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  1. I bought a thing, and now I've opened a can of worms...my instrument cluster basically disintegrated upon removal...guess I might be upgrading to digital a little sooner than I thought.
  2. They have some of it listed in pictures, but from what I saw the only things listed were mostly buick and olds a body bumpers, some early chevelle bumpers. But I agree. Maybe you can get a better deal on the lot BECAUSE it's not itemized.
  3. Not for myself! I'm happy with my monte, but my uncle wants a chevelle. I told him I would put some feelers out. Let me know if you know of a chevelle available near you! We would road trip to bring home the right car. He would prefer 71-72 but I'm sure something close would interest him. Most likely looking for a project and not a top dollar finished or original car. Thanks!
  4. I asked for weatherstripping, rubber bumpers, felts....only thing I could think of that could be had at a reasonable price...
  5. https://www.rustreplace.com/home/1970-1972-monte-carlo Not sure if they make the whole thing for the front, but they do for the back
  6. Oh for sure! I just wasn't sure if anyone had built a motor for it in theirs. Maybe I'll have to do that.
  7. I'll take em! I tried to PM you, but apparently you can't receive them.
  8. It all depends how bad your under piece is, and how nice you want your car, how much money etc. From the looks of it, you will need a new package tray as well as deck filler panel. If you don't care about people scrutinizing your car, and there are just a few holes in the bottom piece, you can just patch it, since it will be virtually hidden when done anyways.
  9. 72RustBucket


    Haven't found any posts so I was wondering, anybody here switch to E85? Being from Iowa/Nebraska a corn fed Monte sounds fun.
  10. Hello! was wondering if anybody had a hood latch receiver lying around. Ive got everything on the hood side, but have been unable to find the receiver that goes to the core support area. Most of those pieces from the front of the car involving the hood are around the shop somewhere...but I have yet to find them. I took everything apart over 10 years ago, and just started putting it back together last year...so some parts of disappeared into the abyss. I was able to find my latch support bracket, and ONE of my hood hinges 😭 . After a lot of re organizing and cleaning, still unable to find
  11. Yeah that's a little more than I'm comfortable with, dang.
  12. I'd be interested. If you don't mind shipping to Iowa. Just let me know how much. I've been wanting to find a spare pad to experiment with fiberglass.
  13. It's not over filled is it? Too much fluid = too much pressure = good luck gasket.
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