles has become a chore, I hate everything with wheels at this point. The very thing that got me started in painting was my love for cars, and gave me great joy on weekends and at night. I’m hanging up my paint guns, at least in this capacity, getting out of the booth. Stepping back from all this aggravation and stress. The whole industry has changed, and not for the better, however all I know is paint. It’s what I’m good at. It’s what I’ve probably shaved years off my life for. I know getting away from the daily anger will bring me back to my former happiness. I want to love getting in my Monte and going for a ride again, and not be upset when and if I actually have to pick up a wrench. I will now use my skills again, helping people solve problems and learn how to use the products the way you are supposed to. Not just be a robot and spray car after car with no care or concern about the vehicle, or the customer for that matter. Go back to not being angry. Having a dream of advancing, some for of light at the end of this tunnel. Hanging up the guns and stepping out of the booth to be a tech rep for Finishmaster’s, starting on Monday January 6th, new year, new career! Very much looking forward to it! When I saw this car pictured below in a jail cell with my kids on a trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary, it hit me. This was me in the paint booth, a prisoner in my cell. It was meant to be art, representing what happens to ones mind being locked in a cell. But I guess it means whatever you want it to, For me, Time to break out, get on with my life. I’m better than this, and I deserve better. Time to act on it!
  7. Glad things are settling down a bit there Rob, 2020 is going to be a new start for everyone!!
  8. Wow, been a while but time seems to fly!!! They genuinely have as much fun at the meets as us adults do!
  9. Roger, as I’m sure you know, the problem is that it’s a plastic shroud, good chance thinner will melt that and leave streaks. I’d start with thinner or acetone on a microfiber, that way there won’t be lint imbedded into the shroud if it starts to melt it. Obviously start in a spot you can’t see so you can test it out. I would almost say you may have to sand and paint the shroud again to cover it. sorry I’m not better help here.
  10. Wow that’s awesome. It really is a great picture with the color of my car and Jacks right next to it.
  11. Congrats on the new home!! Best of luck with it That should keep you busy for a while too!!
  12. I used AuVeCo part # 8400 worked perfectly . Its a plastic clip instead of a metal one, so no worry of it scuffing the paint then rusting. I used to keep a few boxes around for members but I cant find any more in my garage or Id send some out. https://www.auveco.com/universal-moulding-fastener-nylon-8400
  13. I claimed a Queen/Queen suite also Rob. Hopefully they get it correct for me this year. I have an email in to Haley now, waiting for a reply
  14. CarsInc is who did mine. At the time they were the only ones producing the cloth covers. I have heard nothing but great reviews on Legendary stuff also now that they are making them. About double the cost of vinyl, but I wanted to go with cloth as that's what was in my car originally, that being said, the cloth and sandlewood color is not very user friendly. I probably should have done vinyl just for cleaning ease!
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