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  1. First test fit looking great! Need to do some finishing on some seams, and I need to fab or purchase wheel well lip.
  2. This right here. Also best place to purchase IMO. The kits are worth it.
  3. Are you talking about where the fender connects to inner fenders in the wheel well? I bought a set of new bolts for everything, I can check those when I get to the shop.
  4. Been working on multiple things, here is what got done today.
  5. My car was factory ac yes. I pprobably wont actually have functional ac for a while because I need evaporator and all its components including box...I just dont want to have to pull the dash again.
  6. It looks like factory hose sizes are 1.5 inch and 3 inch. Unsure on lengths but it's not much. I just ordered 5 ft lengths.
  7. I was able to find this https://www.originalair.com/1970-72-chevelle-malibu-el-camino-monte-carlo-sprint-ac-flex-hose-duct-set-2-202-5-2-202-13-2-1015-3 But for some reason it doesn't feel right lol. Vintage air has a diagram with hose OD and lengths, but again not sure if for orginal or their unit. They list 2 inch hoses Driver defrost duct- 18 in Passenger defrost duct- 12 in Center louver- 20 in (might be two of these) 2.5 inch hoses Driver side louver- 32 in Passenger side louver- 36 in
  8. Hey everyone, looking for some information on the hvac ductwork behind the dashboard. All of my hard plastic parts are in good shape, but there is some hose or duct that was basically disintegrated when I got to it. You probably know what I'm talking about, it has a wire frame like a slinky. I'm just looking to buy everything I need for behind the dashboard. Summit sells 18 inch sections, they list needing 2 and I just wanted to be sure.
  9. Thanks everyone, I made the call to Leo!
  10. Exactly my thoughts. I don't want to worry about trying to hide or blend a 5 foot weld lol.
  11. After talking it over with my shop owner, I'm going to go with full quarters on both sides. I'll be saving myself time and headache in the end, because i wont have to worry about hiding seams as much. Though I enjoy body work, there is just too much minor damage across the passenger quarter to comfortably use a skin in my opinion. I would basically have to use the entire skin. From what I've researched...if you have to use the entire skin, you should probably get a full quarter... but maybe things have changed.
  12. I'll try to get closer pics. Since that was taken I've treated and epoxied to prevent further damage.
  13. Hey guys! Good news! Tax returns are in and I'm ready to go broke! I'm looking to finish up metal work by doing my quarters. I've done research, but having a 2nd,3rd, and even a 4th opinion is never a bad thing! I know my drivers side is a total loss and will need a full quarter. The passenger side however, may be able to get away with a skin/patch. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks for your time!
  14. Or if you are adventurous, take a look on the auto body page where I fabbed one! Its sorta possible! Do you have any pictures of the area? If you don't need EVERYTHING you may be able to use one of the earlier chevelle tail panels. They don't make our tail panel repro, but several other tail panels share parts/shapes of ours.
  15. Good find on the build sheets! Looks like 1 of them is extremely solid. Also that frame lookin sexy...
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