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  1. Not too bad actually. I've flipped it back and forth a couple times and am able to do it on my own. I think I measured the car to be roughly 6ft wide and the tip radius is 2ft so the center of gravity is about 1 foot from the fulcrum when the car is down and when I lift from the panel I'm about 4 ft from the fulcrum so I get a 4to1 mechanical advantage. Not sure how much the shell weighs, but let's say it is 600lbs then it takes 150lb lifting to get it started and it gets easier as its tipped. Lifting with your legs at the start and it's not bad. When bringing it down I just make sure I keep it slow.
  2. I thought about making a metal one, I however lack those metalworking skills! Yours turned out well Dan. I finished the underside of the body this weekend. I used por15 for the first time...I read that you can't wash the stuff off if it gets on your skin so I wore long sleeves, pants, and gloves. Well I can confirm that it will stain skin through denim...Going on a week and a half and I still don't have it all off... Tim
  3. gronlit

    Wall plaque

    Check out the wall plaque my sister gave me for my birthday this year. She got it here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StreetArtDesigns
  4. Here are the main dimensions...if anyone else makes one be sure to post some pictures. After I had everything cut and fastened together and it looked like it would work I took it all apart and then rebuilt it using liquid nails as well as the screws and bolts so some extra strength The bolts/nuts going into the torquebox body mounts were tough to fasten....I can't access the nut I used in the torquebox box and had to rely on friction to keep the nut from spinning while tightening. If I were todo it again i'd find a better way. I am considering trying to sell it once im done, I think someone would buy it and save the couple nights of fab work
  5. I decided go with a wooden tip over jig instead of buying a rotisserie after seeing some pictures of other people's online. 5 2x6s, half a sheet of plywood, and some fasteners. For less than $100 it was pretty easy to build and I was easily able to tip over the shell by myself.
  6. I'm in the process of going the opposite direction on my donor body shell. I was surprised to find out the firewalls and cowl areas of the body shell have differences. After much debate I decided to move the firewalls from my original body to the donor as ac and non-ac have different openings. I also transferred the ducts for the upper cowl vents. The lower cowl vent on the drivers side had a block-off plate on the ac car and a vacuum actuator on the passenger side in place of the hand pull operated flaps on each side of non ac car. I have all of the ac components except the compressor from the donor car if you need anything. Here's the drivers side ac car without the upper cowl duct (drivers side) After adding the duct Non ac firewall Ac firewall Firewall out after drilling out many spot welds
  7. Gave the donor body shell a bath to get ready for body work this fall/winter. I couldn't believe how much sand came out of the rocker panels and all the floor braces and then how much mouse nest debris came out of all the structure around the roof. Looks like the only rust repairs needed are drivers side outer cowl and some of the rear window channel. No rust rot on floors, trunk, or quarter panels .
  8. My 70ss is stamped by the oil filter
  9. gronlit

    ls 5 engine

    Sounds like it might be mine
  10. Thanks All!, It was pretty surreal when it started and stayed running. It went much smoother than I anticipated; other than fixing a couple cooling leaks no issues. Now onto the daunting task of body work
  11. Been a slow process so far but finally started the engine for the first time today, pretty great to see some work pay off. My dad purchased the car ~30years ago and it wasn't running at that time and he never got around to fixing it up. He gave it to me when i graduated college and I've been slowly working on it for about 10years now. http://youtu.be/N0cEWXefXXE
  12. Yep. The small flat washer is the one I'm having trouble with. If i use it on top of the Upper cushion it will pull though the hole. If i use it on the bottom underneath the frame it looks like the od of the washer is the same size as the hole in the frame and will pull through when i try to torque it
  13. Thanks. I've checked all of those places but can't find them. Everywhere has the needle idle mixture screws and sinew places have the springs for the idle/fast idle speed screws. Here are pictures of the screws I'm looking for http://www.vetteprojects.com/kstyer/images/qjet/thumbs/sm-vette1_020.jpg http://repairguide.autozone.com/znetrgs/repair_guide_content/en_us/images/0900c152/80/05/5d/a2/large/0900c15280055da2.gif
  14. Does anyone know where i can get replacement Idle and Fast idle screws for a 70 quadrajet used on a big block? Or the correct thread/length for these I moved in the middle of rebuilding my carb and it looks like i lost these two screws. I can't find anyone who sells a replacement Thanks
  15. I have the following body bushing set from OPGI: https://www.opgi.com/monte-carlo/SB614K/ It comes with mostly large OD washers, but it has a pair of smaller OD flat washers and lock washers i believe are supposed to be used with the core support bushings but i can't figure out how to assembly everything. The smaller flat washers don't look large enough to compress the top bushing half w/o slipping thought. If i use them on the underside of the frame it seems like they will pull through the hole. I can use the large washers on the top and bottom at the core support but then i don't think i'll have enough large washers everywhere else. Anyone know how to set these up?
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