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    Crutchfield has good stuff and good customer service. If your using the aux plug for something like a thumb/flash drive read the specs, make sure your compatible with 2.0 or 3.0. Some don't play well with others 🙃
  2. Just like your x-mas tree Dennis 🤣
  3. DragCat


    Now THATS old school 🤣
  4. Just putting this out there for anyone who's reading this that's never been to a FGMCC meet, you won't be disappointed. And as its been said before you don't have to bring your Monte to attend. Ive been to 2 without mine and had a blast. Hopefully this year I'll have mine in tow
  5. I would have bet Dennis had banana slippers 🤣
  6. Don't you have bedroom space that recently opened up ?
  7. Don't know, one of the reasons I post'm when I run across them. In one of the other threads I started it was a members car. Thats how I spend my mornings with coffee, looking at sales/auctions/shows and drag Racing 🤣
  8. DragCat

    Tony's 72

    Welcome to another green Monte to the madness. Is that a black top ? What color interior ? My top is dark green so sometimes looks black in pictures. And no your never done working on them 🤣
  9. Not that I'm interested, but pictures didn't load for me, just a blue ?
  10. Pretty cool, before my time, thanks for sharing
  11. Ran across this first gen and thought I'd share
  12. I don't have the knowledge or attention to detail on Montes to pick things apart, especially in the auto body thread. Most of the work I see posted blows me away . As Dennis said, we are our own worst critics. Some of us spend hours on stuff nobody will ever see and put other stuff lower on the priority list because its just not that important at the moment. From all the work you've done I'm pretty sure you'll be happier and doubt you'll make it worse.
  13. Ive been running Bridgestones on my trucks (suburban/Yukon) for years. Very pleased
  14. Yea, lost my local here in FL, its gone 🙃
  15. just don't understand the term clone on that one. just because you put some SS badging on it. Maybe Glen's gonna tell me I need a hug now 🤣
  16. The top of my wish list is my local track doesn't get sold, I heard a whisper of a rumor 🙃
  17. Well maybe its just me, but the varying use of the word clone or tribute. I don't know who decided this was a clone https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/chevrolet/monte-carlo/2640335.html
  18. Theres a few photos on the resources page of some verts https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/resources/convertibles/
  19. Give me a week to recover from my Black Friday cyber Monday purchases 🤣
  20. I think if you replaced the chrome with 2X4's Dennis could visualize it real good 🤣
  21. When I first saw Dennis's post I was like "did he not get a trophy at some show because he was in the wrong class ?🤣 But I digress. So just my .02 Restored is just that, back to original, a step up from that would be concours. And yes I know now you can get aftermarket hoses/belts/etc with all the proper date codes an numbers. RestoMods ive always just lumped in to with LS motors, upgraded suspensions and so on. Something you could take too your local dealer to work on. Ive never shown a car in a class specific show, ive just pulled in, parked, and had fun. Ive always done what I wanted to my rides, and always enjoyed what paths others have taken with theirs, well maybe 98% percent of the time.
  22. I learn/retain more by actually doing, but as said not always easy on the supervisor 🤣
  23. This ? https://www.opgi.com/interior-accessories/dash-accessories/1964-72-cigarette-lighter-assembly/cigarette-lighter-assembly-1969-70-checmc-c200007.html
  24. I would think since it has a FGMCC radiator cover plate someone here knows the car. At least the ad has lots of pictures. Speaking of mods, I don't know what the cylinder next to the rad is, my buddy has something that looks similar for oil pressure on his race car. The added 3 gauge pack under the dash is something to check, and the dash is cracked. Obviously eyes on is a must, and what your willing to spend on this Monte. Its also listed on hemming, as Glen said been for sale for a minute or two
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