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  1. Well I haven't updated in a while, but I've still been working. I just haven't done much to be shown off in pics. After finding spun bearing in the LT1, it's now on the back burner. I have an old 355 that used to be a relative's circle track engine. Got that cleaned up with a quick shot of paint. Because I'm not using the LT1 I have no accessories or brackets...luckily grandpa used to be a hot rodder, and made his living doing machine work and motor swaps etc. Back of the shop is basically a swap meet or u pick lot. Most of my nights have been spent looking for a correct, and work
  2. If anyone has some power steering brackets for a 350 I'm in need. I can't seem to find the correct ones in the shop. Long water pump.
  3. Anyone have an e85 compatible carburetor? Or maybe an old 4150 carb that I can rebuild/convert? Someone selling one nearby? Would be much appreciated!
  4. Well some bad news. Thursday we pulled the lt1 back out to swap out the oil pan, give it a once over and prep for a re ring, found a spun bearing. So it looks like the fast cheap option is out the window. I'm talking to my cousin who does circle track racing, he may have something I can work with.
  5. Got the doors back on! Was surprisingly easy to do alone, with a jack, and some cursing. Small problem however...I ordered the parts from Inline Tube, and both kits were 1 piece short. One side was short a press nut, the other was short the splined bushing...which is a little more important. So they are back on, but one side doesn't sit how it should for now. A got a little glass over my welds on the deck lid sanded down, and got it back on the car. Fitting it will be another day, I'll need to get some shims. Also got both bumpers hanging. Rear will get tightened up when the white on the exte
  6. Priming some more. Trunk lid, inside of bumpers, bumper brackets and the shifter I just picked up from Jared.
  7. Not in dire need, but if the ac box is sitting around for too long let me know.
  8. Stayed pretty busy over the holiday weekend. Got rear window patches in, stripped rest of the car. Treated and neutralized everything. Primered inside of doors, jambs, window channels. New deck filler panel installed, then I got trained out.. so full primer coat will have to wait.
  9. Glad everyone had fun at the meet! I'm aiming for next year I guess! Still plugging away! Got some rot holes on inner door patched up, as well as rear window area pieces. Just got to pretty them up, and I should be able to get ready for epoxy tomorrow!
  10. Ugly patched the rear section of package tray. Just to make sure its solid structurally. Ospho treated roof, sail panels, doors, jambs. Started stripping deck lid...its like swiss cheese on the inside...gonna be a lot of patching. Might be a picture of the inside of deck lid for reference.
  11. More stripping. Roof and doors are ready. Pulled rear window, removed tulip panel/ deck filler panel. EWW. The back side of the package tray, under that panel is pretty bad. Now I have to decide if I want to treat it and cover it up, patch it, or replace the entire package tray which I don't really want to do.
  12. That would be amazing! I'm sure he would appreciate it!
  13. No pictures right now, might take some tonight if phone is alive after work. Lot of overtime, so not as much work on the car. I did manage to strip a bit more, and I removed the deck lid. My grandpa has been killing it though! Apparently he has been going through the wiring, testing, routing, etc. Went in the shop last night and there is a BATTERY attached to MY CAR. More than that, I have tail lights! Still figuring out signals, brake lights, reverse lights...
  14. Yup! For now, we are bypassing electronics, setting up for carberateor. We have a lot of spare parts at the shop, so throwing it together shouldn't be a problem. Mostly just trying to get it to move under it's own power at the moment. Once I get some other more important things done I'll come back and put the lt1 back to fuel injection. At the same time I'll probably swap tranny back out, go digital gauges, maybe cam swap... For now the fastest cheapest way to get her moving is a carburetor.
  15. Got doors pretty much stripped, just need another once over. Removed weather stripping surround, quarter glass on both sides. Also removed drip rail molding, used wood block method with great success. Started stripping jambs. Took the 4l60e off the LT1, swapped in th350 to avoid crossmember and drive shaft issues. Engine is sitting in the car, hoping to get new mounts tomorrow and get it secured.
  16. Pretty basic, but looking for recommendations. I basically need the whole car, and I wasn't sure if any of the manufacturers make a complete kit, or If i would need to piece it all out. I'm also wondering if certain companies make different pieces better? I've heard good things about metro.
  17. Glass is out, handles off. Doused all the internals in penetrating oil. They seem to be in good working order, so they shouldn't have to come out. Next step is to strip them...and probably find a better storage space for glass...definitely going to get talked to if I leave it here!
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