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  1. I'm glad Joe, hung the stupid sign inside not on the door, at least I can get inside, with supervision of course
  2. Bout time there was some more progress updates slacker 🤣
  3. I still have my rotary test set from back in the day in a box somewhere. Thought we were pretty slick when we got the slimline sets 🤣 And yes I'm showing my age lol
  4. Are you keeping the quadrajet carb? Just saying on my Holley the stock air cleaner base /bottom didn't work. I had to go with a drop base/bottom and aftermarket air cleaner. I haven't re-visited to see if I could massage the stock part.
  5. If I remember correctly, gauge pods. Again if I remember correctly also has them on the console. They really look sharp, I almost did the same but changed my mind and left them inside.
  6. Not sure which "red" one your talking about, lost my password so I can't get the sold price.. https://www.mecum.com/lots/LN1021-467550/1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo/ https://www.mecum.com/lots/LN1021-467759/1970-chevrolet-monte-carlo/
  7. Anyone see them in person ? I haven't looked at a valuation tool in awhile but the money seems more real then some have sold in the past
  8. Can't argue with Big Red 👍 Obviously I was happy to have the Monte at the track, not so much with the results, hell my Yukon XL runs 9's in the 1/8 🤣 Oh well, waiting to get after it again next year. Whats the saying, bad day at the track better than a good day at work. I just want to get it so the only issue is the loose nut between the steering wheel and the front seat.
  9. Add me to the shamed list, I still need to clean mine up around the dizzy 🤣 From my experience in the past I just order the wires I want (not pre-made) and build'm as I run'm. I'm not a concours guy tho.
  10. Yep theres always one guy standing around while the others are working 🤣 The first video played for me , not the 2nd
  11. GM 502 Crate, Turbo 400 built for racing, but not for me manually shifting, and 355 gears in the 12 bolt. Other than the wheels and drag radials Monte is stock, no the load leveler isn't installed.
  12. Well I haven't posted in awhile, so since my race season is over i figured i'd bore some of you 🤣 Mother Nature, Life, and so on kept me from getting to the track as much as I wanted, but it is what it is. Let time testing I didn't break anything so thats a good thing, but still not where I need to be. I'm running 9's when I should at least be running 8's so more work to do. I'm brainstorming with my buddy getting a list together of what to go through to tweak and tune. But the Monte is now covered, up on jack stands, and resting for the winter. But not all doom and gloom, had a good night at the track with the DD. Those at the Bristol mini meet will remember the truck, if you can please forget the video Mike took with my horrible reaction time 🤣 Made it to the 4th round, broke out with a 9.62 on a 9.64. Spoke to the other driver after the race, he was getting ready to lift until he looked in the mirror and saw me coming (he had a 11.? dial in) and I laughed because I wanted to lift but didn't think i'd catch him at the line. Good Times . All in all life is good, had a great time at the Bristol mini meet, got the Monte on the track for the first time after the build so 👍🤘
  13. Welcome to the madness, nice looking Monte . You can get lots of info from the resource page here for starters https://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/resources/resourcespage/
  14. Hey Carl, when I adjusted my shifter cable recently I started with manually putting the lever on the trans in the park position and then the shifter in park. Below is a link with some other photos also
  15. My first choice would be starter, next time it happens try and short the posts on the starter, if you get nothing its the starter. Then I'd check the coil, both of theses are issues I had on intermittent starting issues in the past. Also double check your battery cables.
  16. Well done ! I liked the RoadKill gas tank 🤣
  17. I know I'm late to this party but thought I'd post this just because. Tom posted it originally and Joe pointed it out to me when I was checking my trans crossmember fitment.
  18. Nice progress, I did the LED tail lights and am quite pleased.
  19. Hey Ryan, congrats on doing it yourself ! And don't sell yourself short, I'm sure I've seen worse at BJ/Mecum 🤣
  20. Having been to one or two Mecum/BJ auctions 🤣 I'll just state the obvious. Sometimes the pictures or shown on TV hide flaws (besides things that have been mentioned). Last "fresh restoration" Monte I saw already had rust bubbling up under the new paint. You or someone you trust has to lay hands/eyes on the car. And unless I missed it, the auction doesn't specify its an SS , ( which I would assume would attract more buyers) so maybe the seller hasn't provided the build sheet or supporting documentation.
  21. Looks pretty clean with some nicely done mods https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo-9/
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