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  1. Small update. Haven't done any new work to this area yet, but I got a hold of Beldenspeed.com and they don't want to sell me their gutters, because they don't think they will help me. I can totally respect that! They said their gutters stop right at the curve, so they don't have the corners. I also don't have the necessary "lip" on my new pieces for their gutters to weld to...which I haven't put in place yet...because i want to make sure they are in the right spot...and I was going to use their gutter for placement lol. So now I have 2 options. First is to buy the AMD or Goodmark reproductions. They appear to have the bottom corners, though the scant reviews I've seen have said minor adjustments to turn radius might be needed. I was hoping someone here would be able to give any sort of review on wither of these products. If they have the corners, I can match to whats left of my gutters to the reproduction piece, and then use the piece to postion my trunk latch. Option 2 would be to basically fabricate everything myself, or at least do the corners myself, so that I can maybe purchase the pieces from Belden. I do have the old corners, they are just all rusty and covered in filler...but could probably used as a guide at least. So let me know what you guys think! When I get off work tonight I might try getting something done.
  2. Still not 100% on that. I do have the molding, and it does make the trunk not have as much of a "lip" over the new piece...but I don't think i will be using the bottom molding/trim on the sides of the car, and that piece sort of matches, so not sure if it would look weird leaving the rear piece on.
  3. Passengers side is in. I think it looks good! Still have to put the bumper on, but it looks ok holding it up. Waiting to clean the welds/ re weld until I've got the lower trunk gutter. Want to make sure I don't need to re do anything.
  4. Tail light extensions on., cant put bumper on until its tacked, but I think it looks good. Measures the same on mirrored sides, so I should be even.
  5. I took auto body repair my last 2 years of high school. I also work maintenance in an industrial setting so I'm around fabrication a decent amount, just never much on cars! I actually got my first 72 summer before senior year. Drove it around all summer til it locked up. Pulled the motor and took it to body shop class. Found way more work to do than what was able to get finished, and I graduated with a shell of a car lol. Sold that one and bought this one from a member here. The only fab I did on that car that I still have is the numbers. I deleted the license plate recess in the front and had them rechromed. I'll have to dig them out and clean them up for a pic. This is a great idea! Thanks!
  6. Last night I trimmed the passenger side and got it clamped in. Waiting to tack til I have a second set of eyes and hands lol.
  7. Well I spent the week slowly but surely making 2 identical pieces. Today drivers side went in. I think it's looking good! Definitely have some issues that I'll have to make sure to address. I'm thinking I might buy the lower section of the gutter from beldenspeed.com. that way I can line it up with remaining gutter(upper half should be salvageable) and then know where additional patches should go. It may not look exactly stock but it will still look good! Let me know what you think!
  8. I'm thinking for the trunk gutter, I may buy a set. Idk how good the goodmark or AMD set are, but beldenspeed.com has some as well if I just want the bottom section. They also list dimensions so I may try making those too...I've got plenty of sheetmetal.
  9. 20. I have a sheet of 18 but with the bends 20 is very sturdy . I started on attempts numbers 2 and 3 . Took my time and did everything to both pieces simultaneously to ensure they matched this time...they are identical enough for me now. They need to be trimmed a bit still before tacking in. Hope to get at least the one side in by Sunday.
  10. Well we will call that first one the practice patch lol. It actually went in extremely nice after cutting out that half of the original...but it turns out one of my bends was slightly off making the face of the panel a tiny bit taller. This wouldn't have been such a big except I already did the first few bends on piece number 2 and they are spot on with the original. So next thing to do will be cut another piece and bend it at the same time as the other, so I know I have identical bends. More to come!
  11. I'm having some fun. Not there yet but looking better and better. Going slow but I have enough steel for a few attempts. I've talked to Leo, and I'll cave if I think I have to. I think this can be done ! It just wont look exactly like factory but I don't think it needs to.
  12. So my tail panel needs to be replaced. I've done lots of searching on the forums for as much info as I could. I think I'm ready to tackle it. I've got some 20 and 18 cold rolled to play around with. I think if i do it in 2 pieces meeting in the middle it will be doable. I'm just making this thread to keep track of how it turns out. I wouldn't mind if anybody else had pictures of how they repaired their's for comparison...being that this isn't reproduced we gotta help each other out! I already made a quick rough template and I think it will work. I will update with any progress!
  13. Happy new year! Bring on the Monte 50th!
  14. These guys are all correct! Jack stands on the frame to elevate the rear, jack on the diff to ease it down when the lower shock bolt has been removed. There is nowhere near as much tension on the rear springs as the front.
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